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Honors Visual Art II – Pre-AP

Mr. Andrew Williams –
Web site:
Art Teacher – Kirby High School
The Honors Visual Art 2 course is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art and wish to
develop their art skills towards the Advanced Placement course of Art. They must personally desire to be in this course. If you are in
this class you will participate.
Requirements: Current or previous teacher, counselor, administrator, or parent recommendation, or review of past student
artwork. Students must have successfully completed Honors Visual Art 1.
Grade Placement: 10-12

This course is an honors upper level art course that is designed with the intention for each student to take AP Visual Art the
following year. Honors Visual Art 2 is a course that focuses on exploration of art mediums and development of the personal artist
voice. This course requires


 Large Poster Board (for portfolio)
 Spiral Bound Sketchbook (Blank pages)
 Pack of Black Sharpie pens


1 Introduction Week: Syllabus, Pre-Assessment, Portfolio Creation, Routines and Procedures
2&3 Op-Art project Lines and Shading
4 Pen texture and values
5 Introduction to Photography (Elements & Principles) lead into portraits
6&7 Zentangle Portraits: Rembrant lighting
8 Scratchboard
9 Semester MIDTERM WEEK: Midterm portfolio review
10 Colored Pencils: color theory & techniques for blending
11 Colored Pencils: Shoes (Vans Custom Culture)
12 Water color: techniques & textures
13 Landscape collage from water color experiments
14 Photography (Elements and principles revisited) staging images
15 & 16 Color scheme self-portraits
17 Mixed media self portraits
18 Semester Portfolio Review


Scholars will have one homework assignment a week. Homework is due every Monday. It is expected that students will spend a
considerable amount of time outside the classroom working on completion of class projects and assignments as well.

Critiques are a huge part of this course. Their purpose is to bring the students together to learn how to speak about their personal
artwork and to gain feedback in order to grow as an artist. The dates of the critique are posted within the calendar. Each critique
the student must present 4 new pieces of artwork. This is also when I take the work to grade it as well. If a student misses a critique
day, they must write a 1 page critique on EACH piece of art (4 pages total). These days are ESSENTIAL FOR STUDENTS NOT TO



Students are NOT allowed to work from published photographs or other copyrighted material in this course. Everything they create
must be AN ORIGINAL piece. For example, a student could not try to re-create the famous Mona Lisa painting and submit it for
their portfolio. Students and parents must fully understand that the artwork they produce must show PERSONAL VOICE and
individual expression. Students are expected to use artistic integrity throughout the course. Work that is based on published
photographs or the work of other artist must move beyond duplication to illustrate an original idea. DO NOT DRAW FROM
PHOTOGRAPHS, magazines, etc. The use of published photographs or the work of other artists for duplication is plagiarism and
such, is an ethical Draw from observation, things you see in the world. Learn to translate the dynamic three-dimensional world
into a two-dimensional world. PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM at KHS.

Students will be pushed throughout this course in activities of how to develop original ideas and move forth in new and creative
ways. Some of those activities of how a student can understand artistic integrity, plagiarism, and moving beyond duplication: still
life studies, portrait still life studies, partner still life studies, perspective painting outside, self portraits, 2-D studies with personal
photographs, and many more.


Classwork / Critiques Work complete in class 25%
Homework / Sketchbooks See details above under sketchbook. 10%
Final Projects (with Art is a Project Based Learning Class and therefore every major project for the unit 40%
completed Rubric) is similar to a major test in another content area. Your scholar will be assessed on
the comprehension of the lessons in the form of short quizzes and a cumulative
project at the end of the unit.
Final Portfolio See details above under portfolio. 20%
Participation/ Effort Participation comes through a daily checklist that scholars will keep up with 5%
individually. It includes their job, participation in class and clean up.

VIII. Parent Communication and Information of Class Culture

Class Rules:
1. Be Present: This is OUR TIME.
Show respect and kindness to everyone in this room. No profanity, teasing, or bullying. Be considerate and polite.

2. Be Responsible: Use OUR TIME wisely.

Be in your assigned seats with necessary supplies and on task when the bell rings. Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in
the student handbook established by SCS

3. Be Positive: It makes the day go by faster and you may even learn something.
Remain on task the entire period. A positive attitude is an asset!

4. Be Creative: PRETEND I won’t say no.

This means don’t settle for the first idea. I will try to accommodate any type of creative building process.


If a scholar is absent from class it is their responsibility to contact me and get make up work. If scholars are having difficulty
finishing projects in the class time, I am available any morning. Scholars just need to contact me 24 hours in advance and I will have
tutoring time available. Make up work MUST be turned in 3 days upon return to school. This is a school-wide policy, and therefore
no exceptions can be made.

Please feel free to communicate with me anytime you when you have concerns about your scholar or have any other questions.
Never hesitate to ask anything. E-mail is the best way to communicate and I guarantee to e-mail you within 24 hours of reading
them. However, please feel free to call if that is more convenient for you.

I have a HUGE desire to push your scholar towards self-motivation beyond an immediate reward. With that being said, rewards will
happen on a class level at random times for random reason. I want to push students to avoid a mentality of “If I do this, then I get

Individual Rewards:
- CoffeeHouse
- Artwork Displayed around KHS, SCS board, and other locations around school.
Individual Consequences: Behavior inconsistent with the class expectations will be addressed as follows:
- 1. Verbal Warning
- 2. Written warning, recorded in Power Teacher and Parent Phone Call
- 3. After School Detention or Service and Behavioral Reflection
- 4. Office Referral

***After you have read over the entire syllabus, please sign and date below. Have your scholar return only this page to me for their
first test grade. Return by Monday August 13th for full credit.

Scholar(s) name(s): _______________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Print Please) _________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________ Date _________________

Best way to contact you (Please circle one): Phone or E-mail

Phone number and/or E-mail address _________________________________________________________________

Best time(s) to contact you ___________________________________________________________________________

Please tell me a little bit about your scholar, their learning styles, and their likes/dislikes. Also,

include anything about yourself so I know how to serve you best as well. Thank you!