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The Prophet said: “Seek after knowledge from the cradle to the grave”.


The renowned historian Ibn Khaldoun offers some advice in his book ‘Al-Muqaddima’, which the well-known
leader of the Muslims Haroon-ar-Rashid passed on to his son’s teacher. He said:

“O Ahmar, verily the leader of the Muslims (referring to himself) is entrusting in your care
his beloved, so take him under your wing. Make his obedience to you unconditional and let
him regard you as if you are the leader of the Muslims. Teach him to read and understand
the Qur’an and acquaint him with the traditions of our noble Prophet Muhammad .
Teach him poetry and literature and make him aware of the times at which he should speak and when he should
remain silent. Do not let him waste his time and ensure that he is always engaged in beneficial activities and
cultivate him with closeness and kindness, but if he rejects this approach then you must be firm and severe”.
The above narration encapsulates the essence of Al-Khair’s aspiration. Al-Khair School is committed to the pursuit of academic
excellence and Islamic development for all pupils in our care. The school promotes an ethos which seeks to cultivate and nurture each
pupil with a love for Islam and a respect for all, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

The following sections provide you with an insight into the world of Al-Khair, and the manner in which we strive to create a unique
school of excellence, which is based on Islam and whose objective is to produce outstanding Muslims who will succeed in this life and the
next insha’Allah.
Islamic Environment
Al-Khair is a unique Islamic school which provides an exceptional standard of education, a breadth of extra-curricular
activities and strong pastoral care – all of which are based upon a model Islamic environment. In essence, the fundamental
objective for Al-Khair is to produce the future Ambassadors of Islam – exceptionally educated and articulate individuals
who remember Allah in all their words and deeds.

An Islamic environment is created on many levels:

• First and foremost, the teachers are role models for the students, • The weekly assemblies for the Primary and Secondary schools are also
exemplifying Islam in their words and actions. They also act as a geared towards Islamic issues and often invite external speakers.
trusted reference point for answering the many questions that arise
from every child’s inquisitive mind. • Whilst the School House system (named after Islamic scholars of the
past) intangibly creates an aura and love for our Islamic heritage; our
• In addition to the weekly Jummah prayer, which allows the students policy of a ‘Weekly Hadith’ tangibly teaches the students new virtues.
to learn vital lessons from an inspiring khutbah, the daily prayers are
also performed in congregation. This reinforces the sense of unity and
• Finally, we take even greater measures to ensure that our students
physically implement these virtues. As an example, in addition to
brotherhood amongst the students and instils discipline in each of them. learning about the importance of Sadaqa in Islam, students are
Furthermore, each class commences its day with a encouraged to initiate and participate in fundraising events. After all, it is
collective dua, which inculcates the significance the attributes of empathy, initiative, perseverance and the zeal to help,
of invoking Allah’s name at all times. which make the ideal Muslim who will bring Khair (good) to humanity.

The Prophet said: “Whenever a group gathers for remembering Allah, Mighty
and Majestic is He, angels surround them, mercy covers them, tranquillity descends
on them, and Allah mentions them to those in His presence.” (Muslim)
Teacher, Student Ratio
Cultivating academic excellence is a prime goal of Al-Khair and it is for this reason that we have paid
particular attention to maintaining a small class size. It is the policy of the school to limit the maximum
number of students in a class to twenty.
It is widely accepted that a small class size has clear advantages both for the students and staff.
Such advantages include:

• Allowing the pupils to receive more concentrated and individual attention

• Allowing the class to form close bonds with each other and with the teacher
• Creating a more congenial environment that fosters a sense of belonging
• Helping each child to feel valued and self confident
Furthermore, these benefits would be almost impossible to match in large classes of thirty, which are the norm
in most schools.
“Pupils are polite, well behaved, considerate, and reflective” Ofsted
Pastoral Care
Overview Aims Form Tutors

Al-Khair places great emphasis on the Each Form Tutor helps their pupils to develop
At Al-Khair we consider the pastoral
pastoral care of its pupils, as well as that of their particular talents, interests and needs and
care of each individual pupil to be of the staff and parents. Our school aims to promotes first-class relations between staff
great importance. Central to pastoral provide a happy, caring and safe environment and pupils. This is achieved within a positive
in which the academic, physical and spiritual environment for the benefit of the individual,
care is the Form Tutor, who has to take development of each pupil is promoted. the school and the wider community. Positive
on a variety of roles in order to know The pupils are encouraged to behave in reinforcement is combined with a firm
and care for the children, foster their a responsible manner, showing respect, discipline policy, which consists of merits and
courtesy and consideration at all times in demerits in Secondary School and a star
development and share their concerns. accordance with the teachings of the Prophet system in Primary School.
In addition, weekly assemblies cover a . We have very high expectations of our
School Council, Head Boy and
pupils in this regard and all children are
wide range of topics to develop strong Head Girl
encouraged to act as Ambassadors for
Islamic personalities and community Islam, from Reception through to the oldest Al-Khair runs a School Council system,
values. Daily prayers are led by an children in Secondary School. which provides the pupils with a sense of

Imam, as is the Jummah

ownership of the school and helps to Muslim; Bukhari; Tirmidhi; Abu Dawood.
reinforce the school’s strong Islamic ethos. The House system is a distinctive feature of
We choose a Head Boy and Head Girl each the School as it allows children to be part of a
year to lead the School Council and to help group made up of pupils from Year 3 through
with various aspects of school life such as to Year 11. Each house is led by a staff House-
representing the school externally or master or House-mistress and a student
thanking visiting speakers. This is a great House-captain. House sporting competitions
honour and those chosen carry out the role are held every term and other competitions
with a sense of responsibility and humility. run at various times during the year.

Prefects Accidents & Illnesses

Al-Khair has a prefect system in place and there Children who are involved in accidents or
are a variety of prefects working throughout the taken ill at school are referred to the school
school. In Year 7 children ‘apply’ to be prefects for office in the first instance where the extent of
various responsibilities such as helping with the their injuries or severity of their illness is quickly
younger classes at break times. assessed. First aid is given by one of our three
fully trained first aiders in the medical room,
House System which also provides for children to be able to
On entry to the school, all pupils are assigned to rest if advisable. Parents/Guardians are contacted
one of four houses: and informed when necessary.

“Teachers are seen as role models” Ofsted

Extra-Curricular Activities
Our extra-curricular activities are broad, exciting and diverse; but
most importantly, we ensure that they are carried out within an
Islamic framework.

Al-Khair offers its pupils a vast array of extra-curricular activities, which aim to:

• Facilitate their personal and social development

• Enhance and extend their own interests
• Help them fulfill their potential
• Develop their self-confidence
• Allow students to integrate and operate in a multi-cultural
society adhering to Islamic rules and regulations
“Pupils are prepared well for life in a multicultural society” Ofsted
Sports Duke of Edinburgh Award its Annual Drama Production for the parents and
Al-Khair provides its students with indoor sports At Al-Khair Secondary School, pupils from Year 10 the local community.The drama production is the
facilities, and although there are no outdoor facilities can choose to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh grand finale of months of hard work, carried out
Award. The programme is flexible, balanced and by both students and teachers.The production
currently, local sports centres and playing fields are
non-competitive; children work at their own pace allows students to gain exposure to a variety of
used for the following sports:
and such an approach maximises the personal areas: from writing the scripts and constructing the
• Swimming • Football • Basketball development of each child. Participants in the sets, to designing the costumes and performing
• Martial Arts • Athletics • Cross Country Duke of Edinburgh Award enhance their teamwork the play. Recent productions have included ‘Baba
• Cricket • Tennis • Fencing • Archery and leadership skills, whilst also performing fun and Abdullah’, ‘The Old Caliph’, ‘Kindness in Islam’ and
We hold Inter-House Sports competitions for interesting activities. Duke of Edinburgh Award is ‘An Extraordinary League of Gentlemen’ – all based
boys and girls, so as to develop competition also available for female students ‘Al-Khair being on Islamic themes.
and team spirit within the pupils. Winners the only Islamic School providing the opportunities
Al-Khair also has its own specialist Art teacher.We seek
for females, led by an all female team.’
are given awards for their achievements, to develop the passion and talent of those students
thereby recognizing their accomplishments and Art & Drama who express an interest in this area. Furthermore, we
encouraging a desire for success. At the end of each school year, the school performs introduce our students to Islamic art, so as to educate
The Prophet said: “Every act of goodness is charity”. (Bukhari)

them about our heritage in this field.We also highlight showcase their talents and abilities, such as the Power 100,
• Taking part in the ‘Drawing Inspiration Project’,
the contribution Muslims have made to world art and where children wrote poems and letters for the 1001 Muslim Inventions Launch and the Urban Muslim
architecture.We have held workshops on geometric children in Darfur Woman Event.
patterns, art from the Muslim World and Arabic Calligraphy
by professional artists.
• Baking cakes for the elderly in the community Muslim Interschool Sports
Our emphasis on charity work aims to produce Competition (MISSC)
Fundraising Muslims who will make sadaqa a central aspect of The Muslim Interschool Sports Competition
their lives – as children, teenagers and adults. was developed by Al-Khair and takes place on
What makes Al-Khair unique is its association with the
Al-Khair Foundation, a charitable organization that carries a yearly basis with Muslim schools participating
Community Participation
out significant fundraising and charity work for pertinent from all over London. Separate tournaments are
Al-Khair believes it is essential to teach students the organised for primary and secondary schools
international causes. Hence, one fundamental aim of our
concept of the community and our responsibility towards with competitions such as archery, swimming, long
school is to instill in the pupils a deep understanding of
it. Participation in community activities helps build the jump and hurdles taking place. Al-Khair primary
sadaqa (voluntary charity).
children’s confidence. It also instils in them the desire to and secondary schools have been awarded prizes
Subsequently, Al-Khair has carried out a number of improve and advance the society in which they live. Our in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
successful fundraising events, which were initiated, developed, students have been invited to a number of events to
organized and then executed by the pupils themselves.
Examples include:
• Donating Eid Gifts to the less fortunate
• Writing letters to the orphans in Kashmir
The Prophet said: “The world is green and delightful, and Allah has put you in charge of
it and is watching how you behave”. (Muslim)

Interfaith Days Community Cohesion Workshops of the school and other keys issues, which may
Muslims represent about 5% of the Al-Khair regularly invites Primary Schools impact all the students collectively. In the Primary
population in Croydon. Al-Khair prides itself to take part in activities organised at the School, children are designated duties such as:
in being an exemplary Islamic School, which School enabling a mutual relationship and
is forward thinking and progressive. We feel understanding to be developed with different
• Tidying the library
that a fruitful long term relationship with members of the community. These workshops • Clearing the dining area after lunch
the non-muslim population will act as a include a range of activities such as calligraphy, •W  atering plants
working model of “celebrating diversity” and appreciation of Islamic art and music and pupils • Setting up the hall for prayer time
community cohesion. To this end, Al-Khair carrying out stage productions providing basic
In the Secondary School, there is more focus
students took much pride in participating information about Islam.
on environmental issues. The children meet on
in the Eid-ul-Fitr event at the Town Hall,
School Council & Environmental a weekly basis, where they discuss key issues
marking Croydon’s religious diversity.
Committee and develop strategies going forward. As an
Al-Khair is committed to enhancing
example, the pupils have enforced a recycling
community cohesion and interfaith dialogue The School Council/Environmental Committee is
scheme, where there are specified bins for
by projecting a positive and collaborative an avenue through which the children are able to
paper, glass and plastic.
image of Islam. voice their opinions regarding the running
Visits and Outings
Al-Khair pupils are fortunate enough to
have regular educational workshops from
The School Council and Environmental articulate manner. Delivering presentations is also organisations such as: the Metropolitan Police,
Committee encourage effective leadership, given particular emphasis. We have a tailor-made ActionAid, Red Cross and Transport for
responsibility and a sense of duty to the school programme, which has been prepared specifically London.
community. to cater for the individual needs of our pupils. At
the end of the year, pupils are required to sit an To build upon the National Curriculum, related
Skills for Life exam conducted by the English Speaking Board, trips and outings are frequently arranged for
A key objective for Al-Khair is to prepare its which is accredited by the QCA. pupils throughout the academic year. Pupils
young students for adult life. Being able to have visited: the Globe Theatre, the British
present their viewpoints in a structured and Works experience and Careers week Museum, the Science Museum, the National
rational manner is one important skill they will Another way of preparing our children for Maritime Museum, the Planetarium, South
need.This is why pupils at the Secondary School the future is by providing them with work Norwood Country Park, Local Library and the
have public speaking lessons as part of their placements (for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils).This Wetlands Centre.
curriculum, where they learn to debate in an offers them the opportunity to gain an insight
Finally, at the end of each academic year, an
into the reality of working in various fields and
excursion is arranged to reward students for all
their hard work. The children have thoroughly
Furthermore, throughout the year, there are a enjoyed previous trips to Old McDonald’s
number of visits by professionals, career workshops, Farm, Chessington World of Adventures,
interview and soft skills development sessions. Thorpe Park and Residential trips.
The basic aim of Al-Khair’s curriculum is to develop the student’s knowledge, understanding of concepts,
skills and confidence. We seek to provide a secure yet challenging environment which encourages
curiosity, enquiry and participation. Our curriculum is characterised by breadth, balance, relevance and
flexibility in all the areas of learning. Subsequently, we aspire to produce dynamic students, whose
individual potential is fulfilled, and their distinct Islamic personality is nurtured.

Al-Khair follows the National Curriculum for all three Key Stages used in Primary and Secondary
Schools. Pupils are taught English, Mathematics, Science, History, ICT, Art, English Literature, Quran,
Arabic, Religious Studies and Physical Education. However, whilst we follow the principles of the
National Curriculum, we take great pride in developing our own interpretation of it and infusing
a unique Islamic dimension into it. At the start of KS4, pupils embark on a two year GCSE course
in which they cover the following subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, GCSE
Triple Science, History, Arabic, ICT, Religious Studies, Business Studies and Geography.
English communication, public speaking and Crusades, Islamic Spain, the
All pupils at Al-Khair take English and debating enhance the student’s ability to Indian Independence and
English Literature at GCSE. Throughout the speak confidently and coherently about the Modern History of the
school years, great emphasis is placed on their faith. The school encourages this Middle East.
the central importance of reading to the through “Public Speaking Awards”.
Ultimately the questions
development of the imaginative, informed, History we ask are not only
articulate and free-thinking individual. Pupils “The past is another country”. It is there to “What?” (happened),
are introduced to a wide range of texts, be explored, thoughtfully and imaginatively. but “Why?” and
such as: We hope to nurture an enduring interest in “So What?”. Indeed,
• Those written by key figures in the the students, to search for knowledge and an exploration
English literary canon (e.g. Shakespeare understanding of where we have come worth undertaking.
and Hemingway) from, who we are and what we can achieve.
• Twentieth century writings What makes the History Curriculum at
• Writings from other cultures Al-Khair unique is the combination of
Islamic and Modern Western history. We
• Other literary greats not only teach pupils about the Russian
(such as Tolstoy)
Revolution, Nazi Germany and the
Whilst accomplished written English Apartheid, but also immerse them into
enables self-expression and effective the world of the Ottoman Empire, the

“The pupils are outstandingly well behaved” Ofsted

Mathematics Science ICT & Computing
The Mathematics Department aims to teach all Science is taught within a purpose-designed In an increasingly digital age, we feel that
pupils how to think logically and independently. laboratory, and allows us to realise our belief equipping our students with the appropriate
It also puts an emphasis on numeracy and that science is an experimental subject and that technical knowledge is paramount to their
the ability to model real-life problems in a the best way to learn is by practical experience; future successes and development. Therefore,
mathematical context. at every level almost all lessons involve an we aim to develop the confidence and
element of practical work. All students sit the capability of all pupils by introducing and
Children in the Primary School are introduced to GCSE (Triple Award), and gain a comprehensive using ICT across the curriculum at all ages. All
basic numeracy, simple algebra, basic geometry education in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. pupils are required to sit ICT at GCSE level,
and handling and interpreting data.Throughout and are taught through interactive Internet
the years, numeracy is reinforced and the ideas Whilst following the National Curriculum, based software.
of algebra, geometry and statistics are studied in Al-Khair ensures that Science is taught by
more depth - thus, giving pupils a solid grounding direct reference to the works of luminary
for the more advanced work which begins at Key Islamic scientists and scholars. Furthermore, the
Stage 4. Additionally, the contributions of pertinent teachers draw reference from Qur’an, thereby
Islamic scholars to the field are highlighted. linking Science to the Islamic faith.
The Prophet said: “Beautify the Qur’an with your voices, for a beautiful
voice increases the beauty of the Qur’an”. (Darimi)

Religious Studies lessons we wrestle with great philosophical and

Religious Studies is taught from an early stage moral issues and attempt to tackle some of the
and is largely based on Islam. Some of the most challenging topics of all time.
topics covered in the classes are:
Arabic and Qur’an
• Fundamentals of Faith The cornerstone of our education is the
emphasis on the Arabic language and
• Tafseer the Qur’an. Children from as early as the
Reception class are introduced to the Arabic
• Stories of the Prophets
language, and this development of the language
• Lives of the Companions is continued through to GCSE level. The
Qur’an is taught by an imam, who is qualified in
• Fiqh of Salaat and Wudu the traditional science of Tajweed. All students
are encouraged not only to memorise as much
• Detailed study of the 5 Pillars of the Qur’an as they are able to by rote, but
also to understand the meaning of the verses
• Manners/values based on narrations of the
Prophet and ensure that they implement its principles
and rules on a holistic basis, in all
However, at Key Stage 4, the discipline is spheres of their lives.
enhanced by introducing other world religions,
and providing an insightful comparative. In
Academic Record – Primary School
One of the most obvious ways in which the benefits of our small classes is evident is through the impressive progress
made by the pupils in the Primary School. We are keen to ensure that the progress of each of our students is
meticulously monitored and assessed so that appropriate encouragement and support can be provided.

Right from the age of reception every care is Furthermore, to gain an insight into the read more and fulfil his/her potential in this area.
taken to facilitate student progress so that each progress of each child, internal assessments are We have found that having a mentor reduces the
child can fulfill his/her individual potential. From set for all ages at the end of each term; and this pressure on the pupil, whilst concurrently building
as early as the Reception class, the “Homework is further supplemented by “end of year exams the individual’s confidence.
Learning Programme (HLP)” is implemented, and reports”.
whereby all children are set homework which Children in the Primary School are
they are expected to complete. Parents are Finally, Al-Khair has introduced a “Reading monitored closely through the organised
obliged to supervise this, and teachers spend a Mentoring Scheme”. Through this scheme, every learning programme, the homework, the
great deal of time marking and evaluating the child that struggles to read fluently is assigned a reading mentoring scheme and the exams –
work performed.This allows the teacher to “reading mentor” from the Upper Primary years. through these means, the teacher is able to
monitor the child’s progress, as well as learn the The mentor helps the pupil improve his/her encourage each student and ensure that they
strengths and weaknesses of the child. reading skills, whilst also encouraging him/her to will be able to fulfil their potential.
At Al-Khair, we strongly believe that the
provision of good facilities supports and
enhances our curriculum by creating an
environment that engenders learning, creativity,
discipline and fun. So we have strived hard
to provide our pupils with the best possible
facilities including a multi-functional sports hall,
a well-stocked library, a modern ICT suite, a
language room, a textile room, study room and
a fully equipped science laboratory.

Additionally our pupils benefit from a

pleasant dining hall as well as a medical room.
Furthermore, in keeping with our Islamic ethos
and to ensure that Islam is central to our pupils’
daily lives, Al-Khair provides a wudu area as
well facilities to hold the weekly Jummah prayer.

We also try to make best use of local facilities

such as Lloyds Park for competitive football
matches and athletics events.

“To whom wisdom is granted, is indeed granted abundant good’’ (al-Qur’an 2:269)
Academic Record – Secondary School
Al-Khair School has been at the forefront of academic excellence over many number of years which can be observed by
the outstanding results achieved by GCSE students year on year.

Al-Khair can pride itself on not only the actual grades achieved by
our students, but also the significant levels of academic improvement
displayed by them.

Al-Khair strives to realise each student’s individual potential, and the

outstanding achievement of our GCSE students reflects not only
their own hard work and dedication but is also testament to the
diligence and commitment of our staff.

Al-Khair is proud to state that the exam results were a milestone in

the Secondary School’s development, and has provided us with a
solid base upon which to build from.

To review the most recent results please see the insert provided.
The Prophet said: “The best among you is he who benefits mankind”. (Bukhari)
Senior Management
Al-Khair is run by a dynamic and forward-thinking team, whose primary vision is to deliver a meticulous learning methodology,
which combines Islamic teaching and a national curriculum backed syllabus. The key staff members have been working within
the Muslim community, and have identified the development of the educational field as vital for the success of the community.
Al-Khair benefits a great deal from the skills and expertise of these members; however, in addition to these benefits, the
members also act as Islamic role models for our children, and instil in them the view that serving the wider community is an
integral responsibility on all Muslims.

Imam Qasim has become a prominent Imam Qasim was enrolled on a scholarship Imam Qasim founded Al-Khair School
and influential member of the Muslim program at the Dewsbury Institute of in 2003 and his vision, hard work and
community in the UK. He has been Islamic Education and subsequently determination has made it the Islamic
instrumental in launching several succeeded his father to become the education facility of choice for parents
national community welfare initiatives for Imam of Croydon mosque in 1996. As a throughout London. Al-Khair has
effective minority integration and raising member of the Standing Advisory Council maintained extremely high teaching
educational standards and is also on on Religious Education (SACRE), Imam standards throughout by placing a strong
several policy making forums for Qasim has made invaluable contributions emphasis upon Islamic learning without
local councils. to the Religious Education syllabus taught in compromising the requirements of the
borough schools throughout the country. national curriculum.

“The key to the success of Al-Khair is sincerity and dedication of all” Imam Qasim
Head of Al-Khair Secondary School, Head of Al-Khair Primary School, Almas
Aisha Chaudhr y graduated from SOAS Iqbal graduated with a Law degree, has
University and subsequently went on a Montessori diploma and brings six
to achieve an MLitt in Management, years of experience in teaching and
Economics and Politics at St Andrews management. As Managing Director of
University. She then went on to The Ark Montessori Nursery, Almas has
obtain her PGCE from the Institute of heavily influenced the teaching strategy at
Education in Economics and Business
Al-Khair, focussing on creating an Islamic
Studies. Aisha brings over ten years of
environment and instilling Islamic values
varied teaching and management experience
from an early age. The Ark Nursery now
to Al-Khair, comprised of lecturing at
serves as a head hunting nursery for Al-Khair.
Lahore University, teaching in a private
elementary school in the USA, as well as
in both private and state sector schools
in the UK.

Imam Qasim Aisha Chaudhry Almas Iqbal

What Makes Al-Khair Different
By focussing on high standards of teaching, Al-Khair produces students who are confident, self-assured individuals. Al-Khair’s
success derives from its stringent teaching methods and striking the correct balance between Islamic learning and that of the key
national curriculum subjects. Staff are carefully selected to ensure that high levels of teaching are provided while keeping Islam at
the heart of all activity. Al-Khair works hard to produce excellent, rounded students, incorporating lessons in public speaking to
assist them in becoming true Ambassadors of Islam.

“Al-Khair has provided my son with a first class “We decided to send our daughter to Al- “Al-Khair has provided my three sons with the
education, the difference in him academically and Khair 4 years ago. It had a clear academic unique combination of a private school education
socially has been outstanding and I know this has and Islamic aim plus staff, parents and within an Islamic environment. It has delivered on all
been down to the fantastic teaching within the school. teachers were all motivated. We thought of its promises and has consistently exceeded our
I chose Al-Khair because I wanted my child to excel working together insha’Allah we would achieve expectations. I am particularly impressed by the way in
in his studies whilst also ensuring the environment good things. Alhamdulillah! Now my two which Al-Khair manages to instil Islamic values without
around him was socially and morally in line with the children enjoy going to Al-Khair. It has a warm comprising on academic excellence. In fact, Al-Khair
foundations of Islam. I am happy to say that after atmosphere and has given them a passion for has taught my boys that a first class education is an
trying six different schools over the years, I have finally acquiring knowledge. During the holidays, they important part of their deen and as a parent I couldn’t
found the perfect one.” actually miss school!” ask for more. ”
Ms E Mohothar (Year 3 parent) Dr F Ariffin (Reception and Year 4 parent) Mr B Khan (Years 1, 5 & 6 parent)
“Are those who know equal to those who do not?” (al-Qur’an 39:9)

“After looking at many Muslim schools around benefit for the students is the respectable small “Al-Khair School secure the highest academic
London I chose Al-Khair for my daughter to attend. I number of students in classrooms, allowing each standards through the dedication of its staff and
was searching for a school where student to have a substantial amount of attention the ethos of excellence and pastoral care that is
I myself would be comfortable as well as my child, from teachers. The students also receive the Islamic evident the moment you walk through the door. I can
where my views and opinions could be voiced and side of education consisting of Arabic, Qur’an and confidently predict that Al-Khair students will be the
heard, an establishment where my child will be Religious Education. ” leaders of British society.”
secure in her knowledge of what it is to be a Muslim Mr & Mrs Ghafoor (Years 4 and 10 parents) Andrew Pelling (MP for Central Croydon)
and know how to be part of the mixed society that
we live in. A place where the staff are friendly, kind
and excellent as teachers and role models for the “We looked at several schools but Al-Khair was “This outstanding achievement of our GCSE
children. Alhamdulilah I found all of that at Al-Khair our choice because of its quality, premises location students reflects not only their own hard work and
and now masha’Allah I have 2 daughters that go and its premises size. The children enjoy an Islamic dedication but is also testament to the diligence and
there, and in a couple of years my third will atmosphere with hijaab wearing teachers. From commitment of our staff. Our results have improved
also attend. ” a young age they become used to the Islamic exponentially year on year, and we are committed
etiquettes and are taught Qur’anic and spoken to making Al-Khair a model school of academic
Mrs F Ismail (Reception and Year 3 parent) excellence and outstanding behaviour in the Borough.”
Arabic. The parents - us - have formed a close knit
community and many share school picks and drop Mrs A Chaudhry (Headmistress)
“One of the best things we’ve done as parents is offs, as well as personally knowing the teachers.
putting our children in Al-Khair, mashallah my sons Furthermore, we have seen the premises improve
were given the utmost attention as a student and considerably with a new laboratory. ”
a one to one relationship with the teachers. The Dr U Quraishi (Years 2 and 3 parent)
teachers themselves have excellent qualifications
and skills in their department and thus enable the
children to aim the highest and achieve the best,
while making teaching fun and enjoyable. A good
Al-Khair Primary School - Croydon

Address: 36 Pitlake By Rail:

Croydon The nearest train station is West Croydon Train Station,
CR0 3RA we are a 5 minute walk from here.
Telephone: 020 8680 9795 also good London Bus links.
Al-Khair Secondary School - Croydon

Address: 109-119 Cherry Orchard Road By Rail:

Croydon The nearest train station is East Croydon station,
CR0 6BE we are a 2 minute walk from here.
Telephone: 020 8662 8664 By Tram:
Email: The nearest tram station is East Croydon Tram stop.
Al-Khair Primary School - Birmingham

Address: Oak Green Way By Car:

Off Causeway Green Road Take Junction 2 on M5 follow A4123
Oldbury, Wolverhampton Road, 3 mins from the
West Midlands motorway M5
B68 8LA By Train:
Telephone: 07542 122 499 Nearest Train Station is Langley Green
Email: 0.5 miles from the station.