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AP Art Syllabus (Photo)

Sheldon Richards - - (505)296-4871 ext. 35074

Welcome to AP Art. This year we will be working to:
1. Increase your ability and comfort in expressing ideas through art
2. Increase your skill and ability to effectively see and use art materials
3. Increase your familiarity with art-related terms and ideas and your ability to discuss and use them
4. Increase your familiarity with the art of important artists from the past
It is my hope that you will have a fun and rewarding experience that will further your ability to be
creative and express yourself visually.

Class fee! There is a class fee of $50 (fifty dollars) for the year. Please pay this by the end of the sixth
week. If you need to delay payment or cannot afford to pay please let me know by the end of the sixth
week. I can make arrangements for you to work off your fee, but this needs to be done early. I will not
grant exemptions after the end of the sixth week. It is preferred that you pay via synergy, but I can also
accept cash or checks made out to Eldorado.

Websites: My school website. Weekly itinerary and homework will be posted on
this site. Learn it. Know it. Bookmark it. Synergy studentview. Login in to check your
grades. Stay on top of things. Synergy parentview. Parents: use this to check in
on your child’s grades and attendance. College Board Website. Information on the courses, portfolio
requirements, and sample portfolios.

Grading: Grading will be broken into four categories:

1. Participation: You will receive 5 points per week for participation, 1 for every short day, and 2
for every long day. Participation points are granted for working the whole class period and being
a positive influence in the classroom. They may be reduced for students who are observed not
working or who break class rules or use inappropriate or abusive language.
2. Class Projects: Class projects will be weighted at roughly 1 point per 50 minutes of work time. A
one-class project will be 1 or 2 points, a one week project will be 5, etc.
3. Sketchbook: Sketchbook assignments will be weighted at 2 points per week most weeks. They
will include notes, exercises, and warm-ups.
4. Portfolio Checks: At regular intervals, student portfolios will be checked for an appropriate level
of completion. Portfolio checks will be worth points based on the amount of work required for
each check.
5. Reading and definitions: Students will be assigned chapters to read as homework. They will be
required to define terms as proof of their reading completion. This will be worth 2 points per

Missed Participation:
If students must be absent or wish to regain lost participation points they may come in during lunch or
after school, by appointment. Points can also be regained by donating classroom supplies such as soap,
facial tissue, and multi-purpose cleaner. Students are limited to five extra participation points per
week.These points can also be used to bring up an unsatisfactory grade.

Basic scope and sequence:

This class will focus on preparation of a portfolio for submission to The College Board. We will begin the
course by exploring a variety of processes. After this we will make an in-depth exploration of the
elements of art and principles of design. Interspersed throughout the year we will be working on artwork
focusing on a specific theme chosen by the student.

Our primary goal is completion of the portfolio. 24 photos will be submitted digitally and 5 pieces will
be physically mailed to College Board. The portfolio is divided into three sections:
Breadth: (12 pieces) The breadth section is designed to show a range of approaches to making art. This
range can be based on subject, style, medium, approach, etc. The goal is to make 12 great pieces that are
very different from each other.
Concentration: (12 images, not from breadth) The concentration section is designed to show a sustained
focus on a single idea the student has chosen. This can be thematic or technical. It does not necessarily
mean 12 different pieces of art. Some images may show detail or process. The goal is to show the
student’s ability to explore an idea in-depth while making great artwork.
Quality: (5 pieces mailed to College Board, can be from breadth or concentration): For this section, you
will mail in your 5 finest pieces. The idea is to send your best work to be viewed in person by scorers.

Students will also be expected to submit work to various events including The Scholastic Art and Writing
Competition, The Metro Art Show, Transcend Literary Magazine, and The Congressional Art Contest.
We will also show work at the school on a regular basis.