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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements

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M.A Mass Communication

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Dr. KulveenTrehan Anmol Topno

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MA (MC) II Semester



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Review of Literature
Research Methodology
Content Analyses
This is to certify that this report entitled “EFFECT OF DIGITAL ADVERTISING ON
YOUTUBEwhich is submitted by me in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the
degree of MA (MC) in communication to ,GGSIPU, Dwarka , New Delhi comprises
only my original work and due acknowledgement has been made in text to all other
materials used.

This is to certify that Report entitled “EFFECT OF DIGITAL ADVERTISING ON

YOUTUBE” (05220304017) in me in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the
degree of of MA (MC) in communication toGGSIPU, Dwarka , New Delhi is a
record of the candidate’s own work carried out by him under my supervision. The
matter embodied in this original and has not been submitted for the award of any
other degree.



Associate Professor

I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who have contributed significantly
to this project. It is pleasure to extend to deep gratitude to my internal guide
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me for the progress of the project. I hereby present my sincere thanks to her for
valuable suggestion towards my project which helped me in making this project
more efficient and user friendly.

I have each and every ones efforts who helped us in some or the other way for small
and significant things.

Anmol Topno

This paper sets up a hypothetical structure . The essential goal of gathering ponders, as a critical
field in the subjective research, is "to make, grow and refine hypothesis by watching and
associating with individuals in their common habitat to find rich clarifications and novel
occasions" . In this casing, "the attributes - rationale of disclosure and thoughtfulness regarding
the various structures and points of interest of social life-are shared by about all subjective
methodologies which are occupied with human comprehension" (Lindlof and Taylor, 2002: 19).
Subjective methodologies heaps "of how people explain and decipher their social and individual
This paper focuses on an analysis of advertising reception and explores how audiences interpret
advertisements. The study attempted to answer how female and male participants interpret
advertisements with symbolic expressions and advertisements with direct messages. The main
purpose is to define differences in interpretation of advertisements based on gender. For this
purpose, we first identified the characteristic features of the advertisements, later we intended to
explore the reception of advertisements. In this process, a two-stage approach was employed in
order to examine the audience reception in the context of Digital advertising. In the first stage,
the participants articulated written reactions to two advertisements instantly displayed on
computer screen. In the second stage, a focus group discussion was conducted in order to reveal
more detailed information.

Keywords:- Social Media , Youtube, Digital Advertisng

Social Media

Social Media is a broad name given to a collection of different ways in which people can share
thoughts, information and personal data across the web. The people themselves form the basis of
existence of social media and hence, there’s no question of pushing media at them. To maximize
the benefits of social media always remember to engage your audience.

(Source: Digital advertising, second edition, Research gate)

Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective and successful forms of new media has been social media marketing. It
has literally changed the rule of advertising. Marketing using social media is not about
persuading your customer to notice your brand or surrounding him/her by continuously
advertising at place you expect him/her to be. It’s about feeding the passion of your customers.
This could mean creating environment where the customer not only prefers being in but also

(Source: Digital advertising, second edition, Research gate)


It constitutes a social networking website on which practically any individual or organization

with Internet access can upload videos that can be seen almost immediately by wide audiences.
As the world's largest video platform, YouTube has had impact in many fields, with some

(Source: Digital advertising, second edition, Research gate)

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an expression used to refer to advertising that involves computational

networks. Strictly speaking, the ‘digital’ pre-fix refers to 0s and 1s. This is binary, which means
numbers that are presented by two symbols. In physical terms a “0” is an uncharged electrical
state and “1” means charged. All digital information sent across networks involves patterns of
on/off electrical charges that are recompiled by a receiver. However, it is more useful to think of
digital media in terms of connectivity, feedback, interactivity and increased
levels of information both in terms of that which is available to us, and that which we generate
about ourselves. For advertisers, the term ‘digital advertising’ serves to cluster a range of types
of media and strategies, including web, mobile, tablet, social, locative, wearable and other
networked devices capable of contributing to advertising experiences. There are three
dimensions that we might consider when we hear the term digital advertising:
1. Innovation in the means by which advertising is displayed and the creation of new advertising
2. An increase in the quantity of information used to target advertising at people;
3. Greater interconnection between devices through which advertising is displayed and through
which information about behaviour is collected. (Source: Digital Advertising, Second edition,

Social media discourse and Youtube advertising

Media discourse refers to interaction that take place through a user generated platform whether
spoken or written in which the discourse is oriented to an active user who is a reader, listener or
viewer. Though the social media discourse is oriented towards these recipients, they were often
cannot make instantaneous responses to the producers of the discourse, through increasingly this
is changing with the advent of new media technology as we shall explore.
The concept of advertisement on Youtube, social have experienced many changes; first all we
see was about product it was all that matters but in these days it is far from being like that,
content plays an important role in the way business sales nowadays.
Literature Review
Advertising is to create understanding, liking, and selection of product or services. The most
influencing theory in marketing and advertising research is attitude-towards-the-ad

Goldsmith & Lafferty: “attitude towards the ad”, “2002” the attitude that is formed towards
the ad help in influencing consumer’s attitudes and perception toward the brand until their
purchase intent

Shiffman and Kanuk: “consumer behavior”, “2004” explain the meaning of “consumer
behavior” as the behavior that consumer behave in the form of acquiring, buying, using,
evaluating, or consuming product, service and idea to fulfill own need, and be the study of the
decision making of consumer in spending resources, both money ,time and power for consuming products and
services that included (1) what to buy, (2) why to buy, (3) how to buy, (4) when to buy, (5) where
to buy, and (6) how often to buy.

There is a shift from measuring effects/effectiveness or “empiricist models” (Lindlof& Taylor,

2002: 24) to how audiences interpret messages in the audience research. In this frame, Curran
(1990) pointed out that:
“A new revisionist movement has emerged that challenge the dominant radical paradigms of the
late 1970s and early 1980s . this has taken the form of contesting the underlying model of media
od society, the characterization of the media organization , the representation of media content,
the conceptin of the audience and the asthetic reversion to certain discredited.
Gathering hypothesis suggested that "people effectively shape the significance of promoting",
and groups of onlookers don't inactively get meaning (Plunkey, 2010: 54). In this unique
circumstance, Wharton (2005) underlined social segments in the gathering procedure:
Audience decoding of advertisement is a combination of producer intent and a complexity of
contributory factors brought to or found in the decoding process. This includes a recognition of
various ways of se eing associated with different media forms and social and spatial
circumstances and the presentation and reception of adverts as part of a flow of advertising and
of a wider social experience.
Research Question:

 What is the nature and companion of Nescafe advertising ?

Objectives of the study :

 To critically analysis the Audio-video element of Nescafe get itallstrts digital campaign.
 To study the context and content of Nescafe campaign on Youtube.
Research Methodology:
For this research we will be using qualitative approach to analyze the digital advertising on
Youtube. The Nescafe ad campaign will be studied for drawing out the results of the research.
Content Analysis We will analyse the content of the advertisement through the use of content
analysis method, which helps to explore the understanding of the content of the Youtube
advertisement and the effect of it. We will study the relevance of present factors of
advertisement just like holding the red mug, the same logotype creating the brand identification
Content analysis is one such method for the systematic analysis ofcommunication content. It has
repeatedly been criticized, inter alia, for its quantitative nature, for its fragmentation of textual
wholes, for its positivest nation of objective, for its lack of textual of a theory of meaning(see
kracaue, 1952, for an early critique; see also Burgelin, 1972 and Sumner, 1979)

Some of the most spectacular early uses of content analysis were in propaganda analysis. The
aim of content analysis in media research has more often been that of examining how news,
drama, advertising and entertainment output reflect social and cultural issues, values, and

Content analysis is a research technique for the objective, systematic and quantitate description
of the manifest content of communication.(p.18)

Quantitative method

The method is to identify and count the occurrence of specified characteristics or dimensions of
text and through this to be able to say something about the images messages and representations
of such text and there wider social significance.
NESCAFE AD2014/# NEW Itallstarts
In excess of a fortnight and the most recent Nescafe India ad #ItAllStarts has crossed 4 million
perspectives. The most recent ad is an exertion from the nation's greatest sustenances
organization Nestle India to patch up the espresso mark Nescafe with another bundling and a
crisp ad topic – 'Everything begins with a Nescafe', ET detailed not long ago. The innovative
office McCann Erickson, Delhi had an unmistakable order to restore the brand and make it more
contemporary. It would appear that the organization has conveyed for the brand.

The 2 minute long ad depicts the tale of a battling stand up comic who likewise stammers. The
story begins with Hussain Dalal authorizing as the fundamental hero who shares his excursion
that begins with dismissals. While the world rejected him as an entertainer, he kept at it and
transformed his shortcoming into his quality. Companions, families began supporting him and
giggled at his jokes.

At long last he influences it to the huge stage as a high quality comic and makes to individuals
snicker. The ad closes with the high quality entertainer attributing his prosperity to Nescafe –
"Thank god for espresso. It kept me go going and kept you an a conscious." The video at first
posted only on informal organizations has earned great acclaim from the netizens and the
honchos of the ad world

Web-based social networking buzz of #ItAllStarts

Inside a fortnight the video got in excess of 4 million perspectives on YouTube and it is
developing with consistently. As per Unmetric, the online networking brand observing item, the
YouTube channel has seen a development rate of 194% when contrasted with the other
Food/Beverage YouTube Channel. From fifth Sept to 22nd Sept, the channel has 3.8 million
views and added 2,624 subscriber .
Nescafe India YT Channel Views and Subscribers
Source: Business to
Unmetric additionally expresses that the ad #ItAllStarts is one of the unsurpassed best recordings
of the brand on its YouTube channel. The underneath screen snatch demonstrates the
development spike of the perspectives

NesCafe India ad views

1. Advertisement: NEW NESCAFE AD 2014 / #ltAllStarts2014

Duration: 2:09 sec.


2. Advertisement: NESCAFE Cartoonist / #ltAllStarts / NEW AD 2015

Duration: 2:43sec.
3. #StayStarted with NESCAFE / RJ Rishi’s Story / 2016


2014 01 1.1K 14K

2015 01 27 206

2016 01 287 10K

 April 23,2018 The Nescafe advertising 14 k like were recorded on the Nescafe ad which
was launched in 2014 along with 1.1k comments over it.
 April 23,2018 The Nescafe advertising 206 like were recorded on the Nescafe ad which
was launched in 2014 along with 27 comments over it.
 April 23,2018 The Nescafe advertising 10 like were recorded on the Nescafe ad which
was launched in 2014 along with 287 comments over it.
Sequince1- Sequince2

The first frame at 0:02 second is a mid close up shot which gives an introduction to the
amlassador of the advertisement and introduces audience to the person who,sstory thary are
listening. The protagonist of the advertisement is in the spot light trying to get audience focus on
him. The advertiser is introducing a not so famous comedian in its advertisement , who is
actually not a brand and do not have celebrity value attached to him, so the brand try to establish
this new face as a celebrity.
Sequince2- Sequince3

In the shot 2 the camera has been used with top angle shot. The audience in the frame is joyness
and cheerful. It is motivating for an confident facial expressions of the artist in the frame 1. The
place shows croud which comprises mostly youth.
Sequince3- Sequince4
Sequince4- Sequince5

In shot 4 the audinces is a place which is a restaurant and the audience is most probably the
employers. They have unhappy faces and don’t seam happy with the performance of the
The Mid long shot is used to establish that the area is of a closed restaurant.
Sequince5- Sequince6

In this frames again mid shot is used to focus on protagonist. It is expression make him look
stressed and nervous. The light are bit dine to cater to expression and shadous are perfect used to
establish a tensed .
The empty space less audience nervous voice and tensed look comments the audience to the
hurdles faced by protagonist in that situation

Sequince6- Sequince7

The 6th frame again comes to the place where the protagonist is interacting with his audience and
the expression again become casual where he is sharing his story with a friendly audience. This
Sequince7- Sequince8

In 7th frame the protagonist apologies his employers and he looks quite nervous. The frame
makes him look quite timed.

Sequince8- Sequince9

In 8th frame the protagonist walks away from the place and looks timid. It’s a long shot and
whole body language of the protagonist is shown in this frame. He seems quite apologetic in this
Sequince9- Sequince10

In 9th and 10th frame the protagonist is the walking out of the audition where he fails quite
miserably and looks divested and timid. He kicks a bin on the way and he looks depressed with
himself. Dim and flickering light is used to setup the mood for the shot. It’s a locker room scene
where the protagonist is full in frame and complete focus is on his body language.
The should also become low in tempo which signify devastation and depression.
Sequince10- Sequince11

The scene moves to house of the protagonist where the protagonist tries to convince himself for
not keeping his mark up to the level the people expect. The shot focuses on the casual but upset
mood of the protagonist.

Sequince11- Sequince12

Shot 12th and 13th shows protagonist performing different exercises to overcome his stammering
problem. He tries a lot and looks quite depressed with himself. The camera movies at different
angles to show and signify his urge to change and overcome with stammering issue.

Sequince12- Sequince13

In this shot he leaves all hope and a mid shot is used to properly capture his expressions. Natural
light is used so no spot light but the expression says it all in this shot.
Sequince13- Sequince14

This shot bring us back to the lounge where the story is narrated. And here is expressing his
stubbornness to prepare and perform according to his employers.

Sequince14- Sequince15

This is the shot where he breaks down and a shot thorough a glass pane is shot which shows
protagonist dejected and devastated.

Sequince15- Sequince16

In this shot we see a mid shot of the bottle of the product where the protagonist is picking up the
product, the name of the product is very visible in this particular shot.
Sequince16- Sequince17

This shot zooms in at the fine quality of coffee granules which tempts the audience to look at the
product and feel the essence of coffee.

Sequince17- Sequince18

Zooming in at the making of coffee and stirring it to mix the sugar well. It also displays the
texture of the coffee.

Sequince18- Sequince19

This is the shot where the protagonist is sipping the coffee and thinking over an idea.
Sequince19- Sequince20

Here the protagonist is over the stage and doing stand up comedy which dialect it take time to
buffer and continues to tell his life struggle being a stammered.

Sequince20- Sequince21

This is the shot of him being over the stage and again sipping Nescafe from establish the fact that
he is sipping Nescafe.

Sequince21- Sequince22

And he continues to make audience laugh where the laughter is heard in the back score.
Sequince22- Sequince23

The advertisement ends with that it all starts with a coffee and the last shot is the red coffee mug
filled with hot coffee.