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Postcards From Britain

Normal Service Resumes

With the World Cup at an end, it has been time for Britain to get back to normal;
politics, Brexit and a visit by controversial President of the United States, Donald Trump
were all high on the list of peoples concerns this past month. Working behind the bar in
a local public house, I am fortunate to talk to real people with real concerns, At the
grass roots level, President Trump is popular, in complete contrast to the media’s
preconceived ideas about this plain talking man. His off the cuff comments and tweets
seem to appeal to average working class people; he has caught the imagination of many
who wouldn’t otherwise be energised by politics.

Donald Trump won the Presidency because he listened to peoples concerns about
immigration and employment. In the United States he has managed the seemingly
impossible; the US economy is booming, growth is up and unemployment is falling, all
indicators of a successful President. The Commander in Chief is also seen as a man of
the people. A self made billionaire who has no links to the political elite in Washington.
When Donald makes an election promise he sticks to his word, acting on his own instinct,
dealing with issues that are important to those who put him in power.

Mr Trump has been on a whirl wind tour of Europe, visiting NATO, the United Kingdom
and President Putin of Russia, at a summit arranged in Helsinki. For the purpose of the
article I want to concentrate on his time in Britain. This was always going to be a
controversial meeting, with many thousands of people mobilised up and down the
Country, demonstrating against the American President. Whether you love or hate this
man, he stimulates debate and engages the masses; equally he polarises views across
the World, hated as much as he is respected.

I am personally no Trump fan but I am concerned about the way this visiting Head of
State has been treated by the British public. Many leaders, of less desirable nations,
with terrible records on human rights have been accorded a State visit to the UK;
including President Xi Jinping of China. There were very few demonstrations, as Britain’s
Liberal elite ignored his presence. This was a man responsible for some truly dreadful
acts against his own people. President Trump has encountered a barrage of abuse from
politicians and the public alike, yet he is our most important ally. This is not the way to
conduct ourselves; he was democratically elected by American voters, we have to
accept the will of the United States electorate and deal with the man in charge,
courteously, without conditions!

My feelings about Donald Trump are well known; I dislike his politics, racism, misogyny
and the way he conducts himself. He is probably a liar and makes unsubstantiated claims
that can not be backed up. As a person he is rude and overbearing, who doesn’t care
what he says, frequently upsetting those around him, friend or foe. I find his politics
objectionable and his views dangerous, but unlike the man himself, we have to act in a
dignified manner, granting him the recognition we give to all visiting heads of state. In
the end we will have to work with America with or without him. President Trump is no
diplomat; we have to rise above the fray and act in a way that he personally finds
difficult; after all he wont be in his current position forever. All of us have to deal with
personalities we don’t like, it is a fact of life, President or pauper; our judgement may
not be the judgement of others; accept our different opinions and we can all move
forwards; only history can offer a truly non bias assessment of the man that is Donald