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Avian Flu

It is commonly known as "Bird Flu" - it

is a very common infection that
affects hundreds of people each year
in a particular season.

Symptoms of Avian Flu

> High Temperature > Loss of appetite > Malaise
> A dry, chesty cough > Shortness of breath > Muscle aches
> Tiredness > Insomia > Sneezing
> Headache > Limb or joint pain > A sore throat
> Diarrhea or stomach > Runny or blocked nose
upset > Acute Respiratory Distress

Prevention of Avian Flu

Avoid Contact with poultry
and birds or their droppings.
Avoid Visting with poultry
markets when travelling.
Poultry and egg products
must be cooked thoroughly.
Wear surgical mask and
seek Medical advice
promptly. Proper Hand

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