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Arrival Information: Getting to TIFR, Hyderabad (TIFR-H)

Postal Address:

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

36/P, Gopanpally Village,
Serilingampally Mandal,
Ranga Reddy District,
Hyderabad 500107
Phone : +91 (0)40 2020 3001

Google Map link:

The TIFR-H campus is situated on Kanchi Gachibowli road, Gopanpally, Rangareddy Dist.,
Hyderabad. To get to TIFR-H, you should ask to be taken to Lingampally from where TIFR
Hyderabad is located about 7 km on Kanchi Gachibowli Road. The map overleaf shows the
location of TIFR Hyderabad and the route map from Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station
(MGBS), Kacheguda Railway Station, Secunderabad Railway Station, Nampally railway
station (Hyderabad Deccan) and RGIAP to TIFR Hyderabad.

Arrival by Rail:

Hyderabad’s main long-distance train stations are at:

1. Kacheguda Train Terminus
2. Nampally Train Terminus (Hyderabad –Deccan Railway Station)
3. Secunderabad Train Terminus (Secunderabad Junction)

From any of these stations, one can take MMTS to reach Lingampally station and from
there either Auto or public transport may be taken to reach TIFR-H.

Arrival by Bus:

If you are coming to Hyderabad by Bus, you will arrive at Mahatama Gandhi Bus Station
(MGBS). From, MGBS you can either hire a taxi or an auto to arrive at TIFR Hyderabad.
Please ask the driver to take you to the Kanchi Gachibowli Road, Gopanpally.

You can also use public transport to arrive at TIFR Hyderabad. First, you have to take a
bus to Lingampally from the Train station / MGBS. Then, you have to take another bus to
Gopanpally Thanda from where TIFR Hyderabad is just a walk of 2 minutes towards
Vattinagulapally. The bus routes are indicated in the following table.
FROM TO BUS ROUTES Expected Travel Time

17/226, 17H/226C, 219,

Secunderabad Lingampally 1h 15min
226, 226E

113E/L, 216D, 2016H,
Kacheguda (Through 1h 45min
Lakadika Pool)

Nampally Lingampally 218, 225, 225CL, 225LV 1h

MGBS Lingampally 225A 1h 20min

Lingampally 220V 15min

Arrival by Air: Airport Terminals

Rajeev Gandhi International Airport: Outside the terminal, there will be a queue of
waiting taxis and you can hire a cab to TIFR Hyderabad.

If you encounter any difficulties please call TIFR Hyderabad: +91 40 2020 3001.
Mob: +91 9885858633 (Mr. Narasimha)

Route maps from Kacheguda, Nampally, Secunderabad Railway Station,

MGBS and Rajiv Gandhi International Air Port

Taxi Fare to TCIS From Approx Cost

Rajeev Gandhi Intl. Airport 500

(Take PREPAID Taxi!)

Secunderabad Train Terminus 450

Kacheguda Train Terminus 400

Nampalli Train Terminus 350

MGBS 400



Breakfast & Tea 08.00 hrs. to 10.30hrs.

Lunch 12.30 hrs. to 14.30 hrs.

Dinner 19.30 hrs. to 21.30 hrs.

 Coffee / Tea is available through-out the day.

 Canteen is closed after 14.30 hrs on Sundays.