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No reference to source Simple quotes to Selects sources that Uses a wide range of Refers to sources
material. support answer OR large support and contradict relevant source material regularly and uses them
copied sections of other interpretations. to evaluate the to substantiate own
peoples ideas. reliability of arguments.
No relevant information Answer uses one or two Answer uses a Answer makes use of a Detailed subject
or many factual errors. events, dates or names combination of events, range of wider knowledge is deplyed
to add detail. policies, dates and knowledge to help place within answers in a way
(Sentences or short personalities to provide events in context. No that clearly places
paragraphs). Possibly detail. Possibly some factual errors. events into context.
several factual errors. Factual errors.
This answer recognises Student offers a simple Structured answer that Student recognises a Student knows how
one cause and describes paragraph description of recognises a wide range range of factors, events link together,
it. In comparative several causes. For of causes. The student evaluates them and shows this clearly and
answers it will offer comparative answers it attempts to evaluate draws conclusions about recognises the varying
descriptions of both may offer several these factors. the events based on his/ levels of significance of
events. similarities and/ or herevaluation and causes and
differences. provided evidence. consequences.
Simple sentences, Structured sentences. Paragraphs are Paragraphs link together Well structured,
spelling mistakes, Some spelling mistakes. structured. There are effectively. There are no analytical response that
grammatical errors are Grammatical devices are few spelling mistakes in spelling mistakes in this makes use of a range of
frequent. limited to full stops and the work. The student answer. Grammatical grammatical devices. No
commas. makes use of a range of devices have been used spelling or punctuation
appropriate grammatical appropriately. mistakes.
devices – quotation
marks etc.
Totally irrelevant. Misses the point in large Drifts from the focus of Focussed, but lacks A clear, well focussed
sections of the answer. the question. clarity in some places. response.

Points to Grades – 6-10 F or E 16-20 B or A

a rough guide. Points Comments:Points

0-5 Points U or G 11-15 D or C 21-25 A or

Points Points A*

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