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Assessment Criteria for Task Ad: Alpha Development ‘Assessment Criteria Deseription ‘Mark [Max Mark 1. Storyboard and Flowchart | Complete storyboard — sketch all Design ‘modules with clear instructions 3 «Complete storyboard | for Various elements of media 5 and flowchart for the | Flowchart —a clear logical ow > ‘multimedia production | of navigation forthe production Final Story Script ‘Content discuss and suggest «Finalise the story _| improvement based oa the 2 scriptbased on the _ | client's requirements clients input ‘Overall — ability to fill client's 4 requirements ‘Note: the client may be the 2 teachers or person assigned by the teachers 3. Multimedia Production | Multimedia elements — effective (audio, video and ‘use of text, image, animation, 2 sraphics) audio and video in the production + Effective multimedia | Elements of design — effective use 2 te incrprte of 2D or 3D in the production clements of Satieitie Principles of design organisation Cy Clement and principles | — effective selection of hamony, ‘of design organisation | Variety, balance, proportion, 3 fesulting ia good look | dominance, movement and and feel of the ‘economy in the production production 4. Originality and Creativity Sources — credit and Overall — good implementation © Acknowledge the | acknowledgement ofthe sources riginal sources of | ofmnltimedia elemeats used in 9 multimedia elements | 4€velopment need to be anddemonstate te | B2Btioned to promote ethical and 5 creativity of the ‘professional practices production (Creativity — the production ceshibits creativity in effective 3 delivery of the message 5. User-friendliness ‘User fiiendly — elements of i © User ftienaly multimedia used are self directed 4 production “Economical in terms of number 2 ‘of operations 6. Working Prototype Fulfilling the design interaction 7 (ateraciion and ‘based on the final script navigation) Fulfilling the design navigation © Demonstrate and ‘based on the final script 1 A documeat the implementation of the | Effective integration of working i working prototype | Prototype Penalty for late submission Total Mark for Task Ad is 29