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Q : How was the weather this morning?

The weather this morning was very cold.

Q. What happened to Mary’s car?

The windshield of Mary’s car was covered with frost.

Q. What did Mary do to her car?

Mary had to spray the windshield of the car with water.

Q. How was the temperature when Mary woke up?

The temperature was cold and freezing when Mary woke up.

Q. How will it be in the afternoon?

It is rain in the afternoon.

Q. How long will it be raining?

It will be raining for the whole week.

Q. How is the weather until the weekend?

It will be windy, foggy and rainy before the sun comes out in the weekend.

Q. Why is the weather in California better than other states?

In California when it is hot, it is not humid: when it rains, there is no thunder or lightening and the cold
weather is quite mild, so the weather of California is better than other states.