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How to Start Abrasive, Asbestos and Refractories

An abrasive is fundamentally a mineral that is used to give the finishing touches to a work piece. The
friction created due to rubbing abrasive on the piece leads to the surface becoming smoother, the rough
parts being lost. The entire piece of work becomes a lot smoother and presentable after this process. A
huge variety of abrasives is available in the market. For instance sandpapers, honing stones, ball mills,
cutoff wheels, tumbling and mass-finishing media that vibrates, various polishes, sandblasting, grinding
wheels pulp stones, , and various other tools.

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Only through the use of abrasives is industry able to produce the highly precise components and ultra-
smooth surfaces required in the manufacture of automobiles, machine tools and space vehicles,
mechanical and electrical appliances, and airplanes. Without the use of abrasive material, the finished
goods won’t be as precise and efficient as needed by its end user. The ultra-smooth surfaces of various
material are an integral part of how the particular product functions. If the surface of a nut isn’t smooth
enough, the performance of any machine it is bolted into, won’t be optimal. Although it is not a very
glorified industry, but still, the manufacturing and supply of abrasives is a very serious trade. A lot of
money is invested to abrasives every year.

Some naturally occurring abrasives are:

1. Calcite (calcium carbonate)

2. Emery (impure corundum)
3. Diamond dust (synthetic diamonds are used extensively)
4. Novaculite
5. Pumice

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6. Rouge
7. Sand
8. Corundum
9. Garnet
10. Sandstone
11. Tripoli
12. Powdered feldspar
13. Staurolite

Some abrasive minerals (such as zirconia alumina) occur naturally but are sufficiently rare or sufficiently
more difficult or costly to obtain such that a synthetic stone is used industrially. These and other
artificial abrasives include:

1. Borazon (cubic boron nitride or CBN)

2. Ceramic
3. Ceramic aluminium oxide
4. Ceramic iron oxide
5. Corundum (alumina or aluminium oxide)
6. Dry ice
7. Glass powder
8. Steel abrasive
9. Silicon carbide (carborundum)
10. Zirconia alumina
11. Boron carbide
12. Slags

Global Abrasives Market

The global abrasives market has been rising hand-in-hand with the global machinery, automotive, and
metal fabrication industry. The revival of economic growth globally post the economic slowdown of
2007 leading to a sizeable demand for machinery for the rising industrialization and urbanization has
played an important role in providing the necessary momentum to the global abrasives market.

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