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26, 2018

Moral sensibility is an individual’s ability to respond and be aware of what is

right and wrong. It is present in all humanity but only depends on how we are
using it. People with regards to morality and ethics are responding in different

Moral sensibility of a person depends on how it was cultivated; how a person

is treated, what is his /her environment, culture, beliefs, and he live life. Some
that are being in an area of liberation and open-mindedness may consider evil or
bad doings as a normal occurrence in life; that we are only human and was
prone to mistakes. Others that live in an environment with the law of principles
will tend to give punishment those who had done wrong; for them to learn from
their mistakes and not to do it again.

Thus, cultivating moral sensibility is important for a person without moral

sensibility is a person attached to the worldly things that he may do actions
without considering others objective and the common good but only to satisfy his
personal agenda.
Heressa Thea C. Yap BSCE 3 RE116 ASSIGNMENT January 26, 2018

Why is it important to cultivate Moral Sensibility?

Moral sensibility is our response to the things around us. The things that we do
and happened to us. Without the (right) Moral Sensibilities humanity will mightily
flounder because human beings will be more like programmed machines rather
than creatures who make sublime assessments of both their own behavior and
the behavior of others which they witness, it being understood that the moral
sensibilities are a fundamental part of social sensibilities. There are no other
creatures on the planet who are capable of seeing the implications of behavior to
the extent that human beings are capable of doing. Human being begins life
entirely lacking of a conception of the self. And they go on to acquire a level of
self-knowledge with respect to social sensibilities that is surpassed only by the
gods, if there be any. Cultivating moral sensibility is important because it helps us
to be a person who is moral and will react or respond to the things that what is
morally right and wrong. Especially to the things here on earth which we are used
to let it go or let it passed through of the things that actually is morally wrong.
Mico Colien Asentista BSCE 3 6:30PM RE116ASSIGNMENT January 26, 2018

Why is it important to cultivate Moral Sensibility?

We need to cultivate moral sensibly to for ourselves. Being sensible by means of

moral aspect in life is important. It helps us to be mindful of others. This ability
makes our relationship with others to be better with

Understanding. Cultivating or adopting moral sensibility in us creates connections

towards others. That connection can cause good deeds and good will in how we
deal and socialize with others. For everything that we do, others will be affected.
And by having this sensibility, we will be able to do things accordingly and

Respect for the moral law as the motive to moral conduct, and the influence of
inclinations on the will. It explains some of Kant's views about respect for the
moral law and its role in moral motivation, and this leads to a consideration of the
sensible motives that respect for the law limits, as well as the more general
question of how Kant thinks that inclinations affect choice.