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Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map

Grade: 11/12 Semester: 1st Semester

Core Subject Title: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT No. of Hours/Semester:
80 hours/semester
Prerequisites (If needed):

Core Subject Description: This course makes Senior High School Students aware of the developmental
stage that they are in, for them to better understand themselves and the significant people around them
as they make important career decisions as adolescents. The course consists of modules, each of which
addresses a key concern in personal development. Using the experiential learning approach, each module
invites students to explore specific themes in their development. Personal reflections, sharing, and lectures
help reveal and articulate relevant concepts, theories and tolls in different areas in Psychology.

Culminating Performance Standard: The learner is expected to be able to reflect critically on the
aspects of Personal Development.

Power Standard: The learner is expected to demonstrate the capacity for analytical and critical reflection
of personal development as an important component of setting career and life goals.

1st Quarter

Content Content Learning Competencies

Performance Standards
CLASSIFICATI MINIMUM CLASSIFIC Highest Thinking Skill to Strategy to Use in
ON ATION Assess Developing the Highest
Thinking Skill to Assess
RBT Assessment Enabling Teaching
Level Technique General Strategy
Coping with Stress and itsIdentify The learner is The learner … The
Stress in sources; variouspersonal waysable to… 1. Discuss that learner...
Middle and stress responses,of coping for understanding
Late and copinghealthful living stress and its Role Collaborati Discussion
Adolescence strategies for sources during
healthful living in Create a role Playing, on and and
play or skitadolescence Understanding daily Teamwork Brainstorming
middle and late
may help in
that shows the checklist
common identifying on how
stressors and ways to cope to cope Creativity
how to handle and have a with and
it. healthful life Reflectio stress Imagination
Understandi n Paper,
Create a ng and Journal
2. Identify daily stress Doing Flexibility
sources of manageme and
one’s stress nt plan on adaptability
and illustrate Understanding how to
the effect of manage
stress on one’s and handle
system. stress

3. Demonstrate
personal ways
of coping with Doing Creating
stress for and
healthful Applying

Performance Task: You are now a Senior High School Graduate who is trying to make you parents
understand your life choices. In order to evaluate your decision, you are required to create personal profile
(portfolio) that includes a position statement justifying your career choice, comprehensive reflection of the
personality test, personal inventories on stress taken.
Literal Transfer task: The learner is able to develop comprehensive understanding of oneself for career
decidedness and planning.