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Located behind each eyelid – is each eyelid – each eyelid are – aech eyelid which are
the two lacrimal glands.
2. It is an adequate rainfall – an adequate rainfall – though an adequate rainfall –
although an adequate rainfall is essential for the plant life of the Amazon Basin.
3. The Mediterranean monk seal is distinguished from the more familiar gray seal by is a
size – its size – is its size is size.
4. Fewer – as few – there are few – that fewer places which attract so many art lovers as
Florence, Italy.
5. They were – is was – although – not only numerous at the turn of the century, the
number of tigers in India had fallen to 2,500 by 1969.
6. It was as a butterfly illustrator – he was as a butterfly illustrator – a butterfly illustrator
– when he was a butterfly illustrator that E.W. Frohawk made his greatest contribution
to the field of natural history during the Victorian period.
7. Anthony Burgess, because of being famous – who has achieved fame – who because he
was famous – he achieved fame as a novelist, was originally a student of music.
8. Not until Edward Jenner developed the first anti-smallpox serum in 1796 protection
was – protection was given – it was protected – was there protection against this terrible
9. A fine tomb, which in the fifteenth century was erecting – erected in the fifteenth
century – erecteing in the fifteenth century – beeing erected in the fifteenth century,
marks the grave of the poet Chaucer.
10. Not every plant that was presented of suitability – was suitable – to be suited – suitable.
11. Today the cotton textile industry is so – more – as – an important for the economy as
it was a century ago.
12. The – in the – it was the – when the first three years of the war with Germany and
Austria-Hungry left 1.8 million Russian soldiers dead.
13. The brushwork is loose – the looser brushwork – the loose brushwork is – the looser
the brushwork is in Stevenson’s landscapes, the more vitality and character the
paintings seem to possess.
14. The report would have been accepted if more care – more care had been taken – had
taken more care – had more care been taken in checking its accuracy.
15. Not only are reindeer used for their hides and milk but for pulling sleighs as well – as
well as pulling sleighs – but they pull sleighs – also to pull sleighs.
16. It was not until 1937 when the southernmost source of the Nile River was discovered.
17. The highly endangered Waldrapp ibis it is a wading bird, related to the stork and
18. Platinum is a rare and value metal, white in color, and easy to work.
19. During the two centuries between Herschel and Voyager, relatively little is learned
about the planet Uranus.
20. Some conservationist attempt to save rare domestic farm animals, such the Tamworth
21. On the floor of the Pasific Ocean is hundreds of flat-topped maountains.
22. Sirius the Dog Star, is the most brightest star in the sky with an absolute magnitude
about twenty-three times that of the Sun.
23. The Charles Dickens character Wilkins Micawber lived in optimistic expectation of a
best fortune.
24. Passive smoking is defined as the exposure of nonsmoker to environmental tobacco
25. In recent years, sulfur dioxide has disfigured much ancient buildings and monuments.
26. Alice in Wonderland, first published in 1865, has since being translated into thirty
27. When a human being walks, he or she exerts a certain number of force on the ground.
28. The weather reports all showed that there were a tremendous storm front moving in.
29. In a basketball game a player what is fouled receives one or two free throws.
30. There have recently been any important findings in medical technology.
31. Sigmund Freud, the founding of psychoanalysis, settled in London at the age of eighty-
32. The mystery bookstore was largely a phenomena of the last decade.
33. Adult education has become increasingly popular in the United State in recent years
34. Many disabled children cannot derive full enjoyment from toys make for nondisabled
35. Before 1992, Bobby Fischer had not played in other chess tournament since winning
the Chess Word Championship in 1972.
36. As medical cost soar, the idea of complete physical checkup has come under fire as
both a waste of time or money.
37. Perhaps was his defiance against his parents’ attitude that led Salvatore Ferragamo to
fame as the shoemaker for the world’s most famous women.
38. Queen Elisabeth prefers have her jewels left in their original setting.
39. Married women are twice so likely as married men to be despressed.
40. Alike snakes, lizards can be found on all other continents except Antarctica.

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