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Ticket-in Week 5
Use of the GERUNDS
as the subject of a sentence Swimming has a lot of benefits for your health.
as the object after certain verbs* Most people enjoy studying.
after certain verbs + prepositions I’m thinking about going on vacation in December.
after certain adjectives + prepositions He's not very good at playing soccer.
*Verb + gerund: avoid, can't help, deny, dread, enjoy, (can't) face, fancy, feel like. finish, give up, imagine, keep (on), mind, miss, postpone,
practise, put off, resent, risk, spend time, (can't) stand, suggest


with to after
 adjectives I'm sorry, but this exercise is not easy to do.
 certain verbs* She promised to pick up the children this afternoon.
 the first/last/only Henry Ford was the first to use flow production in a car factory.
*Verb + infinitive with to: afford, agree, aim, dare, decide, expect, fail, happen, hope, manage, mean, offer, prepare, pretend, promise,
refuse, seem, threaten, want, wish

After some verbs (begin, start, continue, like, love, hate, intend and prefer) you can usually use either a gerund or an infinitive. There is
practically no difference in meaning.
Exception: After would/should + like/love, only the infinitive can be used.

A Complete the telephone call.
S: Good morning, ACME Solutions. How can I help you?
A: Hello, I'd like to speak to Ms. Gomez, please.
S: Oh! sure! Who's calling?
A: Melissa Taylor, from TNT Logistics. I wonder if I could see her this week.
S: I'm afraid Ms. Gomez is not available this week. She wanted to speak with you last week but she could not reach you.
A: Oh, I'm sorry! But I forgot to tell her I'd be away. Can you tell her to call me?
S: No problem, I can ask her to call you as soon as she has some free time next week
A: Yes, please do. I'll look forward to hear from her.
S: Okay. Thank you for calling we’ll talk again next week.
A: Perfect! Thank you so much, goodbye.
S: My pleasure, goodbye.

B Complete the following paragraph about yourself.

Hi, my name is Karen Julieth Jiménez Blanco. And I’m going to tell you a little bit about me. I'm looking forward to be a very
good student and approve my career with an excellent performance; furthermore, I try to be a better person every day.
When I get home from college, I often fancy sharing with my family or my boyfriend, and when I am so tired, I like to sleep. I
often postpone doing my homework or practice anyone physic activity. I remember that as a child I would often pretend to be
an actress. When I'm not feeling confident, I dread Fail and not achieve what I want. I will always regret leaving my parents
alone and not being able to help them. Also, I know I have a bad habit and I really should give up doing things the last minute.
Finally, after I leave college, I'll probably continue Looking for a good job and after I want to travel around the world.

C. Create questions based on the previous paragraph so you can interview your partners in class.
Ex: What do you often fancy when you get from college?
1. What is the most important memory you have of when you were a child?
2. Do you have good or bad habits?
3. What thing would you like to change of your habits?
4. What do you plain to do after college?
5. What do you pan to do after finishing your career?
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