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Document Development Exposition: White Paper

ENGL 2116

Explain in detail your document’s development from planning to finish, describing your
challenges, how you overcame them, and what you learned.

When I first started planning the white paper, I first had to figure out the purpose of the
document. I eventually decided on that my purpose would be to inform/persuade readers of
the history of the role of cats in scientific research, explain the for and against arguments and
ultimately explain why we should avoid using cats for scientific research. I then had to decide
on an organization that I would be representing and I ultimately decided on PETA since I
knew they have a well-known reputation for protecting animal rights and going against
research with animals. I then had to figure out my audiences, my primary audience was the
general audience, secondary audience include cat enthusiasts, the initial audience would be
the PETA writers, the gatekeeper audience would be the PETA chief editor/supervisor, and
the watchdog audience would be the royal society as well as other groups that support
animals being used in scientific research.

First Draft (for peer editing)

In my first draft, I received some positive feedback in that I had a good use of positive tone
and an abundance of sources. According to my peer reviewer, my document was clear and
was worded in a way that was easy to follow with a tone that was the appropriate formality.
Some things that needed to be improved upon according to my peer reviewer including
making sure that my problem statement was defined, and that I had a clear solution to be
added. At the time of the peer editing for my first draft, my document was not completely
finished and was a work in progress.

Second Draft (for your packet)

In between the first draft and the second draft, there was a lot of work to be done. As stated
previously, there was still a lot left to complete in my white paper. I needed to make sure to
define a problem statement and include a clear solution. I had to finish up the other side of the
argument (arguments gainst the use of cats in animal testing) and write the conclusion of the
document. I felt rushed for time when completing the second draft but did the best I could.

Final Draft (for your portfolio)

Document Development Exposition: White Paper
ENGL 2116

For my final draft, I addressed the feedback given by the instructor to the best of my ability.
According to the instructor, most of my edits needed to be focused on altering the structure of the
white paper. So, what I have done was that I created an abstract which introduced the problem to
the reader and summarized the entire report. I moved the background info after the abstract. I also
fixed some stylistic elements that were recommended such as removing the underlined headings,
changing to a block style instead of double space. I also made sure to introduce my quotes, fix a few
sentences that had grammar errors and to remove the use of first person in my white paper.