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Ascension Teachings

with Archangel Michael

With Archangel
Michael, RA and The
Heavenly Host
By Marcia McMahon,
Archangel Michael
Leading the Way to
Ascension, watercolor, by
artist Marcia McMahon.
©. 2009,
With Archangel
Copyright © 2012 by Marcia
All rights reserved.
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printed or electronic form without prior
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Channeled and Written by Marcia
©. Eternal Rose Publishing, 2012

Editorial Services, Mary Mageau,

Julian Robbins, Dorothy Mercer
Cover image: Archangel Michael,
watercolor by Marcia McMahon

I dedicate this book to

Archangel Michael and all the
Archangels, Ascended
Masters Jesus, Princess Diana,
Mother Teresa, Paranamsa
Yoganda, and the earth Angels
that I’ve worked with over the
I also dedicate this book
to the children of Sandy Hook
School, and all Crystal
Children everywhere.
Archangel Michael says
they are in his care.
They have already arrived
on the New Earth!
Note of Thanks
I personally thank
Dorothy, Julian Robbins, and
Mary Mageau for their
assistance in editing and help
in e books.
I thank Mercedes Kirkel
for her supportive
endorsement, and Michaeleen
McDonald for her help in
Reiki and hypnosis, and all
fellow AA Michael channels.
Previous books by
Marcia McMahon, M.A
Notes from John: Messages from
Across the Universe
Copyright: Eternal Rose
Publishing, 2012, ISBN: 0-9766477-
Princess Diana’s Message of
Peace, An Extraordinary Message of
Peace for Our World. Sweet grass
Publishing, ISBN:0-9723376-2-8
Write to Print,© 2003. ISBN: 0-
With Love from Diana, Queen of
Hearts: Messages of from Heaven for a
New Age of Peace, © 2005, ISBN:
Eternal Rose Publishing ©. all rights
This is a truly remarkable
account of the messages from the
highest Archangel Michael delivered to
a seemingly ordinary American woman,
who just happens to be open to receive
them. For those of you who are seekers,
and for those who wonder what
happens next—after we leave this earth
—take the time to delve into this
wisdom from on high. There is hope for
all of us, no matter our faith, that a
better future awaits.
Herein you will find solace for
those who are grieving over the
unmentionable, intolerable and/or
unexplained loss of a loved one. Take
heart to learn, know and believe that
they are being cared for on the other
side; and, one day you will be reunited
in love. Sorrow is for the moment, but
glory awaits for eternity. D.M.M.

From Mercedes Kirkel

In Teachings on
Ascension, Marcia McMahon shares a
collection of channeled messages she
received over the past several years
from Archangel Michael, Ra, and The
Heavenly Host. The collection is filled
with nuggets of information about
theAscension process that the earth and
humanity is undergoing. Marcia's
messages include predictions about what
will happen in the future, some of which
have already come to pass. But more
importantly, the messages have the
unmistakable ring of love and light that
beings from higher realms carry.
Marcia's questions bring out the
concerns that many of us in the 3-D
world have, and the responses help us to
stay located in the higher dimensional
point of view. I welcome this anthology
as yet another voice of guidance,
lovingly trying to help us through these
remarkable times of transition.
- Mercedes Kirkel, author of Mary
Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of

I have been present when Marcia

opens herself to the universe to receive
channeled messages. She is authentic
and focused. Her intention is clear—to
bring through the clearest possible
information so that those listening can
see the choices that are available. She
encourages her audience to be ready for
the implications of earth changes. Her
messages promote peace in our lifetime.
I have known Marcia as both my
student in Reiki classes, and my teacher
in Angel Communication classes. As a
student, she is remarkably perceptive
and inquisitive. As a teacher, she has a
passion for awakening people to their
potentiality. Marcia brings a rich blend
of her background in channeling, the
intellectual prowess of an art history
professor, and a profound knowledge of
The Angelic Realm.
Throughout her struggle with
breast and brain cancer, she has prayed
and reached within for guidance. She
displays extreme tenacity in seeking the
best for her own healing utilizing both
traditional medical and natural energy
modalities. She continues to make
remarkable strides to recovery and is an
inspiration to many.
Michaeleen McDonald, MFA,
NGH Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master
and Pranic Healer.
With Love and Light -

Table of Contents

Archangel Michael Leading the Way to

Ascension, watercolor, by artist
Marcia McMahon.
Previous books by Marcia McMahon,
Foreword on Ascension!
Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael’s Message on
A Message from the Heavenly Host—
The New Sun Day!
A Message from Heavenly Host!
Jesus on Communion and the Royal
Bloodline: It’s True Purpose!
Jesus by the Sea of Galilee by Marcia
McMahon, 2003 watercolor painting
Message from Jesus (Jeshua)on Earth
Jesus Holds the Sun and Planets as she
goes through Her Ascension,
watercolor by Marcia McMahon,
RA Speaks on Ascension
Message from RA about the Crystal
The Heavenly Host and RA Address the
Issue of Earthquakes
Archangel Michael Speaks on the Year
Archangel Michael on the New Earth
Archangel Michael Speaks on The state
of the World and the New Year 2009
Archangel Michael: You are the Masters
of the New Earth!
The Galactic Alignment of Aquarius;
More on Ascension from Archangel
The Heavenly Hosts and Archangel
Michael Speak on the Sacred Energy
of 2008
A Message from Earth Guardians—
Warnings and Suggestions for
A Message from the Hosts of Heaven
Archangel Michael: Clearing Past
Karma for the New Day of the Sun!
Archangel Michael’s Message: We are
Leaving Earth for a Golden Galaxy!
Mother Mary’s Message on the
Ascension and Changes in the Earth
and Sun
Mother Mary, by Marcia McMahon
M.A., watercolor prints available,
Archangel Michael on the Auspicious
Day of 01/11/11
Archangel Michael Channels in 2011on
the Year of 2012
Message From Archangel Michael For
the year 2012 And Beyond
Foreword on Ascension!
This is a collection of channeled
messages in the form of an eBook for
those who are curious and want more
information on the gateway of 2012, also
known as the Ascension. Who is
Archangel Michael? He is the head of
all the Archangels, as his name means
“He who speaks for God”! He is in all
major world religions, mentioned in the
Bible, and revered by the Jewish faith,
the Christian faith, and Islam.
AA Michael has many other
notable channels around the world. I’ve
interviewed most of them on the
Peaceful Planet show on, called the
Ascension series. Some of the top
Archangel Michael channels are Celia
Fenn, Lady Isis, Natalie Glason, Carolyn
Evers, Ronna Herman, and Matia
Michaelson. There are others with
whom I have not been acquainted, but
they all say similar things about the New
Earth, crystal children, New Age, and
predictions about the Ascension about to
begin on the solstice of Dec 2012. (
McMahon 2006-2008)
I’ve been a channel for Archangel
Michael, the Ascended Masters,
Princess Diana, John Lennon, George
Harrison, Jeshua and Mother Mary for
many years. I hosted the Peaceful Planet
radio show on BBS radio from 2005
until 2009.
One of my main themes in bringing
guests from around the world was to
raise awareness of the phenomenon
known as Ascension, which is mainly
misunderstood here on the earth plane.
Many are misled by the movie 2012, and
have pictures in their minds of
doomsday, the end times, and the end of
life on planet earth. This is not quite the
case, although there will continue to be
major earth changes up until the
Ascension. The scheduled due date for
mother earth—Gaia—is fast
approaching her own rebirth as a
pristine, illumined and ascended planet!
What will life be like upon the
Earth in the next few years? Here is a
quote for a message contained herein
from AA Michael, “Your truly New
Earth awaits and we remind you of the
splendor that will be upon that plane.
Earth herself will renew her energies
and supplies, and will no longer rely
either upon oil or the old fossil fuels. We
welcome the inventions of many who are
eager to assist her in her transition to
newness, to life and to systems that
protect life and life forms upon the
planet. What could be more reasonable,
and yet the human race in its error of
thought has forgotten so much common
sense in caring for the earth!”
Ascension is quite simply a
stepping up to a new level of life. When
something leaves the mineral kingdom
and becomes a plant that is Ascension. I
am not the expert on Ascension because
many other authors like Carla Ruecert
have written profoundly and truthfully
about it in her work, ‘The RA Material.’
She has volumes more than I do on the
topic and I first learned of it from her.
Wynn Free and David Wilcox also have
a fine book on Ascension entitled, ‘The
Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,’ which
houses a lot of messages from David on
Ascension. So he is also a world-
renowned expert. David is a channel for
RA and so is Carla. Both are well
known for that, although I am not well
known and have not publicly come out
with published messages from the RA
group. However I have published quite a
few of my Archangel Michael messages
in the Light Circle Ezine, published
daily by Lady Isis.
RA is a collective soul that has
‘graduated’ from our realm and because
that group is ascended, much wisdom is
presented in the messages about
Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael is said to be
head of the archangels. He is a divine
creator aspect of the godhead. He has
helped to create the earth, and he
belongs to a wider soul group known as
the Michael soul group. Archangel
Michael is present in all world
religions. He is renowned as a leader, an
enlightened angel and a transformer. He
is like lightning as he brings quickening
power to anything and it always seems
to transform you.
Archangel Michael has been my
steadfast guide through the many years
I’ve been on air and doing channeling.
He has most recently guided me through
the devastating disease known as stage 4
cancer, and I thank him and Princess
Diana so much for their advice to me as
to whom to look for in doctors and ways
to heal from “terminal” brain cancer. It
has been a very rough road these last
few years and that is why I could not
publish this important work sooner.
Without his help and the help of my team
of doctors I would not be here at all. It is
very important to be in the physical form
to ascend, as that allows us to take our
physical form into the higher
dimensions, and then perfect it!
I began my channeled work with
Princess Diana and have published two
books from her on how to obtain world
peace through diplomacy. They are,
‘Princess Diana’s Message of Peace,’
(currently out of print) and ‘With Love
from Diana, Queen of Hearts,’ published
in 2005. I most recently published Notes
from John: Messages from Across the
Universe by Marcia McMahon,
available now in e book format. Visit
Visit my site: Read
messages from both Princess Diana and
John Lennon as well as Archangel
Michal’s Messages on the site index.
I first connected to channeling
with Princess Diana’s request for me to
write her words down. But this work in
process with Archangel Michael is to
inform and excite you about the changes
that are about to take place on planet
earth and how we will be moving to a
New Earth.
What is really going to happen on
Dec 21st, 2012? With all the dread and
fear surrounding the 2012 deadline in
Dec at the 21st (the solstice), we can all
stand to hear some good news about that
date. While the world as we know it
may be ending in a sense, a New Earth is
being born and this is what is termed the
New Earth. According to my sources the
New Earth will be a paradise earth,
cleansed of all the pollution, sickness,
disease, poverty and inequality that the
current earth has yet to shed. Shed is an
interesting choice of words because our
earth herself, Gaia, is going through her
own cleansing process. She must shed
her negative energies that have
accumulated over the centuries in order
to best realize her new and glorified
body— that of a new and pristine earth
While I don’t claim to know all of
what is going on with Gaia, the
earthquakes and severe storms are all
part of the cleansing process so that she
can be free of negative debris. Areas of
the world containing warfare and strife
are more vulnerable to earth plate
movements, although of course we
recently witnessed the surprising and
tragic effects of the earthquake in Japan
followed by the nuclear disaster. As
human beings this causes us great
distress, as we contemplate the untold
suffering of so many Japanese people in
one event like this. That tragic event was
foretold by AA Michael in his word
about the year 2010, in the following
I do receive messages or
predictions about earthquakes and
tsunamis, but they are not specific to
areas, as it is not my job to warn people
about them in advance. It is your job,
dear reader, to discern the energy of
mother earth, Gaia, and move out of
harm’s way if you sense something is
about to shift. This can be taught and I do
teach courses about connecting to the
angels. The technique of connecting to
Earth called shriving, is when you tune
in to the earth to listen. Nostradamus
was said to have used it for his
predictions, which of course plays into
the whole 2012 dilemma.
In June of 2005 it became clear to
me that we were not in the normal
pattern of life on earth any longer. It was
not just ‘business as usual.’ I had
messages from the Master Jesus or
Jeshua as I call him, which foretold of
the impending earth changes and various
disasters about to befall earth. When I
questioned further and delved deeper it
became clear that we are not in ordinary
times at all.
Fundamentalists would call this
the end times, or the quickening.
Reference the sayings of Jesus about the
end times and the Book of Revelation. In
the words of Jesus from the Holy Bible,
Luke 25, “And there will be signs in the
sun, and moon and stars and upon earth
distress of nations at perplexity of the
roaring of the sea, man fainting with fear
and foreboding of what is coming on the
world, for the power of Heaven will be
shaken!” (Holy Bible, RSV)
Could the recent tsunamis,
worldwide, and the Greenland volcano,
and all the other things mentioned
including solar alignments and flares
have anything to do with this? Was Jesus
speaking of these times? I believe he
However you wish to term it, we
are not in these earth changes and
dramatic events worldwide because
nothing is going to happen in 2012 or
beyond, (like many of the naysayers say.
They say this out of fear because they
cannot get their minds out of the way of
intuition.) Anyone with functional
intuitive ability of the right brain
knowing, can sense that earth energies
are changing and things here on earth are
not business as usual. The weather
patterns, the floods, earthquakes,
volcanic eruption in Greenland and so
many other signs of the times indicate to
us that, indeed, something is happening.
Is it doomsday as the preacher on air
predicted? He was off a little bit on his
date! Of course the world isn’t ending,
or is it? It may not end exactly on that
date, but I believe we shall ascend in
our present lifetimes, in this generation.
This book is not written for the
faint of heart. If you feel you are seeing
global catastrophe and weather extremes
like never before, or if you’ve been
involved in one of these dramatic earth
changes and you really want to know
what is happening, then read on!
Read on and know that God is in
charge and although things are not
normal they will be all right. You will
survive the earth changes and transition
peacefully into the brightest, sweetest,
New Earth imaginable! And you will be
able to help those around you who are
struggling with loss of every kind. You
may be caught up in an earth change but
you won’t be permanently damaged. You
cannot be permanently damaged unless
you see yourself only as a body.
Archangel Michael and the guides
assure us in these messages that indeed
something huge is about to occur and that
we have reached a turning point in
consciousness and love. While mother
earth, Gaia, must ascend; so must we.
There are those of us who have our wits
about us and want very much to see the
end of reincarnation and the repetition of
our own energy patterns. So while it is
our job to tune into the love and the open
mindedness or awakening as some call
it, it is also imperative that we each
determine the position we will take.
Will we revisit our past and continue in
the third dimension? Or will we chart a
new course on the New Earth where we
won’t need to reincarnate and repeat the
hardship lessons of the earth? Tune in to
your own intuition and learn to connect
to your higher self for the knowledge of
what you have chosen. Your soul made
this choice most likely before
incarnation. You would not be reading
this material right now if you had not
been given the option to ascend.
You are here for Ascension! Yes,
and what is it, you say?
This is another enigma that we
shall explore a bit in Archangel
Michael’s messages and those from the
RA Group, Heavenly Host and others. I
am a down-to-earth sort of person and
some of the things I’ve channeled are
hard to wrap my little three-dimensional
brain around! Bear with me, dear reader,
as I further explain.
It’s vast and far away out there.
We are going to become galactic citizens
about to embark on an adventure into the
fifth dimension where we will be able to
move about with ease and grace, or visit
other planets in space with just a
How can you trust my word for it?
You will know with an inner knowing
that what I am saying is true if you feel
right when you read this, no matter how
hard it seems to believe. I am not able to
convince you of any truth and many
people will argue with these
perspectives, but you yourself must
decide truth. And we all function at
different levels of truth and
understanding. Believe me when I say it
is not my job to convince you of this. I
only present the messages on Ascension
and leave it to you to decide if you want
to come along for the ride of your
Or would you prefer another round
of incarnation on another earth-like
planet with people who seem vaguely
familiar to you as you repeat your
mistakes and they repeat theirs? Is this
something you consider fun: work, rest,
raising children, aging and disease?
There is a part of it that is profoundly
beautiful as it is, and a part that now
seems repetitive and boring to me. If you
find yourself feeling ‘been there, done
that’ with everything, this could be a sign
from your soul that you are ready for a
really interesting new adventure called
That’s the choice—a huge choice
to be able to step off the wheel of
reincarnation and choose the New Earth.
Jeshua spoke of the New Earth in the
Bible, ‘For behold, I am creating a New
Heaven and a New Earth!’
What I am presenting next are a
collection of channeled messages on
Ascension from Archangel Michael, the
RA Group and the Heavenly Host Jesus
and Mother Mary. And where it ties in,
there may be other messengers
presented. I work also with the ascended
masters Jeshua and Mother Mary,
Princess Diana, John Lennon and others.
I hope you enjoy the messages and find
them uplifting and enlightening to your
Ascension journey and that you will do
the work needed to bring in the glorious
day of the Lord.
I believe this message to be true
and accurate for AA Michael has
predicted so many earth changes,
potential threats to humanity, such as the
stock market crash of 08, and the
Earthquakes of so many past years. The
Mayan calendar, the Chinese I Ch’ing
calendar, the Hopi Indians and many
indigenous cultures around the world
also predict this date as either the end of
time or the beginning of the Golden Age
of Man. I believe we will begin the
Ascension process and enter the New
Earth on Dec 21st of 2012. Many other
channels for AA Michael around the
world also concur that this is indeed the
date to await the grandest shift for
humanity! However reader discretion is
always advised and I cannot make
absolute predictions, because they are
subject to forces of a cosmic nature!
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