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Please consult these instructions while filling out the Application for Graduate Admission and accompanying forms. Any
errors or omissions in your application may lead to delays in its processing. Do not write in the shaded areas.

Type the application or print neatly in black ink.

FORM 1 - Application for Admission

1. Please enter your full name as it appears in your Egyptian national ID card or your passport. If your name has changed,
please provide official documents and a brief letter explaining any other names you have used.Your family name should
be entered last.

2. Enter your country of citizenship. If you possess an Egyptian national identification card (Al Rakam Al Qawmi) or an
Egyptian passport, enter Egyptian. If you are a dual national (have passports from two different countries), you may write
both nationalities and submit proof of second citizenship or your Green Card number. Responding to this question is
not a requirement for admission. Information is used for statistical purposes and determining tuition levels.

3. If you have been issued a Social Security number by the Canadian or U.S. government, please include it here. If you
have a Social Security number, it will not be used as your student ID number by the University. You will be issued an
AUC student ID number. Providing your Social Security number and passport information is not required for admission.
Please note, however, that a Social Security number is required for U.S. IRS requirements as well as for U.S. government
student loans or the Hope Scholarship.

4 and 5. The answers to these questions are not required for admission. Information is used for statistical purposes only.

5. Enter the month first, then day and year.

6. Egyptian males must submit the original military service status certificate to be photocopied and stamped at the Student
Service Center.

7. Enter your permanent mailing address, phone number and email address. This is where all future University
communications will be sent once the information in item 8 has expired.

8. Enter your current mailing address, and note on the top line how long it will be valid.

9. If you applied for admission to any academic program at AUC, please mark yes and the semester you applied for.

10. If you have attended any academic program at AUC, please mark yes and the semester you entered the University.

11. If you were ever issued an AUC student identification number, please enter it.

12. Indicate the semester and year you intend to start your studies at AUC.

13. Mark the box that is most appropriate to you. If you are applying as a nondegree student, include with your application
a list of preferred graduate courses in which you are interested to enroll. Check the schedule of classes at Nondegree applicants applying only for undergraduate courses need to complete an
undergraduate admission application form. International nondegree applicants should provide a minimum of six
courses as choices.

14. You may select up to two programs that you wish to apply for. If you are not admitted to your first choice, you might
be admitted to the program of your second choice. If you are interested in only one field of study, please leave (2)
blank. If your program offers specializations, then indicate the specialization you intend to pursue. If you are interested
in more than one specialization, please list them under the field of study in order of preference. Consult the list on
page 20 for graduate programs offered at AUC.

15. PhD applicants must provide their master’s thesis title and the name of their supervisor(s). In the table, supply information
regarding university education you received, starting with the most recent degree. Information should be provided
even if you did not complete a program or if university credit was not given.

16. If you have published any articles or belong to scholarly or professional organizations, provide the relevant information.
Journalism and mass communication as well as television and digital journalism applicants must submit published/
broadcast work and writing samples.

17. If you have been awarded any special honors, describe them.

18. If you are required to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a
Foreign Language (TOEFL), note exam dates only if they are scheduled. If you are not required to take an English
placement exam, you should not provide a date. If GMAT or GRE test results are required, note the exam dates if they
are scheduled. Page 16 displays the possible results and their corresponding placements at AUC.

19. Note the language you are most comfortable with and grew up speaking in your home. If you can speak and write
additional languages, list them and specify your proficiency level.

20. Note names of people at AUC with whom you have discussed this application.

21. All applicants are required to submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation. Otherwise, their applications cannot
be processed.

22. Some professional graduate programs at AUC require that candidates have relevant work experience. Use the table
provided to list positions that you have recently held. All applicants are required to submit a résumé:
• Journalism and mass communication as well as television and digital journalism applicants must submit
published/broadcast work and writing samples.
• Philosophy applicants are required to submit a 1,000-word writing sample to demonstrate critical thinking.
• Psychology as well as forced migration and refugee studies applicants should include experience with, and
interest in, working with diverse or marginalized populations.
• Applicants to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL), teaching Arabic as a foreign language,
Master of Laws in international and comparative law (LLM), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master
of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Policy (MPP), Master of Global Affairs (MGA) and Master of
Arts in international and comparative education should include information about their professional
and/or teaching experience (Attach certificates, if any).

23. (a) Candidates must prove they can afford AUC tuition and cover their living expenses prior to entering the University.
Mark all boxes that apply and enclose relevant documentation. If you will be applying for non-AUC funds, attach
a statement explaining what programs you are applying for. If applying to an AUC fellowship, you must submit a
fellowship application form, downloadable at

23. (b) Only applicants who have been admitted can be considered for institutional financial aid. For more information on
the institutional financial aid process and online form, visit You may also call
the Student Service Center at 20.2.2615.4040 or email

24. It is important for the University to have emergency information about all its students. If at any time your emergency
information changes, please notify the Office of Graduate Admissions and the Office of the Registrar.

25. Read this statement and then arrange to have a medical examination prior to your date of registration.This information
is not used in connection with the admission process, but is required of all students in the best interest of the student
body and in accordance with Egyptian law. Non-Egyptian applicants are required to submit medical tests with an
HIV test. Tests are only valid if taken within one month prior to registration at AUC.

Once you have completed the application, read the certification statement carefully and then sign the application and write
the date. Unsigned applications will be returned to the applicant.

FORM 2 - Statement of Purpose

On the form itself or on a separate sheet, please write the required information as thoroughly as possible in approximately
500 words. Write your name, the graduate program in which you intend to enroll and your AUC student ID number, if you
have one, at the top of each sheet you submit. If you are applying for two programs, you must write two different statements.

FORMS 3a and 3b - Letters of Recommendation
All applicants must submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation. PhD applicants should submit three letters of
recommendation. The letters should be from academics or professionals who are familiar with your past and current scholastic
or professional pursuits. Letters of recommendation, however, may be submitted by anyone chosen by the applicant, as long
as the person providing the reference is able to assess the applicant’s ability to perform scholarly work at the graduate level.
The reference letters must be given to the applicant in sealed envelopes that have been signed along the flap.

FORM 4 - additional Information

Please complete and enclose this form with your application.

FORM 5 - Student Data Form

This form is used by the business support office to begin the process of issuing a student visa for international students
and must be returned with your application. This will facilitate the issuance of a student visa in a timely manner once you
arrive in Cairo. To enter Egypt, you must obtain a tourist entry visa from the Egyptian government. This may be obtained
at any Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country. After registering as a full-time international student, you may
apply for a student residence visa through the University’s business support office.This second visa requires a study approval
by the Egyptian government that can take four to six weeks.

University Residence
For information about University housing, visit Online housing applications are
not accessible to new students before mid-June for fall applicants, and mid-December for spring applicants.

Please do not send some forms and documents to Cairo and others to New York unless explicitly instructed to do so
by the University. Be sure to enclose your application fee with the application form. AUC does not accept cash sent
by mail. Keep a photocopy of this application, as well as all forms and documents, for your records.

 s per AUC’s admission policy, credentials submitted by applicants who are not admitted will be
terminated after two years if not claimed by applicants.

Updated June 2014