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A af PTO PANS | Sco Croton DATHAYE COILEG: CIRCULAR: The DirectorsHeads. of the University Departments, Principals of the affiliated Colleges, the Heads of the Recognized Institutions concerned are hereby informed that the recommendation made by the Committee of all Deans of various facutties at its meeting held on 23" December, 2012 haz been accepted by the Academic Council at its meeting held on 27" February, 2013 vide item No.t.0 and that in accordance therewith, the conversion of matk: to credit and grades for students who were admitted to the credit based semester and grading system from non credit pattem is a5 per Appendix and that the same has been brougit into force with immediate effect. MUMBAI - 4006: 28" March, 2013, REGISTRAR, To, The Dizectors/Heads of the University Departments, Principals of the affiliated Colleges, the Heads of the Recopmzed Institutions concerned. AC No. UG/157-A of 2012-13 MUMBAI-400032 28" March, 2 Copy forwarded with compliments for information to:- 1) The all Deans of various faculties, 2) The Professor-cum-Director. Institute of Distance & Open Learning (IDOL) 3) The Dizector, Board of College and University Development 4) The off. Controller of Examinations, 5) The Co-Ordinator, University Computerization Centre Deputy Under Graduate Studies Copy t:- Ths Devoe of Saas Wan, a” Disp Ragan Qiphlby sad Mian Si ts Eee Sony sth Hioedhaeclann Bo a RoW celal a Regt caf oe aan Saga Ae cn be, Rag 1 ofa Conzer of Seen 0 cine Fnme Acct CB ep he Deena Dice sa ope Long GOOLS GE aging ts Baceee Uneamy Compas Grau GSE Baldage Segundo» Oops Rigate Aedost Suinote Ut fred wi be Dopay Reg vrais Achaea @ sop yma vaca ota fee thea por onan coun romiace sao yw Sveiau Cama and yore scan ed hatte pe “Rosen Tekn Ratt pil eta ths some Ge Dapcy Repizs, Conan Coleg asinine Ut Q seed Ue Depa Bese tune iy eieencaae 3 colts, dy uy Aegan Psat BS sal (rouse Parga copie tn Dopay Rog Acta eton opr te DuPage 2 Berar Roane: G25) Ct BUCH Cp te Dopey Acca Unt for? kpc cy Senin Compug ROALG SS te Reopen’ coppite Feepne Gp op un Soin MUABA Q srr oe genase nee Sees pnd Reardon copa Pobre PH Srowconucons AC 27/2/13 Item no. 4.70 Conversion of marks of non-credit system to Credit And Grades of Semester Based Credit and Grading System (with effect from academic year 2012-13) fe HY AC 27/2/13 Item no. 4.70 ‘Conversion of marks to credit and grades for students who were admitted to the Second year of the Degree Course in an affiliated college After completing the first year from IDOL OR Who took admission to First Year Courses prior to the academic year 2011-2012 Who completed their First year Degree College from colleges affiliated to universities where credit system is not implemented A learner must be assigned the credits equivatent to the credits assigned / allotted to the program for regular student at the lower class. The marks obtained by the learner at the lower examination under the Annual Pattern be considered as the marks obtained by the learner at the semester examinations in proportion to the existing system under CBSGS say for ex. A learner who has passed his FYBCom examination under the annual pattern and is now seeking admission to the SYBCom class under thre CBSGS. Given below are the marks obtained by the learner under the annual pattern in the seven subjects. Subjects e[cfToletri{ ca] Max. Marks 400 | “100 | "100 | 100 | 100 | “100 Marks obt, a5 | 49 | 71] 48 | a1 | 55 The marks obtained by the learner at FYBCom shall be treated as the marks obtained by the learner at Semester | and at Semester Il, Corresponding credit points and grades will be assigned and CGPA and SGPA will be calculated. In situations where the minimum marks required for passing are less than the minimum marks required for passing under the CBSGS and if the student is declared pass at the lower examination than the credit and grade points to be assigned to such a learner in the subject concerned will be the minimum grade and grade point required for passing under the CBSGS. For. Ex. In the above ex. The student is declared pass in subject A at the annual examination with 35 marks. While calculating the CGPA and SGPA the grade assigned to this student in subject A will be “E” and the grade points will be “2” The conversion of the above marks will be as given below: sem | Subjects [Acts [ec [com | maths | FC] Eco | Total \"Max. Marks | 100] 10{ 100 | 100 10 | 100 eeeenseeseroeaeel ae [Marks obt. ard | Credits Earned | 3 | Lic Grade Points| 2 | 3] 3 7 (s) co (97) [6 a [| 6|4 | is SGPA 70/20=35 & Grade ="C" Similarly we shall calculate the SGPA and hence the CGPA for Sem. 1 & Sem. Il taken together. A learner who is eligible to seek admission to the Higher class under the CB: in an affiliated college but has rat fully pass the lower examination either from some other college or from {DOI will be required to pass the subject (course) concerned from the parent college/IDOL and not from the current college. Once the student passes the subject/s concerned, the marks can be converted to grades and credits as per the procedure specified above. A learner from college affiliated to a university other than University of Mumbai where Credit System is not implemented will be admitted to colleges affiliated to the university if and only if the student has fully passed the lower examination subject to the equivalence of the courses at the lower examination in the parent university. KKK XH