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HIV drugs side Effects

NNRTI Efavirenz Efavirenz - CNS side effects - Dizziness,

Etravirine insomnia, and vivid and bizzare dreams, and
Nevirapine hallucinations
Rilpivirine - Psychiatric side effects - depression, anxiety,
confused thinking and aggression.
Should be used cautiously in pxts with
documented psychiatric illness
Sx often resolve w/i first few weeks of the
treatment, if they are severe or persistent-
replacing efavirenz with an alternate
antiretrovirals should be used.

NRTI Abacavir Abacavir and Lamivudine -Both can cause

Lamivudine insomnia and depression but less common than
ZDV efavirenz. Other SEs → lactic acidosis and
Didanosine hepatotoxicity.
Stavudine Abacavir(HLA B5701) → rash, SJS - a
Lamivudine potentially fatal HST reaction
Abacavir ZDV - anemia - pancytopenia
Emitracitabine Didanosine - Pancreatitis and peripheral
Tenofovir neuropathy
Stavudine - Peripheral neuropathy
Tenofovir - Renal Insufficiency
All cause BMS and neuropathy

Integrase Dolutegravir Hyperglycemia and increased Transaminases

Strand Raltegravir Insomnia and depression less common side
Inhibitors Elvitegravir with cobicistat( effect compared to other Antiretrovirals
Colbicistat - inhibits elvitegravir
metabolism, boosting its levels)

Protease Indinavir Indinavir - kidney stones, crystal induced

inhibitors Ritonavir- In small doses it can nephropathy
boost darunavir or atazanavir All the protease inhibitors - hyperglycemia and
levels) hyperlipidemia, and lipodystrophy