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Lesson Plan

Phonics: Initial blends ‘fl’ and ‘fr’

Day/Date: Thursday / 10th January 2011

Time/Duration: 9.15 a.m. – 9.45 a.m. / 30 minutes
Year 3 Cerdik
Enrolment: /11
Units/Themes/Topics: Unit 2 – My Neighbourhood
Initial Blends: ‘fl’ and ‘fr’
Skills: Listening
1.1.2 Listen to and identify different types of letter sounds
1.1.3 Listen to and group words according to the same sound
3.1.4 Compare words for similar and different sounds
Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Tell the difference between the ‘fl’ and fr’ sounds
Learning Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Pronounce at least 3 ‘fr’ initial words and 3 ‘fl’ initial words correctly
2. Categorise at least 5 words according to their sounds by circling the cor
initial blend
CCTS Categorising
Moral Values: Don’t fight with your friends
Teaching Resources/Aids: 1. Video clip – frogs
3. Poster 1 – ‘fl’ pictures and words
4. Poster 2 – ‘fr’ pictures and words
5. Poster 3 – ‘fr’ and ‘fl’ words
6. Worksheet 1 (12 copies)
7. Worksheet 2 (12 copies)
8. Worksheet 3 (12 copies)
9. Word bank ‘fr (12 copies)
10. Word bank ‘fl’ (12 copies)

Prior Knowledge/Skills Pupils recognise and can read some of the words used in this lesson:
(i) frog
(ii) flag
(iii) fries

Steps Teaching Strategy Language Content Notes

Set Induction 1. Teacher shows a video clip of Watch this video. T. Materials:
( 3 minutes) frogs. 1. Video clip
2. Teacher asks pupils what they can What animal did you see in the
Lesson Plan
Phonics: Initial blends ‘fl’ and ‘fr’

see in the video. video? Moral Values

Answer: frog Don’t fight wi
What were the frogs doing? your friends
Answer: fighting
Is it good to fight? Prior Knowle
Answer: No.
Because you should be nice to each
3. Teacher asks pupils to spell Can you spell frog?
‘frog’. Answer: F-R-O-G

Pre-listening 1. Teacher puts up poster 1 and What is this? T. Materials:

(5 minutes) poster 2 and asks pupils to Spell ‘frog’. 1. Poster 1 –
pronounce the words. Spell ‘fries’. 2. Poster 2 –
Spell ‘flag’.
Prior Knowle
2. Teacher explains that pupils will Spell ‘flower’.
learn two sounds: ‘fr’ and ‘fl’. LO 1

While- 1. Teacher puts up more words that (i) ‘fr’ T. Materials:

listening start with ‘fr’ and ‘fl’ on board. fries frame frisbee 1. Poster 1 - ‘
( 12 minutes) fridge friend and ‘fl’
2. Teacher pronounces words and frog frost 2. Worksheet
pupils listen. (ii) fl’
flour flower Categorising
flame flake
fly flat flannel Moral Values
3. Teacher distributes worksheet 1. Words:
Pupils listen to teacher’s Frisbee, frog, flour, fridge, flame, LO 2
pronunciation and circle the friend, flower, frame, flamingo
correct initial blend under each
(Show one example first)

Post-listening 1. Pupils complete Worksheet 2. Complete this worksheet. T. Materials:

( 7 minutes) When you have finished, put it on 1. Worksheet
Lesson Plan
Phonics: Initial blends ‘fl’ and ‘fr’

the table. 2. Worksheet

2. Pupils are given word banks for This is a word bank. CCTS:
words that start with initials ‘fr’ Look at it and
and ‘fl’. LO 2
Pupils who finish Worksheet 2
early will be given Worksheet 3.

Closure 1. Teacher asks pupils to recall What sounds did we learn today?
( 3 minutes) what they have learnt for the Answer: the ‘fl’ and ‘fr’ sounds