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Windsor High School

A-G Requirements For UC and CSU Eligibility

History/ 2 Years Required

(3 Years Recommended)
Social Studies Including 1 year of U.S.
History (or 1 semester of
U.S. History and 1 semester
of U.S. gov’t) and 1 year of
social science

English 4 Years Required

College-preparatory English
composition and literature

Mathematics 3 Years Required

(4 Years Recommended)
Including Int. Math I,
Int. Math II, Int. Math III
or higher math

Laboratory 2 Years Required

(3 Years Recommended)
science Lab science providing foundational
knowledge in biology, chemistry,
and/or physics. At least one year of
physical laboratory science.

Language 2 Years Required

(3 Years Recommended)
other than English Of the same language
other than English including
American Sign Language

Visual and 1 Year Required

Visual or performing arts course
performing arts from a single arts discipline, i.e.
dance, drama/theater, music,
visual arts.

College-preparatory 1 Year Required

Of an additional A-G
electives college-preparatory

Must earn Grades of C or better in all A-G courses