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Read and comprehension

The questions 1 to 3 refers to the text.

Help glossary
“The bus driver”
shift isso significa
that means sai
gets off assento
seat para atender
to meet tipo
kind carregar/arrastar
lugs pesado
heavy cada
every local Dana Miller is a bus driver. She drives a bus in the city of
spot centro da cidade Philadelphia. She works the night shift. That means she
downtown chamada starts work at 10:00 at night and gets off at 6:00 in the
call joelhos morning. Dana has been driving a bus for 15 years. She
knees lotado
started when she was 23-years-old. She loves her job
crowded no fundo
in the back raramente most of the time. She gets to see the beautiful city from
seldom fábrica de pretzel her seat. She gets to meet all kinds of people. There is
pretzel factory traz the guitar player. He lugs his heavy guitar on the bus
brings cheiro maravilhoso every Friday night. He plays at a night spot downtown.
wonderful smell sorte baixa People call him Get Low. That is because he likes to play
down luck nota the guitar on his knees. If the bus is not too crowded,
note cobertor
blanket roubou dinheiro
Get Low plays in the back of the bus. The bus is seldom
stole money arma falsa crowded at night. There is the woman who works at the
fake gun pensamento pretzel factory. Each day the “Pretzel Lady” brings Dana
thought assustado a bag of fresh, soft pretzels. They fill the bus with a
scared assustador wonderful smell! Sometimes Dana’s job is hard. It is hard
scary grande when Dana sees people down on their luck. One time, a
great em qualquer lugar
young woman left her sleeping baby on the bus. There
anywhere excelente vista
great view was a note on the baby's blanket asking for help. Dana
had to call the police. Another time, a teenage boy stole
money from Dana on the bus. He had a fake gun. Dana
thought it was real. She was very scared. Occasionally,
driving the bus can be scary. But most of the time,
driving the bus is great. Dana does not want to work
anywhere else. “How was your night?” Dana’s husband
likes to ask when she gets home. “Good music, good
food and a great view of the city,” she says.

1º) What shift does Dana work? and What night does the guitar player ride the bus?

2º) Where does Dana drive the bus?

A. around Philadelphia
B. to the police station
C. to pick up guitar players
D. to pick up school children.
E. around the park

3º) What is one reason Dana loves her job?

A. She finds sleeping babies.
B. She gets to call the police.
C. She gets to sleep during the day.
D. She gets to meet all kinds of people.
E. She gets to listen music

The questions 4 and 5 refers to the comic strip.

4º) The adjectives of the phrase “I am the most intelligent and handsome man alive” are in:

A) No comparativo de superioridade.
B) No comparativo de igualdade.
C) No comparativo de inferioridade.
D) No superlativo.
E) No comparativo de igualdade negativo.

5º) About the comic use of adjectives is correct to say that:

A) The most é usado para adjetivos com até duas sílabas.
B) Handsome possui mais de duas silabas por isso recebe the most na comparação
C) The most é usado no grau superlativo, nos adjetivos com mais de duas sílabas.
D) Intelligent está escrito no grau superlativo, pois possui apenas duas sílabas.
E) The most é usado antes de adjetivos no grau comparativo de superioridade.

6º) Complete that Mary is saying, putting the adjectives in the parentheses into superlative degree.


I think camping is the ________________(healthy)

activity here. We can do ________________(exciting)
things like walking in the forest or canoeing.
________________(bad) situation is when it rains a
lot. Then we run to our tents ________________
(fast) we can.

7º) Mark the correct alternative according to adjectives degree.

I - Mark is the most talented student in the theater school.

II – Ann is less hardworking than Mary.
III – Peter is more funny than Peter
IV- Susan is the most popular singer at school.

A) Apenas a sentença III esta incorreta.

B) As sentenças corretas são II e IV.
C) Apenas a sentença I esta correta.
D) As sentenças I e III estão corretas.
E) As sentenças II e IV estão incorretas.
8º) The adjectives have two degrees. Put the phrases that 9ª question into the:

A) Frase I= comparativo de igualdade:________________________________________________

B) Frase II=comparativo de superioridade._____________________________________________
C) Frase III=comparativo de inferioridade._____________________________________________
D)Frase IV=comparativo de superioridade._____________________________________________

9º) Mark the correct answer for this phrase. “Health is ___________ than wealth”.
A) good.
B) better.
C) well.
D) best.
E) gooder

10º) Complete the phrase “Love is _____________ feeling for me” with superlative degree of
superiority that complicated, than mark the correct answer.
A) more complicated than.
B) the more complicated.
C) the most complicated.
D) the complicated.
E) the complicatest

The question
11 refers to the
comic strip.

HORRIBLE:horrível / NIGHTMARE:Pesadelo / GOT: tinha / PLUSH BUNNY: coelho de pelúcia

TIED: amarrado / KNOT: nó

11º) Answer the questions:

a) Why the Cascão’s dream to be a nightmare?

b) Remove from the text all the verbs in the past form and put them in the infinitive form.

12º) Complete the text with the Simple Past tense of the verbs from the box. Mark the correct sequence.

Die/ be(3x)/ begin/ turn/ start/ marry /have

Mozart _______________ born in Salzburg in 1756. When he ___________________

three, he ______________________ learning to play the piano. He ___________________
to compose music when he _____________________ five. He and his sister
_____________________ both good musicians. He ______________________
and__________________________ five children. He _______________________ in 1791.

A) dyed /was/started/beginned/was/turned/married/had/was
B) was/was/ beginned/ started/was/turned/married/had/dyed
C) had/was/started/beginned/was/turned/married/was/dyed
D) was/was/started/beginned/was/turned/married/had/dyed
E) was/was/started/beginned/was/turned/married/had/dyed

13º) Chose the correct alternative.

My secretaries (to speak) three languages.

We (to make) that exercise last week.
That man (to study) your English lesson yesterday.
Those boys ( to break ) the window of school.

A) spoken - make -studyed -broked

B) speaked - made -studed -breaked
C) spoked - mant -studyied -broken
D) spoke - made -studied -broke
E) speakd - maken -study -break

14º) Chose the correct answer.

I - They didn’t closed the window yesterday.

II - Patrick ate pizza last week.
III - Did you went to the beach the day before yesterday?
IV - Mary arrived late last night.

A) Apenas a sentença IV esta incorreta.

B) As sentenças corretas são II e IV.
C) Apenas a sentença I esta correta.
D) As sentenças I e III estão corretas.
E) As sentenças II e III estão corretas.

Good luck!