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Lesson Plan

Form: 3rd
School: PI Theoretical Lyceum ,,Stefan cel Mare,, Drochia
Topic:„Whose Jacket is it?”
Type of lesson:teaching – learning

Specific Competences and Sub-competences:

I. Spoken Interaction : Producing simple questions and answer about clothes on the basis of spoken models.
II. Listening : Distinquishing in speech words and simple sentences.
III. Written interaction : Writing a simple sentences using the words according to the theme .
IV. Reading : Applying the stages of receiving a written message :demonstrate stress,intonation .

Operational Objectives:
I. Knowledge : - to learn new vocabulary on the topic;
II. Skills : - to read a dialogue ask and answer the questions :
- to hold a conversation on the topic :
III. Attitudes : - to stimulate pupils imagination and creativity.

 textbooks, copybooks, worksheets with different activities, PPT, notebook.
1. Methods:
 Communicative, competency-based.
2. Techniques:
 Exercises, conversation.
3. Forms of activities:
 Group work, individual work, whole class work, pair work .

Time of lesson:45 minutes

Stages of the Learning activities Resources Strategies Evaluation Time Notes

lesson (methods,techniques,form
s of activities)
Evocation T. enters the classroom, greets the pupils, and Dialogue T-PS Pupils ‘ 5
asks them how they are and if there are any Ps answearing the
missing. Understanding
Warm up. Listening questions
Ask and answer the questions .

We wach a video , and we will find out the Blackboard Individual work
subject of the lesson .
Cards Discussion

PPT Communicative method

Realizatio T announces the topic of the lesson (written PPT Listening Ps listen the 20
n of on the blackboard ) and its objectives. teachear’s
meaning Cards of the Communicative method
Are you ready to work? sounds on the
Vocabulary Discussion
blackboard Practice the
work. Excellent . As usual we’ll begin our lesson
with the pronunciation of known sounds – Whole class work pronunciation of
phonetic drill. known sounds,
T –chart words
Sh ( ʃ )
Chorus work
She Individual work
Pictures Understanding of
Short the meaning of
Information the vocabulary
Show Copybooks Reading after teacher and information

Push Reading in chorus


Wash Listening

( Ex.1 page 63) Circle the words with the Explanation

sound ( ) . Write and read them .
Textbooks Expressing
T introduces the new words using translation,
Speaking themselves on
flashcards or real objects.
the topic
T asks pupils to write them in their
The ability to ask
vocabularies, repeat the words chorally and Work in turn
individually and to form sentences using the and answer the
new words. Dialogue T –Ps questions , to
speak and read



Reading T. reads the dialogue and pupils listen. Then Dialogue Listening Answer the 10
activity. she asks them to answer the question:”Why questions
Alex is cheeky ?”, check comprehension, Book Understanding
reads once again and pupils repeat each Ps read the
Topic books Answering teacher’s
sentence individually, by one.
Role-playing reading of the dialogue. questions dialogue

- Ask the Ps if they are sometimes cheeky. Spot reading Answering

Ts questions
Reflection Groups work : Teacher proposes to talk about Textbooks. Answering teacher’s Answer the
. What are they wearing? Colour. Make up questions questions
sentences. Copybooks
Speaking reading
What are you wearing today ? Groups work
Feed-back Writen form
I am wearing a yellow T Shirt… Individual work

Extension. T writes on the blackboard the pupils’ Copybooks. Whole class work Listening 10
homework and gives explanations about
solving it. Record books. Writing
Assigning Register.
To learn vocabulary and write 4 sentences
using them. Register.
Evaluates the pupils, gives marks and book
comments them