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Communication Setup using

with Twido
Following are the Hardware settings for establishing the communication:
1. OS of the PC should be Windows XP.
2. Driver for TSXCUSB485 should be installed.

Open Device Manager to identify the Com port used by the Adapter.

Device Manager can be found in

Control Panel/System, Hardware Tab in
this tab a button called Device Manager
will open the Device Manager Window.
Plug in the TSXCUSB485 adapter in your computer and if the Driver is
installed for the adapter it will display a Com port number in Device

Note : Most Schneider software only Scan Com port less than com9.
So need to set the Com port Between Com1 to Com9.
To change the com port number double click on the Device displayed in Device
Manager, a window should appear named TSX C USB 485 Properties.
Select Port setting Tab.
Click on Advance Button, a window will appear “Advance Settings for Com XX”.
Select the recommended com port as described earlier in Com port Number field and
press OK.
In TSX C USB Properties window press Restore Default Button to set the default
communication parameter as shown below. And Press ok Button.
After returning to Device Manager windows Go to Action Menu and select Scan for
Hardware changes to apply the changes made. After successfully scan TSXCUSB485
will now show the new com port defined.

This concludes the hardware settings for TSXCUSB485.

Communication With Twido PLC using Twido Suite and Twido Soft software
For Twido PLC following things need to be taken care of:
1. Twido only support Modbus Protocol to for porgramming with its Terminal Port.
2. Modbus Serial Driver V1.6 IE29 or greater is to be installed in the PC.
3. Disable all the firewall including Antivirus Firewall which can block the data

Follow the below instruction to configure the Modbus Driver.

You can find the version of the driver in Control Panel/Driver Manager
Open Driver Manager from Control Panel, Select Modbus Serial Driver Tab. You can
see the Driver 1 State is running and Configuration Button is highlighted.

Press configuration Button, Modbus driver window will appear.

Select the com port same as it has been configured in Hardware settings. Put parity to
None, Stop bit 1 Bit and Mode RTU. And Press apply button followed by Ok button.

This is all the setting for Modbus Driver to be setup. To check if the communication
is healthy or not. Follow below procedure.
Make sure the Rotary Pointer on the TSXCUSB485 is set to TER Direct (2).
Plug in the converter in PC and connect TSXCRJMD25 with TSXCUSB485 on Twido
PLC’s Terminal Port.
Open Driver Manager from Control Panel, select Modbus Test tab.
Select Modbus Serial (1) in Protocol Field from drop down menu. Slave Number field to
be set to 1(Default).

After setting above parameter press connect.

Once you press connect, connect Button will get converted in Disconnect and you can
see the State connected. (If is not the happening please make sure that you followed
the above recommended settings and check the cable and converter for any physical

Press start Button, as soon as start button is being pressed count will get started
in Request field.( If it is not happening please follow the driver setting
recommendation again). Now your communication is healthy you can try with the
Programming software.
You need to reopen the software if it is already open after successfully
establishing the communication because Twido Soft or Twido Suite only
scan the Physical port at the time of starting.