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Robert School: Instructional Technology

Technology Skills by Grade Level

Fourth Grade

Technology Basics
Skill NETS Notes
Understand and comply with School AUP
(Acceptable Use Policy).
Navigate Sense-Lang online Keyboarding site. 6
Practice proper ergonomics (sit up straight, use
both hands) at computer. Set volume at 5
appropriate level.
Know how to try to solve problems with computer
before asking for help.
Technology Vocabulary
Skill NETS Notes
Browser (e.g. tutorial, assessment, web browser)
Internet (i.e. web browser, URL, keyword, World
Wide Web, search engine, links).
Technology Concepts- Spiraling
Skill NETS Notes
Save and retrieve work (student network account).
Create new folder and move files to folder.
Practice basic research techniques using various
search engines.
3, 4, 6
• Search Cube
• Type address to access website
Keyboarding: Type 15 words per minute using
correct keyboarding skills and without error.
• Home keys
• Space bar
• Enter
• Backspace
• Delete
• Shift
• Caps lock
• Number lock
• Type sentences
• Type paragraphs
Use basic document printing skills. 6
Navigate between open programs. 6

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St. Robert School: Instructional Technology
Technology Skills by Grade Level

Technology Basics
Use: (5 of 9)
• The computer
• Digital camera
• Projector (on/off)
• Smart Response
• Document camera
• SMART Board
• MP3 player
• Kindle
• Or, ________________
Technology Projects
Skill NETS Notes
Use a Web 2.0 tool to communicate
comprehension using: 1, 4, 6
Collaborate in a small group to communicate a
story using images and text.
i.e. iPhoto, Power Point, Keynote
• New slide
• Write text
• Add sound
• Import/save image 1,2, 3,
4, 6
• Insert/move image
• Change size and shape of image
• Change an object’s pattern or color in a
drawing program
• Change background
• Slide transitions
Use software and web tools to organize, plan, and
• Graph using Create-A-Graph (web tool)
• Create a ______________ using Microsoft
o Copy, cut, and paste
o Spell checker, dictionary, and
o Formatting toolbar 1, 2,
o Use text tool 3, 4, 6
o Move objects
o Use different views to create and
• Create a __________ using Notebook
o Use Lesson Activity Toolkit as a
Collaborate outside classroom to complete project. 1

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St. Robert School: Instructional Technology
Technology Skills by Grade Level

Technology Basics
Technology Research & Ethics (Media Specialists)
Skill NETS Notes
Use Destiny to locate and reserve books in the
3, 6
Learn appropriate skills to use technology safely,
responsibly, and effectively – CyberSmart 5

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St. Robert School: Instructional Technology
Technology Skills by Grade Level

National Educational Technology

Standards for Students
1. Creativity and Innovation: Students demonstrate creative
thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative products
and processes using technology.

2. Communication and Collaboration: Students use digital

media and environments to communicate and work
collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual
learning and contribute to the learning of others.

3. Research and Information Fluency: Students apply digital

tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision

Making: Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct
research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed
decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

5. Digital Citizenship: Students understand human, cultural,

and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and
ethical behavior.

6. Technology Operations and Concepts: Students

demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts,
systems, and operations.

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