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Subject : English Language

Year / Enrolment : 4 Elit / 28 pupils (Advance) :

Date and Day : 7th August 2018 (Tuesday)

Time : 9.15am – 10.15 am (1 hour)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Unit 9 : Our Solar System

Focused Skill : Writing

Content Standard : 3.2 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able
to write using appropriate language form and style for a range of

Learning Standards : 3.2.2 Able to write with guidance:

(c) messages

Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

1. Write a message with guidance

2. Talk briefly about the trip they have joined before

Moral Values : Open minded and able to think logically

Teaching Aids : Textbook, Whiteboard, Marker pen, pictures, handouts

Thinking Skills : Generalise ideas.

Stage / Time Content Activities Resources
Set Induction Arousing pupils’ 1. The teacher asks the 1. Textbook
(5 minutes) attention by asking students to open the
questions. textbook and turn to page
Example of questions: 2. The teacher talks about
What can you see in the picture.
the sky ? 3. The teacher prompts the
What can you see in pupils to speak by asking
sky at night? questions relating to the
solar system.
Presentation Giving as much input 1. The teacher shows the 1.Picture of
(10 minutes) as possible. pictures of the planets in planets in the
the solar system. solar system
2. Teacher introduces the
names of the planets to
3. Teacher gives
descriptions about the
Practice Eliciting pupils’ 1. Teacher reads the text on 1.Textbook
(20 minutes ) performance. the page 83 and pupils 2. Handouts
2. Teacher distributes hand-
outs to the pupils.
3. Teacher asks students to
answer the questions in
4. Teacher discusses the
Production 1. Teacher asks pupils to
(20 minutes) imagine they are from
other planets.
2. Then, teacher asks pupils
to write a simple message
to talk about their trip to
the earth.
3. Teacher asks students to
present their message in
front of the class.
Closure 1) To recap the 1. Teacher asks chosen
(5 minutes ) lesson. pupils on what they have
2) To instill moral learnt during the lesson.
values. 2. Teacher concludes the