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GRADE 11 - Senior High School School Dumalag Central National High School Grade Level 11

Lesson Plan Teacher EUNICE GALE F. FRIO Learning Area EAPP

Teaching Dates and Time August 6-10 2018 Quarter 1


I. OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson the By the end of the lesson the
students should have… students should have…

- defined unfamiliar words - defined unfamiliar words

found in the texts found in the texts
- present ideas convincingly -- present ideas convincingly
- Use appropriate critical - Use appropriate critical
approaches in writing technique approaches in writing
- Use the appropriate language technique Midterm examination
for specific discipline - Use the appropriate
language for specific
-review of the lessons
(continuation of the lesson

II. CONTENT Perception: applying Perspectives: looking into

perspectives in understanding different angles for a better
and criticizing images judgement Part 1

III. CONTENT STANDARD The learner understands the The learner understands the
principles and uses of a reaction principles and uses of a
paper/ review/ critique reaction paper/ review/
IV. PERFORMANCE The learner produces an The learner produces an
STANDARD objective assessment of an objective assessment of an
event, a person, a place or a event, a person, a place or a
thing. thing.

Writes a comprehensive review Writes a comprehensive

/reaction paper review /reaction paper

Performance Arts, Play, Performance Arts, Play,

Dance, Sports, etc. Dance, Sports, etc.

Film Film

Participation in a religious or Participation in a religious

community festival or community festival

Art Exhibit Art Exhibit

critiques designs such as critiques designs such as

industrial design objects or craft industrial design objects or
objects, furniture, fashion designs craft objects, furniture,
based on a set criteria fashion designs based on a
set criteria
critiques graphic design
communication materials such critiques graphic design
as posters, billboards, communication materials
commercials, digital and other such as posters, billboards,
media commercials, digital and
other media
V. PROCEDURES Engage Engage
The teacher will ask the
Carla Angel Nora following questions.
a. Abellana b. Aquino c. Aunor
Is a report on an
event a reaction paper?
Julia Eugene
Can a summary of a novel or
d. Barretto e. Ann Curtis f. Domingo literary work pass for a
What are the qualities of a
Bianca Kristine Heart good review or reaction
g. Gonzalez h. Hermosa i. Evangelista
Would a favorable or
Marian Pops Maja unfavorable gut-reaction
j. Rivera k. Fernandez l. Salvador expressing an emotion be
considered a reaction
paper? Why or Why not?
Liza Dawn
m. Pokwang n. Soberano o. Zulueta
The teacher will have an intro
Ask the students what about school of literary
their favorite Tagalog criticism.
movies are. Why would
they consider them Literary critics have many
their favourites? skills, but those which the
practising poet needs to
Make them choose their top ten acquire are close reading,
favorite actresses from among explication and evaluation.
the following. And the first two because
most poems fail through lack
Explore of care. The originating
emotion still clots the lines or,
The teacher will emphasize that in striving for originality, the
how they criticize each artist is work becomes muddled,
relevant to what approaches pretentious or incoherent.
they will use in criticizing reading
selection. What does literary criticism
hope to achieve?
Explain Explore
The teacher will emphasize
The teacher is going to give a that how that the school of
brief lecture on what are 7 literary criticism opposed on
Critical Approaches to Literature critical approaches.
The teacher is going to give a
The teacher is going to give brief lecture on what are the
explanations as to how the 16 school of literary criticism
observing and digging deeper by John Holcombe.
could lead to a better
understanding of the matter.

VI. EVALUATION Formative Assessment Formative Assessment .

Identifying what approaches Which approach is

used in the selection best? Explain your answer.



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