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¾" pH / ORP sensors

8350 Combination sensor series (DataSheet TE8350revE)

pH/redox combination probes Models 8350/8351

For immersion and flow–through installations

Î For all measurements in drinking, waste and industrial process water
Î Treatment of effluents, cooling towers
Î Measurements of corrosive chemical products

Î Wide measuring range: 0 to 14 pH, ±1500 mV redox
Î Quick response time for accurate temperature compensation (built-in Pt100)
Î Optimised life-expectancy : high resistance to poisoning due to the double junction
Î Chemical resistance of body and junction materials, glass bulb protection against shocks
Î Maintenance free : Combination gelified electrode
Î Auto-diagnostic of electrodes : glass and reference impedances self-checking
Î Possible installation from all positions, horizontal and upside down
Î Built-in low noise cable (10 m/33 ft)

Technical Data
Subject to change without notice
8350.0 8350.3 8350.4 8350.5
Sensor model

Application high temperature high temperature fouling samples water samples
corrosive media corrosive media no organic samples containing F-
pH Measuring range 0 ... 14 0 ... 14 0 ... 12 0 ... 12
Accuracy 0.05 pH @ 25°C
Response time
pH, mV 95% of signal within 10 sec
Drift < 2 mV / week (typical)
Temperature sensor Pt100
integral in Temperature sensor outside electrode body /
sensor body direct contact with media
no direct contact made of glass
with media
Process connection ¾'' NPT thread at both sensor ends
Installation possible: vertical, horizontal, upside down, inline or immersion
permissble Tmax 110°C 110°C 80°C 110°C
permissble pmax 10 bar @ 80°C 0 ... 110°C 0 ... 80°C 0 ... 110°C
3.5 bar @ 110°C 10 bar @ 80°C 10 bar @ 25°C 10 bar @ 80°C
Further Probe specs
Diaphragm Flat PTFE junction (Teflon)
Impedance measurement no yes by Pt ring yes by SS ring yes by SS ring
Impedance 150 to 500 MΩ 150 to 500 MΩ 50 to 250 MΩ 100 to 150 MΩ
Electrode Glass Glass Glass Glass
Electrolyte KNO3 and KCl
Shaft material PPS PPS CPVC PPS
Special notes not suitable for water samples containing fluoride @ pH< 6
liquid earth rod, liquid earth rod, liquid earth rod, liquid earth rod,
domed glass with domed glass with flat glass domed glass with
guard guard guard
Dimensions 150 x 26.4 mm
Cable fixed 10 m low noise cable
for cable length > 10m up to < 25m
use junction box Z08350=A=8500 + cable Z358048,00000
for cable length > 25m
use junction box (with pre-amp) Z08350=A=8000 + cable Z370=506=025

* Note: Select flat sensor for viscous/ fibrous solutions as pulp stock
For technical Data of 8351 ORP sensor model please refer to the Technical DataSheet

HACH LANGE Tender Documents European Distributor Pricelist

Process measuring instruments for valid from 01.01.2009
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