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Year 2 Date August 1st 2018

Subject English Day Wednesday

Theme World of Stories Topic The Robot
Time 0730 -0830 Duration 1 hour
Number of 23 Level of Low
students Proficiency

Content Standard Learning Standard

Main Skill Main Skill
2.1 Communicate with simple information 2.1.3 Give a short sequence of basic
intelligibly instructions
Complementary Skill Complementary Skill
1.2 Understood meaning in a variety of 1.2.2 Understand with support specific
familiar contexts. information and details of simple sentences.

Behavioural Objectives
At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Name part of the body at least 3 words correctly.

Focus Skill (s) Speaking

Integrated Skill (s) Listening
Teaching Aids Whiteboard, whiteboard marker
Thinking Skill (s) Indentifying
Moral Value (s) Cooperation
Stages Teaching and Learning Procedures Remarks
Set Induction 1) The teacher sketch a human body on the TM: whiteboard,
(5 mins) whiteboard. whiteboard marker
2) The students will be asked to identify the
 Look at these pictures
 Can you tell me what they are?

Main activity Presentation (15 mins) part of the body :

1) Teacher introduces the topic.  Head
2) Teacher teach the students to sing Head and  Shoulder
Shoulders song.  Knees
3) Teacher demonstrate how to sing the song to  Toes
the students,
Lyric :
Head,shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes
Head,shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes
and eyes and ears and mouth and nose
Head,shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes

Practice (20 mins) TS: identifying

1. Teacher teach simple instruction to the students
 Show me your head
 Show me your shoulder
 Show me your knees
 Show me your toes.
2. The teacher teach the students how to follow the
 This is my head
 This is my shoulder
 This is my knees
 This is my toes
3. The teacher gives the instruction to the
4. The students follow the instruction.
Production (15 mins) Moral Value :
1. The teacher asks the students to find their pair. Cooperation
One of the pair will give the simple instruction
and the other one will follow the instruction. After
that the pair will change role.
2. The teacher asks the students to find different
pair and do the same thing that already do with
their previous patner.

Closure 1. Teacher asks students to state what they have

(5 mins) learnt today.
 “Class, what have you learnt today?”
2. Teacher and students sing the Head and
Shoulder song together.

Reflection :