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Sara Aglipayan Christian School

Sara Iloilo
First Summative Test

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I. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Matter is
a. Only the things that you see b. anything that takes up space and mass c. only made of wood
2. A state in which a matter has a definite volume and shape.
a. Solid b. liquid c. gas
3. Which of the following is an example of gas?
a. Balloon b. water c. book
4. A state of matter that has definite mass but takes the shape of a container.
a. Solid b. liquid c. gas
5. It is a special property of solid that can be pressed, hammered without breaking.
a. Hardness b. malleability c. brittleness
6. It is the hardest material on earth that can be used to cut metals.
a. Gold b. diamond c. knife
7. Which of the following is an example of brittleness?
a. Book b. water c. glass
8. It is the property of solid materials to be stretched when pressure is applied to them.
a. Elasticity b. strength c. gold
9. It is the resistance of fluid to flow.
a. Viscosity b. liquid c. gas
10. Which of the following is an example of viscosity?
a. Condensed milk b. evaporated milk c. coconut water
11. Florescent lamp, stars and neon signs are example of
a. Plasma b. solid c. gas
12. Which of the following is a non-metal?
a. Gold b. aluminum c. steel
13. What is changed when you pour milk from a glass to cup?
a. Weight b. size c. shape
14. What does gold have?
a. Hardness b. volume c. malleability
15. What can exist in three state of matter?
a. Water b. vitamins c. medicines
16. Which is a correct statement?
a. Solid takes the shape of the container.
b. Air is liquid
c. Liquids have weight.
17. What substance destroys the ozone layer?
a. Air b. CFC c. carbon dioxide
18. What gives energy but releases harmful gases too when the substance burned?
a. Fossil fuel b. alcohol c. all of the above
19. What should never kept along with any food?
a. Water b. biscuits c. pesticides
20. Which of the following is a solid?
A. Water b. coffee c. ice