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popfold - star wars series

#005 Han solo “ never tell me the odds ! ”

rebel smuggler
Calvin Lin / CubieCal Cubefold is a personal fan project and does not charge for

oh Hey, INSTRUCTIONs ! any individual printed formats. All featured characters and/or
logos belong to their respective intellectual property holders.
Please notify Cubefold if you noticed anyone selling any of the

A preparations b PRinting

Recommended paper: 120 - 160 gsm A4, Matte White * While you can use water based / wet Recommended printer: Inkjet colour printer
adhesives, it could potentially warp the
Recommended adhesive: Double sided tape paper and damage the ink depending Print Quality: Set to ‘High Quality’
Clear adhesives * on paper thickness.
Additional Setting: Set print from page 3 - 4
Recommended tools: Scissors / cutter
Scorer / dry ball point pen
! Please do provide assistance and
guidance should you have a young
Ruler child attemping this project and take Extra Note: If the printed colours are too light or not to
Cutting Mat care with cutting and assembly. your liking, set Paper Type to ‘Photo Paper’

1 scoring 2 cutting 3 Folding 4 assembly

- scoring reference point - adhesive reference point - direction reference point

On the page there will be marking guides Fold each facing into shape and align Stick the folded pieces accordingly to the
printed sheet. Then cut out the pieces bounding box marked by the corresponding
separately from the page neatly and as edges to form the rough shape. alphabet and following the direction of
These are placed to give you a guide carefully as possible. the arrow marked. Repeat this process until
to mark and using your ruler & scorer, Once you have a good idea how the
carefully trace lightly over the folding It is recommended that you group up any pieces will fold up, apply adhesive onto
lines neatly. Repeat this process until all pieces that make up a larger part of the the areas marked and stick carefully. Thank you for crafting and hope you
lines are scored and judge accordingly. enjoyed the time making them for display.
Repeat this process until all the pieces are Please feel free to send Cubefold any
This will help you fold each facing easier folded and stuck into place before the comment and feedback, or just saying hi -
during stage 3 to make up each part. next and last step. they are highly appreciated !
#005 han solo
Popfold - star wars series


han solo ( lucas / disney )
Popfold by Calvin Lin 2016

calvin lin . cubefold 2016
#005 han solo
Popfold - star wars series

holster DL-44 heavy blaster

calvin lin . cubefold 2016