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Class : K2A
NPM : 155140136

Nurse : Goog morning mom

Patient : Morning Nurse
Nurse : My name is Nurse Silvia I'am in charge this morning
Patient : Yes Nurse
Nurse : How is the mother now?
Patient : Already Pretty decent Nurse
Nurse : Still Feeling dizzy and naliseated not mother?
Patient : Nousea is no longer Nurse, but still a little dizzy?
Nurse : Drugs given oven night have been drunk yet mom?
Patient : Already Nurse
Nurse : Okey mom I blood Pressure mother first
: (Phase Work)
Nurse : Okey mom blood pressure 150/90 mmHg
Patient : Very high blood pressure Nurse
Nurse : Yes mom, mother enough rest
Patient : Yes Nurse
Nurse : Okey mom 50 please excuseme
Patient : Yes Nurse, thank you