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Stewarts Creek High School Red Hawk

Battalions Inspection/CIP Questions

Colonel Houchens Lesson
1. What are the 4 Cardinal Virtues?
-Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Fortitude
2. What does the 4 Virtues stand for?
-a specific moral quality regarded as good and excellent in general.
3. What does each of the 4 Cardinal Virtues mean?
-Temperance -Moderation in all things; going the right length and no further.
-Prudence -Practical common sense; thinking of an action and its consequences.
-Justice -Fairness, Honesty, give and take, keeping one’s word. “The Golden Rule.”
-Fortitude –Courage: Physical and Moral guts to do what is right.
4. What do the 4 Cardinal Virtues mean to you?

5. What are the 7 SELF IEDs?

-Pride, Anger, Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Slothfulness/ Lazy

Chain of Command
6. Who is The Secretary of Defense?
-The Honorable James Mattis
7. Who is the Secretary of The Army?
-Mark T. Esper
8. Who is The Army Chief of Staff?
-General Milley
9. Who is The Commanding General U.S. Army TRADOC Commander?
-General David G. Perkins
10. Who is The U.S. Army Cadet Commanding General?
-Major General Christopher Hughes
11. Who is The 7th Brigade JROTC Commander?
-Colonel David Welch
12. Who is the DAI of Rutherford County Schools?
-Colonel Houchens
13. Who is the SAI of Stewarts Creek?
-Lieutenant Colonel Joel Payne
14. Who is the Sergeant Major of The Army?
-SMA Daniel A Dailey
15. Who is the command Sergeant Major U.S. Army TRADOC CSM?
-CSM David S Davenport
16. Who is The U.S. Army Cadet Command?
-Command Sergeant Major Kenneth Krause JR
17. Who is the 7th Brigade Command Sergeant Major?
-CSM John Woodson
18. Who is Stewarts Creek AI?
- First Sergeant Jeffrey Sobocinski
SCHS JROTC Chain of Command
19. Who is the SCHS Battalion commander?
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Bailey Meyer
20. Who is the SCHS Battalion XO?
- Cadet Major Jayce Hatcher
21. Who is SCHS battalion sergeant major?
- Cadet Command Sergeant Major Josh Carrigan
22. Who is SCHS Battalions S1 and what is his/her job?
- Cadet Captain Tristin Tucker , adjutant
23. Who is SCHS Battalions S2 and what is his/her job?
- Cadet first lieutenant Fady Thabet, SECRUITY/intelligence
24. Who is SCHS battalions S3 and what is his/her job?
- Cadet captain Crystal Yang, TRAINING/operation

25. Who is SCHS battalions S4 and what is his/her job?

- Cadet Captain Lance Ballard, logistics
26. Who is SCHS Battalions S5 and what is his/her job?
- Cadet First lieutenant Cassidy Carr-McJunkins, PUBLIC Affairs
27. Who is SCHS Battalions S6 and what is his/her job?
- Cadet First lieutenant Sam Shind, special operations

28. How many inches is the Unit Crest above the Star and wreath on your uniform?
- 1/4in
29. Where is the JROTC Insignia placed on the male and female uniform?
- Male= 5/8 inches above the notch of both collars, centerline
30. Where is the nameplate placed on the female and male uniform?
-male= center on the flap of the right breast pocket
-female= 1 to 2inches above the top coat button
31. When lacing your shoes what lace is on top?
- Left
32. How many inches are the ribbons spaced on the uniform?
-1/8inch or 0

Let 1 Knowledge
33. What are the three types of flags?
- Post, Storm, Garrison
34. When in uniform and the National Anthem comes on what position are you to be in?
35. What do you call a Master Sergeant?
36. When walking beside someone of higher rank what side would you stand on and what is this
- Left side because The Right side is the Position of Honor
37. When in uniform and pass an officer do you render the hand salute?
38. What are the seven army values and what is the acronym?
-Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Serves, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage
- Leadership
39. What Act established JROTC?
- The National Defense Act of 1916
40. What are the 11 principles of Leadership?
- Know Yourself and Seek Improvement
- Be Technically Proficient
- Seek Responsibility and take Responsibility for Your Actions
- Make Sound and Timely Decisions
- Set the Example
- Know Your Personnel and Look Out for Their Well Being
- Keep Your Followers Informed
- Develop a Sense of Responsibility in Your Followers
- Ensure Each Task Is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished
- Build a Team
-Employ Your Team In Accordance With Its Capabilities
41. What do the colors on the United States Flag Represent?
- Blue- Reverence to God, Loyalty, Vigilance, Perseverance, and Valor
- White- Hope, Purity, and Innocence
- Red- Hardiness and Valor
42. What is the definition of leadership?
-the ability to influence subordinates in order to accomplish a mission
43. What is the definition of team work?
- The Cooperative effort on the part of a number of people working together to achieve a
44. What is the official title to commemorate 911?
- Patriot’s Day
45. What happened on December 7th, 1941 in Hawaii?
- The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
46. What are the three Attributes?
- Be, Know, Do
47. What are the 4 winning colors and what do they stand for?
- Blue-Relater
- Red- Adventurer
- Green-Planner
48. What is the mission of JROTC?
- To motivate the young to be better citizens
49. What does JROTC stand for?
- Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
50. When standing at attention what degree is your feet pointed?
-45 degrees