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Today’s DIYer

Actron is helping millions of consumers unlock the secrets to today's

vehicles through functionally brilliant yet easy-to-use diagnostic tools.
From the world's best DIY scan tools and code readers to testers
engineered to quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle problems,
Actron is always the smart choice.
Power in Technology
There's no secret to our success - Actron's
world-class technologies come through
unsurpassed leadership in R&D,
product design and proprietary
circuit board manufacturing.
The result? Innovative,
affordable products available
when and where you
need them.

Power in Marketing
Only Actron combines ingenious DIY diagnostic solutions with award-winning marketing
programs, packaging and point-of-purchase materials. When it comes to delivering real value in
today's retail environment, our brand stands above all the rest.

Great Support, Every Step of the Way

Actron offers a toll-free troubleshooting hotline staffed by
ASE-certified professionals.

Simply call us at:

Phone: (800) 228-7667
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. EST.
For more information
regarding product specifications,
catalog availability and the location
of your nearest Actron supplier,
please call:
Phone: (800) 228-7667
Fax: (216) 362-2888

Table of Contents
On-Board Diagnostics Overview 4
Scan Tools 5-6
Code Reader 7
Code Scanners 8
Multimeters & Analyzers 9-12
Battery Testers 13
Timing Lights 14-15
Circuit Testers & Test Leads 16
Remote Starter Switch 17
Temp Reader 17
Compression Testers 18
Fuel Pressure & Vacuum Testers 19

On-Board Diagnostics

Making Sense of On-Board Diagnostics

When your vehicle's "Check Engine" light comes on, it is signaling a possible problem affecting overall performance, fuel
efficiency and/or emissions. The light is triggered by the vehicle's On-Board computer system, which monitors a vast range of
ignition, fuel system, engine, and other operating parameters.

On-board computer system protocols have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Most pre-1996 light-duty vehicles
sold in the U.S. feature a standard known as "OBD I", while vehicles sold domestically from 1996 until today typically comply
with the "OBD II" standard.

A new protocol - known as "CAN" (for Controller Area Network) - is now being introduced in some vehicle models and in 2008
will become mandatory for all vehicles sold domestically.

Regardless of the protocol used in your vehicle, when the "Check Engine" light comes on, you need to know:

1) Why the light is on

2) How to fix the problem
3) How to turn the light off when the problem is solved

Solution: Actron
Three common and very useful tools from Actron can assist you in answering each of the diagnostic questions cited above:

A Code Scanner “reads” diagnostic trouble codes generated by the vehicle’s OBD system. Codes are displayed on the vehicle’s
dashboard and/or identified through audio prompts. It is important to select a Code Scanner designed for use with your vehicle
make and model. (See the accompanying chart to select the correct tool.)

A Code Reader can be used to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes. The Actron CP9135 OBD II AutoScanner is an OBD II
Code Reader, i.e., it reads and displays OBD II generic codes and their definitions. It can be used for all OBD II-compliant

A Scan Tool can be used to read and erase trouble codes, display live diagnostic data, and perform other tests allowed by the
vehicle maker. Actron’s CP9145 SUPER AutoScanner is an OBD II Scan Tool; it reads both OBD II generic and manufacturer-
specific codes and is available with optional cables that allow it to read trouble codes on older (OBD I) vehicles.

Code Scanners
1982 - 1993 GM cars and light trucks CP9001 CodeScanner
1984 - 1995 Ford cars and light trucks CP9015 CodeScanner
1984 - 1995 Chrysler No tools needed, see service manual
1985 - 1992 Honda CP9025 CodeScanner
1984 - 1992 Nissan CP9025 CodeScanner
1983 - 1992 Toyota CP9025 CodeScanner
Code Reader
1996 and newer All makes OBD II Compliant CP9135 OBD II AutoScanner
Scan Tools
1984 - 1995 GM cars and light trucks CP9145 SUPER AutoScanner & GM cable or CP9150
1984 - 1995 Ford cars and light trucks CP9145 SUPER AutoScanner & Ford cable or CP9150
1989 - 1995 Chrysler cars and light trucks CP9145 SUPER AutoScanner & Chrysler cable or CP9150
1996 and newer All makes OBD II Compliant CP9145 SUPER AutoScanner or CP9150
1984 and newer All Domestic makes OBD I/OBD II Compliant CP9150 SUPER AutoScanner

Scan Tool Kit

SUPER Autoscanner™ Kit
The SUPER AutoScanner™ Kit allows the user
to easily retrieve and read OBD I and OBD II Kit Includes:
trouble codes and display/read live vehicle
data for a faster diagnosis. This sophisticated, • CP9145 Base Unit
yet extremely user-friendly tool can be used • 8-Foot Extension Cable
on OBD II compliant cars and light trucks sold • OBD II Cable
in the U.S. from 1996 to present. Other included
• Cigarette Lighter Adapter
cables retrieve codes for 1984-95 Ford and GM
models and 1989-95 Chrysler applications. • GM OBD I Cable
• Read & erase OBD II generic codes • Chrysler OBD I Cable
• Read & erase GM/Ford/Chrysler • Ford OBD I Cable
manufacturer-specific codes • Manual/C.D.
• Read & erase OBD I GM/Ford/ • Hard Carrying Case
Chrysler trouble codes
• View & display live data
• Display freeze frame data
• Read/display pending codes,
I/M monitors and MIL status

Optional Cables:
CP9130 Chrysler LH Cable
CP9131 Ford MECs Cable

Scan Tool

SUPER AutoScanner™
A bold step forward in DIY diagnostics!
The SUPER AutoScanner allows the
user to easily retrieve and read Includes:
OBD I and/or II trouble codes and • CP9145 Base Unit
display/read live vehicle data
for a faster diagnosis. This • 8-Foot Extension Cable
sophisticated yet extremely • OBD II Cable
user-friendly tool can be • Manual/C.D.
used on OBD II compliant
cars and light trucks sold • Soft Carrying Case
in the U.S. from 1996 to
present. Also available with
optional cables to retrieve
codes for 1984-95 Ford and
GM models and ‘89-95
Chrysler applications.
• Read and erase trouble codes
• On screen code definitions
• Display live data
• Read pending codes, I/M monitors,
MIL status
• Software upgradeable
• OBD II cable included for
1996 and newer applications
• Optional cables cover
models back to 1984

Optional Accessories:
GM ALDL Cable Kit
Cable Kit
Chrysler SCI Cable Kit
Chrysler LH Cable
Ford MECs Cable
Hard Plastic Carrying Case

Code Reader

OBD II AutoScanner™
AutoScanner™ can easily retrieve diagnostic
trouble codes (DTCs) from your vehicle’s computer,
leading you to the problem area. Use on OBD II
compliant cars and light trucks sold in the U.S.
from 1996 to present.
• Read and erase DTCs
• Read pending codes, I/M monitors,
MIL status
• Large, menu-driven LCD display
• Field upgradeable
• 8 ft. cable, rugged housing, oil and
grease resistant
• Display OBD II generic code definitions

DTC Lookup™
• Contains over 5000 code definitions
• User manuals for CP9135, CP9145, CP9150
• Actron catalog
• Diagnostic solutions guide
Code Scanners

CP9001 CP9015 CP9025

GM Ford Toyota/Honda/Nissan
Code Scanner Code Scanner Code Scanner
• Retrieves engine and ABS trouble • Retrieves engine and ABS codes from • Access the on-board computer
codes from the on-board computer the on-board computer • Trouble codes flash on dashboard
• Codes flash on dashboard “Check • Uses audio and visual indicators for “Check Engine” light or
Engine” light reading codes computer module
• Use on 1982-1993 domestic GM • Built-in battery eliminates cables • Works on most 1983 - 1992 vehicles
and Saturn vehicles • Accesses Ford’s self-test system
• Use on 1984 - 1995 domestic Ford,
Lincoln and Mercury vehicles

Ignition Module &

Sensor Tester

Ignition Module and Sensor Tester
A convenient, easy-to-use tool that tests ignition modules, most sensors
and also continuity, diodes and wiring.
• For GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Nissan vehicles
with non-DIS systems
• Tests sensors including O2 , MAP, MAF, knock and crankshaft sensors
• Easy-to-use instruction manual details hookup and test
• Back probe included for in-circuit testing
• 9-volt battery operated
• Computer safe

Digital Multimeter

(Digital Multimeter & Engine Analyzer)
This ingenious tool performs all standard electrical tests
for on-car and bench troubleshooting, including tach,
dwell, volts, ohms and diode.
• Tests starting & charging, ignition and fuel
delivery systems
• Locate faulty wiring and components
• Extra-large, easy-to-read digital LCD
• On-screen test leads connection reminder
• Automatic reverse polarity indication
• Automatic zero adjust
• Overload protection on all ranges
• Includes protective boot, detachable
color-coded test leads, alligator
clips and detailed instructions

Features include test lead

holders at back of tool for
convenient lead storage.

Digital Multimeter

This AutoAnalyzer™ performs all standard electrical tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting. Locate faulty wiring,
test electrical components, engine sensors, ignition and fuel systems and starting/charging system voltage.
Pinpoint problem area and determine which components need repair or replacement.
• Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance
• Tests diodes and batteries
• Tests fuses, switches, solenoids and relays
• Backlit LCD is easy to read day or night
• Hold button retains display data
• Automatic polarity sensing to avoid reversed
test lead hook-up
• Automatic zero adjustment for volts, amps
and battery tests for accurate measurements
• Low battery indication for user
convenience (9V battery not included)
• Full 1 year warranty

Features include convenient

fold-out stand for bench

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multitester
Ideal for home and shop use. Checks
AC/DC voltage, amps, resistance,
transistors and diodes.
• Large digital display
• Battery operated (battery not included)
• Detachable color-coded test leads

CP7677 CP7665 CP7672

Functions Range Range Range
DC volts 200mV-1000V 200V-500V 200mV - 1000V
AC volts 2V - 750V 200V-500V 200V - 750V
DC amps 200mA - 10A 200µA-10A 200µA - 10A
OHMS 200 - 20M 200 - 20M 200 - 2M
Diode check Yes Yes Yes
Dwell 4,6,8 CYL
Tach Yes
Continuity Yes
Battery Test 1.5V, 9V, 12V
Transistor check Yes
Auto reverse polarity Yes Yes Yes
Auto zero adjust Yes Yes Yes
Overload protection Yes Yes Yes
Low battery indicator Yes Yes Yes
10M Input Yes Yes
9-Volt power Yes Yes Yes
Audible tone Yes
Auto power off
Color-coded leads Yes Yes Yes
Detailed manual Yes Yes Yes
Alligator clips Yes Yes
Holster Yes

Analog Multimeters
& Analyzers

Analog Multimeter CP7848
This analog multimeter is a rugged,
accurate, easy-to-operate, Pocket Electrical Tester
compact instrument. • DC volts, AC volts, DC current, Ohms,
• Measures AC/DC decibels
voltage, DC current, • Fuse protection on all functions and ranges
and resistance • Easy-to-read analog scale
• Tests 1.5V and 9V • Detachable, color-coded leads
• 19 Ranges for
more accurate
• Zero adjust for
maximum accuracy
• Battery operated
(1.5V AA battery
not included)
• Full 1 year warranty

This dedicated automotive
analyzer tests conventional
and electronic ignitions and
starting/charging systems on
domestic and import vehicles.
Ranges: dwell, tach, volts
• Large, easy-to-read analog
• Zero adjust for maximum

Battery Testers

Batt/Alt Tester
This versatile charging system (battery and alternator) tester
requires no internal battery of its own and is ultra-compact
for maximum convenience.
• Color-coded LEDs quickly indicate condition of part
• Tests 12V batteries
• Checks operation of alternator
• No internal batteries required

Battery Load Tester
With full 100-amp load-testing capacity, this
reliable and highly accurate tester works
on both 6- and 12-volt batteries. The unit
performs both a voltage test and 15-second
battery-load testing. Results are displayed
on a color-coded 0-16 volt scale.
• Rugged, precise 3” jeweled
D’Arsonval meter with zero adjust
• Chrome-plated steel housing with
rubber grip handle and side test
clamp holders
• Heavy-duty, UL-listed, momentary
test switch
• Manganese wire resistance element
shunt grid
• Extra heavy 12” leads with strain
relief and color-coded, insulated,
copper plated steel clamps

Timing Lights

All timing lights feature:

• Molded inductive pickup that clamps over spark plug wire for easy
hookup (except CP7520)
• Linear Xenon flash tube and focused Fresnel Lens
• Solid state circuitry
• Compatibility with all domestic and foreign 12 volt gasoline engines Features:
• Heavy duty leads with color-coded insulated battery clamps Fresnel Lens

Chrome Inductive
Timing Light
• Check basic ignition timing,
vacuum and centrifugal-computer
advance by reaching engine marks
• Heavy chrome plated metal
housing with rubber nose cone
• Molded inductive pick-up
• Works on all foreign and
domestic 12 volt gasoline
• Detachable heavy
duty leads

Timing Advance
Accurately check basic
ignition timing, vacuum advance,
centrifugal advance and computer
advance on advance dial.

Adjustable advance • Heavy chrome plated metal housing

knob reads in direct with rubber nose cone
• Molded inductive pick-up
• Works on all foreign and domestic 12 volt
gasoline engines
• Detachable heavy duty leads

Timing Lights

Inductive Timing
• Molded inductive pick-up
• Works on all foreign and
domestic 12 volt
gasoline engines
• Shock-proof, high impact
Styrene housing

DC Power Timing Light
• Works on all foreign and domestic 12
volt gasoline engines
• Shock-proof, high impact Styrene

Circuit Tester &
Test Leads

Mini Circuit Tester
This compact, ergonomically designed coil cord
circuit tester helps to quickly locate hot circuits.
The cord is constructed from high quality, high
visibility polyurethane for superior memory
retention and resistance to oil and grease and is
ideal for benchtop work and in small areas.
• Compact design for use in tight areas
• 6 ft. high-visibility coil cord
• Bright, high intensity bulb
• Sharp stainless-steel probe
• Threaded tip for add-on alligator clip
• Molded strain relief
• Insulated, heavy-duty clip

High Visibility Coil Cord Test Leads

Constructed from high quality, high visibility polyurethane for superior memory retention and resistance to oil and grease.

CP7863 CP7866
Twin 5ft. Jumper Twin 5ft. Multimeter Lead Set
Leads Includes:
2 multimeter probes
2 banana plugs
4 alligator clips

LED Circuit Tester
Tests spark plug wires, 12V car/truck batteries, 4-13V
variable DC voltage, household 110/220 AC, DC
• LED lights indicate voltage level
• Piercing probe for in-circuit testing
• Easy-grip design for safe handling

Remote Starter Switch
& Temp Reader

Remote Starter
Allows one person to start or
crank engine from under the
hood. Ideal for compression
test or bumping engine onto
TDC (top dead center) timing
marks for valve, distributor or
camshaft adjustment.
• Power tool type trigger
• Heavy duty neoprene leads
• Clips with insulated boots

Laser Temp
This non-contact infrared
temperature reader safely
measures surface temperatures
of hot, hazardous or hard to
reach objects. Simply point,
click and read.
• Temperature range of 0º
to 500º F (-18º to 260º C)
• Laser sight marker
• Instant, accurate response
• Compact and lightweight
Common uses:
• Exhaust systems • Electronics • Cylinder head
• Catalytic converter • Heating & cooling systems
• Radiators • Air-conditioning systems • Brakes

Compression Testers

Professional Compression Tester
• Measures cylinder compression to accurately
diagnose engine condition
• Compatible with all standard spark plug threads
• Quick disconnect coupler separates hose from
gauge for faster, easier connections to the engine
• Push-button side release valve allows repeated
testing without disconnecting
Includes adapters for all standard spark plug threads:
14mm long reach

Repair kit includes valves and rubber O-rings

Easy-to-read, 2-1/2” professional gauge
Bourdon tube movement for accurate readings
Heavy-duty rubber boot protects gauge
Standard and metric scales:
0-300 lbs psi
0-2100 KPa
Tool pouch keeps parts organized
Illustrated instructions included

Compression Tester Kit
This professional compression tester kit detects
worn rings, burnt valves and blown head gaskets.
• 14mm long reach adapter included.
Required for many late model vehicles
• Quick release hose disconnects from gauge for
faster, easier use
• Full 2-1/2” easy-to-read face
• Both U.S. and metric scales
• 17” high pressure flexible oil- CP7821
and grease-resistance hose Stem Compression Tester
• 14mm and 18mm ends fit This handy push-in compression tester
most spark plug openings allows you to measure pressure within the
combustion chamber as the piston comes
up on compression stroke. Universal
rubber adapter fits all spark plug holes.

Fuel Pressure &
Vacuum Testers

CP7818 GM TBI* Fuel Pressure Tester
Fuel Pressure *Throttle Body Injection
Tester Kit Safely tests vehicle fuel pressure systems
on GM TBI vehicles not equipped with a
Safely test vehicle
fuel access valve test port on the fuel rail.
fuel pressure systems Test fuel pump check valve, fuel rail pop-off
including fuel pump pressure, fuel rail deterioration,
check valve, fuel rail
and leaking injectors.
pop-off pressure, fuel
rail deterioration, and • Large, easy to read
leaking injectors. Use on 0-60psi scale
domestic fuel injected vehicles • Adapter fitting for GM
equipped with Schrader valve test port. TBI systems without a
• Large, easy-to-read 0-100 psi scale fuel access valve test port
• Solid brass fittings • Pressure relief valve for
safe, clean testing
• Pressure relief valve for safe, clean testing
• Solid brass fittings

Brake Bleed Kit
Allows you to bleed brakes without
CP7803 the mess. Use with CP7830
Vacuum & Pressure Vacuum Pump. Adapters included

Tester Kit Hand Vacuum Pump for all vehicle brake systems.
Check vacuum operated components on • Use to siphon fluids
Fine tunes carburetion and timing peak • Tapered and 90º adapters
cars and trucks, including distributor
for maximum fuel economy. Easy-to-read,
3-1/2” diameter face displays 0-30 inches
advance mechanisms, heater and air • Air sealing lubricant
conditioning baffles, PCV & EGR valves,
vacuum and 0-10 pounds of pressure. headlight cover doors, and transmission
Complete with hose and adapters. modulators. CP7835
Use to check: • Rugged steel handle Vacuum Pump
• Fuel pump pressure • Solid brass cylinder, cylinder head Brake Bleed Kit
• Mechanical condition of the engine and piston A combination of the CP7830 and
• Vacuum control system function • 24” hose CP7840. Kit allows one person to
• For leaks in the intake manifold, • Cushioned handle grips bleed brake fluid easily and cleanly.
Vacuum Pump alone can test
manifold and head gaskets, piston • Tapered barb adapters vacuum operated sensors and
rings, valves and vacuum lines
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