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8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

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CCMS mail Alerts

August 25, 2014 | 4,700 Views |

Former Member

NW AS Java Administrator (NWA)

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Con guration of Mail alerts

through CCMS
This document describes how to

con gure mail alerts for DB BACKUP FAILURE. 1/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

The same procedure can be used to

con gure mail alert for any CCMS monitoring context


1. SMTP must be configured in client 000 in order to send mail

alerts through CCMS
2. CCMS Method definition.



De ning method

Logon into the central instance of the system for which you want to
con gure the alerts  (Logging on to the central instance provides you
more monitoring options)


Enter transaction RZ21

Click on –> Display overiew ( under methods tab) 2/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

Navigate to method “CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2”

Tick in the check box beside as shown above.

And copy by clicking on copy button (shift+f8) –> give the name as
starting with “Z” and rest as desired and copy

Once the screen is opened –> go to edit mode –> navigate to tab Release
and select the checkbox auto-reaction as shown below

Now navigate to tab parameters and give the desired values. 

You may go through note 176492 for further details.

Sender = DIALOG USER from 000 client.  (Email id must be maintained

for this user in
000 client) 3/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

Recipient = internet address, group name (to whom the alert must be

Recipient type id = Depends on recipient (please refer note 176492)

And other parameters can also be included as per the requirement

Here are the parameters con gured as per our current scenario

Thoroughly check the parameters and navigate to control tab as shown


Here you can set your desired value and click on save. 4/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs


Now you can proceed to assign this

method to the monitoring context (Here ORA BACKUP


To progess, go to transaction RZ20

Click on Extras –> activate maintenance function

Expand “ALL” –> Public sets –> Sap CCMS Monitoring templates –>
Double click on Database 5/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

Below screen should appear

Check the box backup status and click on properties (or press Shift+f7)


Once the below screen opens –> go to edit mode –> click on methods
tab –> Method assignment

(Note:- You can set the threshold under general tab.) 6/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs


Below screen opens after clicking on method assignment

Click on Auto-reaction tab –> and go to edit mode

8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

Under the method allocation area, select on method name

radio button and give the method that was created earlier

      Click on save.

Once saved go back to initial screen à check box on backup status

and click on save as shown below

Completion of the above process will trigger you an yello alert on “start
of DB backup” and red alert if “DB backup fails”

Hope this helps

Alert Moderator 8/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs

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Alwina Enns

August 25, 2014 at 11:51 am

Hello Naga,

one small remark:

You have assigned the autoreaction method directly to MTE, this assignement
can be lost after a system restart. It is better to assign an autoreaction to the MTE
class. If you display properties of the MTE, then choose “Methods” tab and then
choose “Goto –> Method assignement for MTE class”, you will get this screen:

and you should assign your autoreaciton method from here to MTE class. This will
be more stable. 9/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs


Former Member Post author

August 26, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Hi Alwina,

I didnt know about this.

Thanks for sharing.



Rajarshi Chatterjee

August 26, 2014 at 8:49 am

Hi Naga,

Well documented having steps which can be easily followed. Just a suggestion –
The pre-requisites section can have more information like the jobs that need to
run for CCMS alerts to be sent. Also in previous versions of NetWeaver like NW 7.0
you need to register CCMS agent. Couple of lines regarding the CCMS agents
would also be good.



Former Member

December 18, 2014 at 9:49 am

Hi Naga,

Very good document and which can help to con gure CCMS alerts locally.

Note 176492 regarding recipients is nice one.

Thanks 10/11
8/29/2018 CCMS mail Alerts | SAP Blogs


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