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1. A lot of Commission proposals are currently pending in the

Council.Those documents are still unauthorized.

2. The emerging markets need foreign currency and therefore

external support so the monopoly are covering the economic

3. Many accidents are caused by careless or unauthorized

driving,many drivers ripp off the transit police

4. It is not enough to have mediocre protection for

consumers'rights, they must have complete protection.

5. The response to the disaster in Japan has been the right one:
we have responded rapidly, without panicking and
compensated the victims of disaster

6. The practice of adding water to food in order to rip off the

consumer is unethical.

7. The wealth of the country is appealing to its greedy


8. Only the Italians consumers have not been compensated for

the big fraud.

9. The crime around here has gotten out of hand. The police
really need to crack down but this problema is still pending.

10. We need to crack down on drug dealers in the

neighborhood because every day the number of consumers
are increase.
11. Without a proper national surveillance system, the
attention paid to these areas will continue to be mediocre, the
authorities have take to court.

12. Some people get so into monopoly that they get

frighteningly greedy.

13. The american businessman is emerging from a difficult

political and economic situation after he was taken to court.

14. The consumers could have unauthorized access to the

network without being detected.

15. The global financial crisis has served to show that there
is little tolerance nowadays for greedy people who sometime
ripp off.

16. The loss or damage of luggage can be compensated by

up to a maximum of S/.1200 in oppositve case the airline can
be taken to court.

17. The issues in the Congress is happening is unethical

and we have to crack down.

18. There is simply no justification or need to use cloned

animals for food production. It is unethical and the denfensors
of animal have find crack down in the Congress.

19. We must express our solidarity for emerging and poor

consumers from the different countries.

20. We think it is important to seek a differentiated approach

to preventive consumer protection by achieving an
understanding of the facts and without panicking.