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The JCLC Experience: Freshman Camp: JROTC Announcements

13 cadets from the Redhawk Incoming freshmen spent their See more below about the
battalion traveled to Wendell last few days of summer military ball, JROTC portraits,
H. Ford Training Center in training, practicing core team competitions, and more
Kentucky this past summer to values, and obtaining upcoming events
gain knowledge and knowledge they would need to
leadership experience. Read help them through their
more about it below. JROTC experience.
JCLC: Improving the
Performance of Cadets
In early June, 13 of Stewart’s Creek’s cadets traveled to
Kentucky to gain more insight of what it takes to be a
successful leader.
Throughout the week, these cadets participated in various
events that tested their ability to react under stressful
situations, such as the rappel tower.
“JCLC has taught me that no matter the situation, there can
always be a positive outcome.” -C/CPT Krystal Yang
C/CSM Joshua Carrigan was awarded the Distinguished
Leader award, a peer voted award, for his efforts during the
week and accepting the challenges he was faced with.

FRESHMAN CAMP: Mentoring the Future “Freshman Camp taught

Leaders of the Program me the core of JROTC.
It also got me prepared
for the class and got
Incoming freshmen of the Redhawk Battalion spent their me a head start for
last week of summer gaining the knowledge they will need what to expect.”
to be successful cadets.
Over these two days, the freshmen learned basic drill, how -C/PV2 Aaron Ibrahim
to pay respect to the flag, teambuilding, and chain of
command. They were also shown how to attempt the Raider
course and got a hands-on experience at what the Raider
team does at practice and competitions.

Redhawk Review: August 2


 3 September – Labor Day (no school)

 6 September – Progress Reports
 13 September – Early Dismissal
 14 September – Battalion Service Learning at VA Hospital
 15 September – Raider Competition at Riverdale High School
 22 September – Raider Competition at Blackman High School
 27 September – End of Nine Weeks
 13 October – Raider Competition at Siegel High School
 1 November – JROTC Loveless portraits
 3 November – Raider Competition at Smyrna High School
 10 November – Veteran’s Day Parade at VA Hospital
 26 January – Military Ball

 Rifle Tryouts will be in early September. More information to come.

Redhawk Review: August 3