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Welcome to the School Heads Development Program (SHDP) -Foundation Course! The SHDP is a
systematic competency-based educational leadership and management development program that
aims to enable school heads to lead and manage K-12 schools in the 21st century.

Participants of the Foundation Course are new school heads, school heads that need training to be
promoted to principal, and other candidates who are being considered for the position who do not
have prior experience as school head. It is a three-module course that covers the principal’s role
in delivering the curriculum and core programs, managing school processes, strategic
human resource management and development, fiscal management, partnership, and

The requirements for a Certificate of Completion include complete attendance in the course and
the implementation of an Application Project as proof of learning. The Project requires the
participant to identify a specific area of school operations that require improvement and
that will deliver the best impact on school measures in three (3) to six (6) months. In this
project, the principal is expected to apply learned competencies in improving the school. The
participant will be required to present significant milestones achieved at the end of each month.

An entry requirement to the Course is the submission of a duly accomplished Concept Note that
identifies three (3) specific areas of school operations that need significant improvement in the
school. The area for consideration include:
1. Curriculum, Core, and Support Programs
2. Instructional Leadership
3. School leadership: SBM, SIP, CI, Partnership
4. Strategic Human Resource Development
5. Fiscal Management

By the end of this three-module course, the participant will be asked to select one of these
three areas as a project.

Please adhere to the word limit requirement.

Email or fax the fully accomplished form with your signature on or before 03 February 2015
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SHDP Foundational Course Concept Paper

Name of JOLDAN D. Current HT-III

Participant LAMBINO Position

Name of DAPDAP ES District LAS NAVAS

School II
Division N. SAMAR Region VIII
Introduction What is your understanding of DepEd’s vision and mission?
maximum of What is the role of your school in delivering DepEd’s vision and mission?
100 words
SHDP Foundational Course Concept Paper

Department of Education institutionalizes its primary responsibility by providing

equality education to all school age children regardless of the situation and condition
they are in. The success of the school in carrying out its responsibility of educating and
socializing children is contingent on pupils attending school regularly and by having a
good health condition and a clean environment conducive to learning.
School head as education leader shall partake in the implementation of DepEd
programs and projects that will led to the attainment of the vision and mission. School
head shall take the lead in the planning, implementation and monitoring of all activities
and shall mobilize administrative support and resources in coordination with partner
agencies and organization\s in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
Dapdap Elementary School as education service provider will give its full extent in
providing quality education to our learners with the support of our stakeholders. The
school will be able to conceptualize, create and implement programs and projects which
aim primarily with the objective of achieving learning, health outcomes and improve
school attendance of students through a simple sustainable and scalable school-based
water sanitation and hygiene.

Problem Nominate three issues and/or concerns in your school that you would like to work on in
Description this course. You will be helped in clarifying and selecting the final problem for your
Application Project. (See attached sheet for the course coverage. This will help guide
you in your problem selection).

For each problem, answer the following questions. Give quantifiable or

observable indicators.

(1) What is the problem? (maximum 20 words)

(2) When does the problem happen? (maximum 20 words)
(3) Where does the problem happen? (maximum 20 words)
(4) Who are affected by the problem? (maximum words)

Like any institutions, school faces various problems that confronts all the
personnel most specially the school head who is the most responsible in
resolving such problem.
Problem 1 Based from the SBM-WINS survey result conducted last October
2017, it was found out that Dapdap ES has poor implementation of
WINS program. The school has a total number of 80 pupils who are
malnourished. So, WINS Program is the primary concern of the
Problem 2 Based from the submitted monthly reports of attendance for the last
three months (September – November 2017) it was found out that 29
out of 270 pupils enrolled in Dapdap ES have frequent absences. So,
the 29 learners are the primary concern of the project.
Problem 3 Based on the reading assessment conducted by teacher from grades
2 to 6, 1st Quarter S.Y. 2017 – 2018, data shows that there are 56 out
of 270 pupils have difficulty in reading (frustration level). So, 56
learners are the primary concern of the project.
Statement of What result do you want to see after solving the problem? Give quantifiable or
Project observable indicators. (maximum of 50 words)

At the end of this endeavor, the school will come up with a sufficient solution to
address the problem confronting the school that greatly affects its total performance.
Problem 1 100% implementation of WINS program through a simple sustainable
and scalable school-based water sanitation and hygiene that will
SHDP Foundational Course Concept Paper

contribute to the improvement of pupils’ health status that led to the

increase of academic performance.

Problem 2 29 out of 270 learners will have a 100% attendance is school and will
be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise that
needs to be acquired by a 21st century learners.
Problem 3 56 out of 270 learners could be able to read with comprehension the
high frequency words and sentences and enable the learners develop
the love for reading towards greater opportunities in education.
Benefits of (1) Who benefits from solving this problem? Be specific. If possible, give exact
solving the numbers. (maximum 50 words)
problem (2) What is the exact benefit to them? (maximum 50 words)
(3) How will solving this problem contribute to achieving DepEd’s vision and mission?
(maximum 75 words)

Problem 1 Learners of Dapdap Elementary School particularly the 80

malnourished learners are the primary benefactor of this program.
Learners will become healthy, happy and smart that will result for the
improvement of their academic performance.
Problem 2 The twenty-nine pupils will come to school and attend classes
regularly. They will acquire the necessary skills of a 21st century
learners. Parents also will be benefited to the fact that there children
will become an assets of the community.
Problem 3 The fifty-six pupils could be able to read with comprehension. Solving
this problem contribute to the attainment of DepEd vision, mission
and development of literacy skills as one basic goal of elementary
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over printed December 16, 2017