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LARRY J. ALDERINK THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION AMERICAN CLASSICAL STUDIE: CREATION AND SALVATION IN ANCIENT ORPHISM Deborah Samuel, Editor NUMBER 8 CREATION AND SALVATION IN SCHOLARS PRESS ANCIENT ORPHISM Larry J. Alderink Distributed by Scholars Press 101 Salem Street P.O, Box 2268 Chico, California 95927 CREATION AND SALVATION IN ANCIENT ORPHISM LARRY J. ALDERINK ny Mother and Father, and tynda, Maria, and Anna Copyright © 1981 The American Philological Association Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Alderink, Lary J Ceation and salvation in ancient orphism. (American classical studies ; no, 8) Bibliography: p. 1. Dionysia. 2. Creation-History of doctrines. 3, Salvation" History of doctrines, 1. Tie I. Series BLAOBZAMS 297.2 81-8772 ISBN 0.89130-502-5 (pbk) AACR? Printed in the United States of America 123456 Edwards Brothers, Inc Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 written by authors in the hove of receiving a critical reading by gcnolars in a particular field of inquiry. But books are all written with other acholars. om one must be grateful, fom the axcitenent ‘and challenge of scholarly activity depends upd Walter Burkert read two of the manusoript a jenerously gave searching analysis of everything--assumptions, evidence, argument, and conclusions. He also gave encouregenalll by showing that interpretation imposes stringent demands. S. Gi x 8 provided access to the National Museum in Thessalondie and Mort th pointed to flaws and strengths in the various jections of the argunent T presented to the Greco-Roman Religion group of the society of Biblical Literature ‘mo all these I an grateful, as T am to my teachera, Jacob Nyenhuis, Robert Otten, and Nicholas Wolterstorff, at calvin at the University of Chicago, Under their tutelage many student T am also appreciative to colleagues at Concordia college, anes Haney and Lester Meyer critiqued the manuscript for style ond Walter Prauenite helped me with éifficult German passases. Concordia College provided trave 1t8 which made possinle research in Greece and attendance at varius scholarly conferent 0 Tngelhardt typed a first and Lynette Kehler the final version script, and Melanie Fleming proofread the finisned Concordia tarry J. algerinie Tine, iethode und tealren cvOLOGHeNS MonIPS 1y mile oRPEC srsTERIES adgnent and Destiny of the Soul TRANSEAPION OP THE DERVENE PAPYRUS .