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become the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Patterns magazine.

the amazing beauty that radiated from their inner strength

Since 1995 I have been a freelance fashion stylist and and courage. It no longer mattered to me if my body was
writer. “imperfect.” My mastectomy scares became my badges of
courage, of honor, of inner strength – my personal triumph
In the world of fashion, body image is everything. As
over adversity. It forced me to re-access myself, as I really
women, we are brought up to emphasize the importance of
am – Naked - stripped of the façade.
our physical attributes from early childhood onward.
Actresses, models and pop stars define our culture’s And so I am transitioning. I made the decision to move my
standard of perceived beauty. For life and career in a new, more meaningful direction. I am
most of my life I help perpetuate determined to break down the stereotype of the “perfect
those standards. body.” I want all women to understand that the loss of a
breast or breasts does not make them less than whole. Most
Breast cancer changed all that.
importantly, I am striving to put an end to the fear and
I like to think the universe
secrecy that can surround a breast cancer diagnosis. I’ve
gave me a wake-up call. As I
come a long way in my own knowledge of the “C-word”
sat in the chemotherapy lounge
since my mother’s death. I’ve survived!
during each 4 1/2 hour I.V. drip,
I stared into the faces of other The documentary Naked can be seen throughout October
women waging their own battle (Breast Cancer Awareness month) on Lifetime Network’s
against Lifetime on Demand. Lifetime will also be honoring
the Meredith as a “Remarkable Woman” in the network’s
disease. Every Woman Counts campaign.
To learn more about Meredith and the documentary go to:
back at
me was

Photos by Laurie Klein

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