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Electrical Engineering
Instruction: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions.
Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box corresponding to 15. The minimum number of watthour meters required for measuring
the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. power for a balance 3-phase load.
A. 1 C. 3
Strictly no erasures allowed. Use pencil no. 1 only. B. 2 D. 4
NOTE: Whenever you come across a caret (^) sign, it means
exponentiation. 16. A 6 pole lap-wound generator has 300 conductors; the emf induced per
conductor being 5V. The generated voltage of the generator is ______
1. Three resistor 3, 4, and 5 ohms are in series. If the voltage drop A. 60V C. 1500V
across the 3-ohm resistor is 6-volts, determine the total voltage C .360V D. 250V
A. 12 V C. 24 V 17. The minimum number of watthour meters required for measuring
B. 6 V D. 12 V power for an unbalanced 3-phase 3-wire load.
A. 1 C. 3
2. A motor supplying 70 N-m of torque to its load. If the motor shaft is turning B. 2 D. 4
at 1500 rpm, what is the mechanical power of the load in watts?
A. 11,467 C. 10,966 18. Three resistors in parallel have an equivalent conductance of 0.875
B. 10,681 D. 11,781 Siemens. If the two have conductance of 0.25 and 0.125, determine
the resistance of the third resistor
3. A practical electrical circuit has, a source, a load, a means of control A. 5-ohm C. 10-ohm
and B. 2-ohm D. 15-ohm
A. conductors C. resistors
B. meters D. current 19. Five 100-W light bulbs are connected in series across a 220-V power
line. If one bulb opens, how power is supplied.
4. Two resistors 10 and 20 are in parallel. If the current in the 10-ohm A. 500 watt C. 0 watt
resistor is 5 amperes, calculate the total current supplied.
A. 10.5 A C. 5.5 A B. 100 watt D. 400 watt
B. 1.5 A D. 7.5 A
20. The parallel combination of two 20-ohms resistors is connected in
series with a 10 ohms resistor. This combination is again connected
5. Three electrical resistive loads draw 10-A, 8-A, and 5-A. Calculate in parallel with another 20-ohm resistor. Determine the overall
the total power drawn if the voltage source is 220-V. equivalent resistance
A. 10-kW C. 7-kW A. 10 ohms C. 20ohms
B. 5-kW D. 9-kW B. 30 ohms D. 15 ohms
6. Ratio of harmonic RMS to maximum rated fundamental RMS.
21. A single conductor for a transmission line carries a current of 120A.
B. Harmonic Index D. Harmonic Flicker
Calculate the magnetic field intensity at a point 3m away from the
7. The ____ rating of a resistor indicate how much current it can carry A. 3.2 At/m C. 12.8 At/m
before it gets burn B. 2.1 At/m D. 6.4 At/m
A. voltage C. wattage
B. current D. Voltage 22. A 4-pole 400-conductor wave-wound series motor draws an armature
current of 36A. If the flux on each pole at this instant is 30mWb,
8. A type of DC motor braking involving the application of reverse calculate the torque produced by the motor.
voltage in the armature to stop the rotation of a motor. A. 137 N-m C. 275 N-m
A. dynamic braking C. regenerative braking B. 68 N-m D. 550 N-m
B. reverse braking D. plugging
23. The total charge entering a terminal is q = 5t sin4πt mC. Calculate
9. The equivalent resistance of three resistors in parallel is 1.25-ohm. If the current at t= 0.5 second.
the two resistors are 2-ohm and 5-ohm, find the resistance of the third A. 31.42 mA C. 55.12 mA
resistor B. 19.12mA D. 17.14 mA.
A. 15-ohm C. 20-ohm
24. “Any number of current sources in parallel may be replaced by a
B. 10-ohm D. 30-ohm single current source whose current is the algebraic sum of individual
source currents and source resistance is the parallel combination of
10. What theorem is usually applied when determining for maximum individual source resistances”. The above statement is associated
power transfer? with
A. Superposition C. Norton A. Thevenin’s theorem
B. Nodal D. Thevenin B. Millman’s theorem
C. Maximum power transfer theorem
D. None of the above
11. Lamp A is marked 230-V, 75-W and Lamp B is 230-V, 150-W. If the
Lamp A has a resistance R, determine the resistance of Lamp B. 25. A resistor R consumes 100 watts if connected across a 220-volts
A. 0.25R C. 0.75R source. What power will it consume if the input voltage is halved?
B. 0.5R D. 0.65R A. 75 watts C. 50 watts
B. 25 watts D. 100 watts
12. A long-shunt compound generator delivers a load current of 50 A at 500 V
and has armature, series field and shunt field resistances of 0.05 Ω, 0.03
Ω and 250 Ω respectively. Calculate the generated voltage and the 26. Given four lamps of wattage 40 W, 60 W, 80 W and 100 watts
armature current. Allow 1 V per brush for contact drop. respectively. Which lamp has the more resistance?
A. 510 V C. 503 V A. 40 C. 60
B. 506 V D. 512 V B. 100 D. 80

13. A 220-volt, 3-phase source supplies power to a balanced delta- 27. A separately-excited motor runs at 1045 rpm while taking an
connected load. If the load per phase is 15+j30 ohms calculate the armature current of 50A at 120V. The armature resistance is 0.1
line current ohms. If the load of the motor changes such that it now takes 95A at
A. 56.16 amps. C. 91.44 amps. 120V, determine the motor speed at this load.
B. 21.87 amps. D. 24.91 amps.
A. 1000 rpm C. 1010 rpm
14. By how much would the torque increase in a series motor if the B. 1004 rpm D. 1016 rpm
current it takes from a line increases by 30%?
A. it would increase by 30% 28. A certain waveform is given by the equation v=2e-3t V during 0<t<3
B. it would decrease by 30% seconds. What is the rms value of the waveform during this interval?
C. it would increase by 69% A. 2.46 V C. 0.222 V
D. it would decrease by 69% B. 2.00 V D. 0.471 V

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Electrical Engineering
42. Overvoltage relay device number
29. A series RLC circuit is composed of R=10Ω, L=0.5H and C=25μF. At A. 51 C. 64
B. 56 D. 59
what frequency will this circuit resonate?
A. 1.4 Hz C. 45 Hz 43. Determine the effective voltage in a given equation v=200sin(377t +
B. 90 Hz D. 180 Hz 600) volts.
A. 70.71 C. 141.42
30. A balanced load draws a power per phase of 3500 watts when B. 57.74 D. 100
connected to a voltage source of 220-volts. The power factor of this
load is 0.9185 lagging. Calculate the line current IL. 44. The current drawn in parallel resonance is _____; in series
resonance, current drawn is ___________.
A. 15 amps. C. 30 amps.
A. minimum, minimum C. maximum, maximum
B. 20 amps. D. 25 amps.
B. minimum, maximum D. maximum, minimum
31. Which of the following waveform has the highest peak factor? Form 45. The effect of armature reaction is to ______.
factor? A. decrease the total flux C. increase the total flux
A. sinusoidal, triangular B. make the air-gap uniform D. none of the above
B. square, square
C. sinusoidal full-rectified, square 46. The greatest percentage of heat loss in a dc machine is due to
D. sinusoidal half-rectified, sinusoidal half-rectified A. eddy current loss C. hysteresis loss
B. copper loss D. frictional loss
32. An 80Ω resistor is connected in series with a coil across a 110V, 60Hz
47. ________ together are called stray losses.
source. A voltmeter, when connected across the coil, reads 50V while
A. copper and iron losses
when connected across the resistor, it measures 90V. Find the B. iron and mechanical losses
resistance of the coil. C. field copper loss and iron losses
A. 14.8 ohms C. 7.4 ohms D. frictional losses
B. 43.8 ohms D. 44.4 ohms
48. Also known as current magnification factor.
33. An 100V 80W lamp is to be connected to a 200V,50Hz source. Find A. coefficient of coupling C. power factor
B. reactive factor D. Q-factor
the value of the capacitance to be connected in series with the lamp
for it to function. 49. Two watthour meters connected to measure the power input to a
A. 14.7 uF C. 29.4 uF balanced three-phase circuit indicates 40kW and 30kW. Find the
B. 7.35 uF D. 58.8 uF power factor.
A. 0.84 C. 0.97
34. The rms value of the current is a wire which carries a dc current of 10 B. 0.89 D. 0.94
A and a sinusoidal alternating current of peak value 20 A is
A. 10 A C. 30 A 50. If the power factor of the circuit decreases, current drawn will?
B. 17.32 A D. 15 A A. decrease C. remains constant
B. increase D. depends on the initial value
35. The average power delivered to an impedance (4 – j3) Ω by current
51. Find the radius of an isolated sphere capable of being charged to 1-
5cos(100πt + 100) A is million-volt potential before sparking into the air, given that
A. 100 watts C. 200 vars breakdown voltage of air is 30,000 V/cm.
B. 50 watts D. 400 watts A. 1.33 m C. 2.33 m
B. 3.33 m D. 0.33 m
36. The conversion of pressure to electricity in some crystals is based on
52. A slip-ring induction motor runs at 290 r.p.m. at full load, when connected
A. Piezoelectric effect to 50-Hz supply. Determine the slip.
B. Photoelectric effect A. 3.33% C. 2.33%
C. Seebeck Effect B. 4.33% D. 1.33%
D. Electrochemical effect
53. In the unrationalized cgs electromagnetic system of units, the unit of
magnetomotive force is …….
37. A 5H inductor and a 250uF capacitor in series is connected to a 250V
A. ampere-turns C. Gilbert
source which frequency is variable. At what frequency will the current B. Oersted D. unit pole
be 2A leading?
A. 80 Hz C. 20Hz 54. Process by which a substance becomes a magnet when placed near
B. 40 Hz D. 10 Hz a magnet.
A. magnetic reflection C. magnetic induction
38. Two circuits of the same ohmic impedance but different power factors B. electromagnetic induction D. magnetization
are connected in parallel. The power factors are 0.5 lag and 0.8 lag.
55. The magnetizing force ( H ) and magnetic flux density ( B ) are
Calculate the total power factor of the combination.
connected by the relation.
A. 0.65 C. 0.40 A. B = µH C. B = µo H / µr
B. 0.66 D. 0.30 B. B = H /µo µr D. B = µr H / µo

39. The effective value of a 10 volts dc voltage over a period of 10 56. If the loading of transmission lines and Grid equipment is less than 90% of
millisecond is ___. the rated capacity, the Grid is under ___state.
A. 10 C. 7.07 A. normal C. alert
B. 14.14 D. 5 B. emergency D. extreme

40. A 50-kVA 2300/230 volts 60-Hz transformer takes 200 watts and 0.30 57. After a total system blackout, the grid is being restored to its normal state.
ampere at no-load with 2300 impressed on its primary winding. Determine The Grid at this point is at ____ state.
the no-load power factor. A. restorative C. extreme
A. 0.29 C. 0.39 B. emergency D. alert
B. 0.87 D. 0.13
58. A group of electrochemical cells in series-parallel combination is
41. What is the household frequency in the Philippines? called
A. 25Hz C. 50Hz A. Cell Group C. Battery
B. 60Hz D. 100Hz B. Dry Cell D. PV Cell

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Electrical Engineering
59. A three-phase, 60-Hz transposed transmission line has a flat horizontal
configuration of three solid conductors. If the line reactance is 0.486 Ω per 75. A three-phase synchronous motor absorbing 60 kW is connected in
kilometer and the conductor geometric mean radius is 2.0 cm. Determine parallel with a factory load of 240kW having a lagging power factor of
the phase spacing D in meters. 0.8. the combined load has a pf of 0.9. determine the kVAR supplied
A. 15 m C. 16 m by the motor.
B. 22 m D. 10 m A. 28 C. 31
B. 35 D. 25
60. A three-phase 4-pole 60Hz synchronous generator has 24 slots. The coil
pitch is five slots. Calculate the pitch factor.
76. When a transformer is loaded, the secondary terminal voltage drops.
A. 0.966 C. 0.987
B. 0.945 D. 0.953
That means power factor is
A. zero C. leading
61. A power plant having three turbo alternators rated at 25 MVA 0.8 pf, 15 B. unity D. lagging
MVA unity pf and 30 MVA 0.9 pf has a maximum demand of 50MW.
Determine the utilization factor. 77. This is used as a common method in cooling transformer
A. 81.45% C. 83.24 % A. air-blast C. wind
B. 80.64 % D. 87.34 % B. oil D. water

62. The following information is given in relation with an alternator: 96 slots, 78. A flux of 25mWb links with a 1500 turn coil at the same time a current
4 poles, 1500 rpm, 16 turns per coil, 2.58 x10^6 flux lines, coil span of 1 of 3A passes along the coil. Calculate the energy stored in the
to 20, whole-coil lap winding, three-phase. Calculate the generated magnetic field.
voltage per phase. A. 112 J C. 169J
A. 2480 V C. 2580 V B. 56 J D. 84kJ
B. 2660 V D. 2560 V
79. In order to maintain a 480-volts on the secondary side of a 20-kVA
63. Calculate the B parameter of a nominal T- transmission line given the 8000/480-volt transformer when fully-loaded it requires an input voltage of
following, R=10-Ω, X=20-Ω and Y=400µS/phase. 8185 volts. Determine the voltage regulation.
A. 45.67 C. 52.43 A. 1.59% C. 5.39 %
B. 22.25 D. 12.34 B. 2.31% D. 1.25 %
64. What is the capacitive reactance per kilometer of a three-phase 80. A 250:5 current transformer is used with a 10-amps ammeter. If the meter
transmission line if its capacitance is 7.4nF/km?
reads 5 amps, determine the line current.
A. 358kΩ C. 791kΩ A. 0.15 amp C. 0.10 amp
B. 821kΩ D. 237kΩ B. 12.20 amp D. 250 amp
65. In a capacitor start motor, the phase displacement between starting 81. What value of R is required to be connected to a 0.05uF capacitor for
and running winding can be nearly an RC circuit time constant of 0.02s?
A. 10° C. 30° A. 400 ohms C. 400kohms
B. 60° D. 90° B. 400 Mohms D. 400Gohms
66. A 2 uF capacitor is charged to 50 volts and then connected in parallel 82. How long does it take for an initial charge of 20 V dc to decrease to
(positive plate to positive plate) with a 4 uF charged to 100 volts. What 7.36 V dc in a 0.01-microfarad capacitor when a 2-megohm resistor is
is the potential difference across it? connected across it?
A. 100 V C. 50 V A. 12.64 seconds C. 0.02 second
B. 83.33 V D. 0 B. 1 second D. 7.98 seconds

67. The capacitance of a capacitor formed by two parallel metal plates 83. A power plant has a maximum demand of 100MW and a connected load
each 200 cm2 in area separated by a dielectric 4 mm thick is 0.0004 of 160MW. For a 500,600 MWH annual generation, find the demand factor.
microfarads. A p.d. of 20,000 V is applied. Calculate the total charge A. 0.555 C. 0.588
on the plates. B. 0.625 D. 0.667
A. 4 uC C. 8 uC
B. 6 uC D. 10 uC 84. A generating station supplies peak loads of 12000kW, 9000kW, and
6000kW. Calculate the maximum demand of the station if its diversity factor
and its average annual load factor is 1.2 and 70% respectively.
68. A pony motor is basically a
A. 12MW C. 22.5MW
A. small induction motor C. D.C. series motor
B. 12.25MW D. 20MW
B. D.C. shunt motor D. double winding A.C./D.C. motor
85. In a 13.8 KV, 10 MVA base three phase system a phase to phase fault
69. One ampere-hour delivered by a secondary cell is equal to _________ occurs. If the Thevenin’s equivalent impedance of the system is 2.63%,
coulombs. what is the magnitude of the fault current?
A. 1 C. 60 A. 13,800 A C. 15,900 A
B. 360 D. 3,600 B. 27,600 A D. 7,970 A

70. A 2300-V three-phase synchronous motor driving a pump is 86. A certain light source produces an illumination of 800 lux on a surface. Find
provided with a line ammeter and a field rheostat. When the the illumination on that surface is the distance of the light source is doubled.
rheostat is so adjusted such that the ac line current is a minimum, A. 300 lux C. 100 lux
B. 400 lux D. 200 lux
the ammeter reads 8.8 A. Approximate the hp delivered by the
pump. 87. Gold and silver are
A. 45 C. 50 A. dielectric materials
B. 47 D. 49 B. low resistivity conducting materials
C. magnetic materials
71. It nominates a person as a candidate for the Board of EE. D. insulating materials
B. Phil. President D. DOE 88. A 40-kva transformer is tested. The results are as follows: O.C.T: 250-volts,
500-watts; SCT: 40 volts at full-load current, 750-watts. Determine the
72. Dielectric materials are sometimes called ______. efficiency at rated kva at 0.8 power factor
A. metal C. conductor A. 98.43% C. 96.24%
B. insulator D. semiconductor B. 92.45% D. 94.55%

73. The unit of absolute permittivity of a medium is 89. If 25 ohms and 125 amps are the base impedance and current,
A. joule / coulomb C. newton-metre respectively, for a given system, what is the base kVA?
B. farad / metre D. farad/coulomb A. 781.25 C. 39.1
B. 390.625 D. 78.12
74. Two coils have a mutual inductance of 0.5H. If a current of 8A in one
of the coils reverses in 0.8s, what is the average emf induced in the
other coil?
A. 5V C. 2.5V
B. 20V D. 10V

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Electrical Engineering
90. Scott-T connected transformers are used to deliver power to a balanced
three-phase load, if the teaser transformer delivers 5-kW, what is the total
power of the load?
A. 2.5-kW C. 5 –kW
B. 10-kW D. 20-kW

91. Three single phase transformers each rated 5-kva, 220/110 volts are
connected Y-Δ. What must be the approximate source voltage in primary
if the secondary line voltage is 100 volts?
A. 220 volts C. 200 volts
B. 173 volts D. 346 volts

92. An overhead, single-phase transmission line delivers 1100 kW at 33 kV at

0.8 p.f. lagging. The total resistance of the line is 10 Ω and total inductive
reactance is 15 Ω. Determine sending-end voltage.
A. 33.45 kV C. 33. 23 kV
B. 33.56 kV D. 33. 95 kV

93. The lowest KAIC commercially available for miniature circuit breaker is
A. 3 C.10
B. 5 D. 15

94. The arcing contacts in a circuit breaker are made of

A. copper tungsten alloy C. porcelain
B. electrolytic copper D. aluminum alloy

95. A thermal protection switch can protect against

A. short-circuit C. temperature
B. overload D. over voltage

96. An office building has a load density of 28 VA/sq. m. If the total floor area
of the building is 500 sq. m, what is the total computed load?
A. 16.2 kVA C. 14 kVA
B. 11.20 kVA D. 17.5 kVA

97. Who is the executive officer of the Board of EE?

A. PRC Commissioner C. Chairman of the Board
B. President of Phil. D. DOE Secretary

98. The electrical designs in dwelling units can be in the following sheet size:
A. 200x400mm C. 197x300mm
B. 297x420mm D. 500x760mm

99. The Anti-Pilferage of Electricity Act is

A. RA 7832 C. RA 7920
B. RA 9136 D. RA 8740

100. The Board of EE is composed of how many members, including the

A. 7 C. 2
B. 3 D. 4


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