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Name: Profood International Corp.

Business Information:
No.12 Pres. Roxas St., Mabolo, Cebu City
6000 Metro Cebu, Philippines
P.O Box 653, Cebu, Philippines

Factory Address:
Highway, Maguikay, Mandaue City
Metro Cebu, Philippines

Tel: (63) (32) 346-1228 (trunk line)(63)

(32) 346-7732 to 36
Fax: (63) (32) 346– 7737 to 38

General Business Activities

Profood International Inc. is the largest Philippine-based dried

mango producer and the standard-bearer of world-class
processed fruit products from the Philippine Islands. The
corporation is 100%Filipino owned and was conceptualized in
From the small company that once catered only to the local
market, Profood International Inc. has grown to become the
leading producer of various dried fruits, fruit preserves, purees,
concentrates and juices. Its products are available all over the
Philippines and exported in many countries in Asia, Europe,
Canada, and the United States.

Company Strategy

Enjoy world-class processed fruit products from
the Philippines.

To be the customer’s choice, with products and services that
can be relied upon and depended on.
To be the employee’s choice, with a commitment to their
welfare and their growth. To be able to contribute to the
community we are in, and to the Filipino society as a whole.
To be the number one foam company in Southeast Asia in
terms of customer satisfaction, quality, market share,
technological advancement, and commitment to world-class
excellence. We intend to attain this vision through teamwork,
innovation, and total quality management. We intend to satisfy
customers through quality products that are competitively
priced, delivered on time, and developed through close
coordination with our customer.

I. Product\Service Design
Profood International Incorporated is known to be the leading
of various dried fruit particularly mangoes. They use one
particular variety of mangoes which is the carabao mango and
produce juice, purees and preserves. Coconut, pineapple,
banana, guava, papaya, guyabano and tamarind are some of
fruits they process and variety of products that customers can
choose of. Profood International Incorporated also customized
products which they are not the one who manufacture but only
repacked for exports. Its packagingg depends on customer’s
specification. Tampico juice is one of the products they repacked.
The product formation of their main product which is the dried
mango is simple. From raw materials, they process it following to
the sequence and do not need bother parts to form final product. For
customers who are fond of eating dried mangoes, these products
are high in vitamin C and mangoes are full packed with minerals
and anti-oxidants. It is a mineral packed chemical free food that
has amazing benefits for the health.

II. Facility Layout

Profood International Incorporated is process-oriented facility
layout. Profood produce high volumes of the products so that
facilities are organized according to the sequence of the
production. The process must not be interchange as the
machinery and materials are placed following the product path.

III. Process Strategy

Profood International Incorporated produce high volumes of
the products especially when peak season of mangoes as well as the
increase of demands. Profood uses continuous production system
which is mass production in specific. The main process of dried
mangoes are fresh fruit receiving ripening, washing, peeling,
slicing, pasteurization, drying, coating and packing. Washing,
pasteurization and drying are fully automated, the rest are
manually done. For export products, Profood uses mass
customization in which standardized goods incorporate some
degree of customization.

IV. Location Strategy

The company's main headquarters and processing plant,
strategically located in the central region of the Philippines,
specifically in Mandaue City,Cebu. Its central location proves to
be an advantage over other processed-fruit exporters. This gives
Profood easy access to a continuous supply of premium-quality
fruits from any part of the Philippines. The Plant site is just a few
minutes away from the seaports and international airport in

V. Human Resource and Job Design

Workers in Profood are regular and they also have contractual

who are from different agency. During the peak season Profoods
has 5000 to 8000 both non- contractual and contractual
employees and when depression period occurs the company has
3000 to 5000 total employees. After the contract of the workers
they can transfer to the other production area as long as they know the
work. Since peeling and slicing is manual, workers need to have
skills such as speed and agility to be more productive. To be
qualified workers, it must be a high school graduate and willing
to be trained. They focused on job specialization because every
worker has their own job assigned.

VI. Maintenance

To ensure the facilities are in good condition, Profood

conducts annual inspection. They use preventive maintenance to
prevent unexpected breakdown.

VII. Inventory Management

Profood International Inc. is 24-hour fresh fruit receiving and

manufactures950 tons of mangoes per day. Their suppliers of
these fruits are farmers from different parts of the Philippines
wherein they order and receive half-green mangoes and let it
ripen on their warehouses for two days before it proceeds to the
manufacturing process. Directly from the production floor,
packed dried mangoes and other processed fruits are loaded to
trucks ready for delivery within Philippine retail outlets. While
those customized products are exported to forty different
countries such as in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North, Central
and South America, the Caribbean, and Oceania, etc.

VIII. Schedulling

Profood’s operation is every Monday to Saturday, 8 hours a

day and with overtime if necessary. If peak season they have
direct employees which they get through the agency.

IX. Supply Chain Managent

Profood’s raw materials are from the Philippines. They buy

straight from the mango grower. They checked the quality of the
fresh fruits unripe. Using advanced used of technology
production process produces quality products. It takes 7 days for
the whole process.

X. Quality Management

Profood have what it takes to provide products that meet

international standards. To ensure that their products bear the Paradise
quality, high quality products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008,
HACCP, GMP, and Kosher certified facilities and the latest
technological concepts in their production. The entire processing,
filling and packing lines are fully automated. Despite this, their
production personnel do not rest content. They still keep a close
watch at every stage in the line process to guarantee strict
compliance to quality standards. Also, the corporation is HALAL
and NSF certified company and has consistently been one of the
top 10 exporters of Cebu in the last ten years.
Additionally, the following are awards received by the Profood
International Inc.:
2000 Grand Chamber Century Award
2007 Most Inspiring Cebuano Entrepreneur
2009 Entrepreneur of the Year
2009 Mayor Jonas C. Cortes Citation Award
2009 Pride of Cebu
2009 Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines
2010 Preferred Supplier Award
2010 Agora Award for Large-Scale Entrepreneur of the Year
2011 Vicente “Buddy” Lava Award for Entrepreneurship
2011 MVP Bossing Awardee
2011 Board Award Recognition