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Course code Course Title L T P J C


Pre-requisite Nil Syllabus version
v. xx.xx
Course Objectives:
 To impart a broad knowledge in the area of repair and rehabilitation of structures.
 To study the different rehabilitation methodology adopted for various structural systems.

Expected Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to
 Understand the properties of fresh and hardened concrete.
 Know the strategies of maintenance and repair.
 Understand the properties of repair materials.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO): 2,4,6

Module:1 Introduction 5 hours SLO: 2, 4

Importance of maintenance - Types of maintenance - Decay of structures- Role of the
Maintenance Engineer - Quality Assurance for concrete construction - Design and construction

Module:2 Deterioration of Structures 6 hours SLO: 2, 6

Causes of deterioration of concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures - surface deterioration -
efflorescence - Causes and preventive measures.

Module:3 Corrosion of Structures 6 hours SLO: 2, 6

Corrosion mechanism - Effects of cover thickness and cracking - Methods of corrosion protection
– Inhibitors - Coatings - Cathodic protection for reinforcements.

Module:4 Inspection and Assessment of Distressed 6 hours SLO: 2, 6

Visual inspection – Non-destructive tests –Ultrasonic pulse velocity method – Rebound hammer
technique– Pullout tests – Core test.

Module:5 Materials for Repair 6 hours SLO: 2, 4

Special concretes and mortar - Concrete chemicals - Special elements for accelerated strength gain
- Expansive cement- Polymer concrete – Ferro cement, Fibre reinforced concrete - Fibre
reinforced plastics.

Module:6 Techniques for Repair 6 hours SLO: 2, 4

Techniques for repairing of spalling and disintegration of structures - Grouting –Autogenous
healing- Pre-packed concrete- Protective surface coating.

Module:7 Strengthening of distressed buildings 6 hours SLO: 2, 4

Repairs to overcome low member strength – Deflection - Chemical disruption - Weathering wear -
Fire leakage - Marine exposure- Use of FRP- NDT tests
Module:8 Contemporary issues 4 hours SLO: 2, 4-

Total Lecture hours: 45 hours -

Text Book(s)
1. Modi, P.I., Patel, C.N. (2016). Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, PHI India,
New Delhi.
Reference Books
1. IABSE, (2010). Case Studies of Rehabilitation, Repair, Retrofitting, and Strengthening of
Structures, Volume 12, Structural Engineering Documents (SED), Switerzland.
2. Varghese, P.C. (2014), Maintenance, Repair & Rehabilitation and Minor Works of Buildings,
PHI India, New Delhi.
3. Bhattacharjee, J. (2017), Concrete Structures Repair Rehabilitation And Retrofitting, CBS
Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.
Mode of evaluation: Continuous Assessment Test, Quizzes, Assignments, Final Assessment Test

Recommended by Board of Studies 16.08.2017

Approved by Academic Council No. 46 Date 24.08.2017