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WELCOMEMESSAGES ................................ 3 Age group SWIM START ............................ 12

ATHLETE CHECK LIST ................................ 4 Swim Course Rules. .................................... 12

EVENT SCHEDULE ...................................... 5 IRONMAN 70.3 SWIMSMART ................... 13

ATHLETE REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN ........ 8 BIKE COURSE – 90km ............................... 14

ID Wristband .................................................. 8 TRAFFIC..................................................... 14

Timing Info ..................................................... 9 Bike Course Rules ....................................... 14

Withdrawal & Timing Chip Return .................. 9 RUN COURSE – 21.1KM ........................... 15

RACE DAY SERVICES ............................... 10 ROAD & PATHWAY TRAFFIC .................. 15

MEDICAL..................................................... 10 Run Course Rules....................................... 15

SAG WAGON .............................................. 10 AID STATIONS ........................................... 16

SWIM SAFETY ............................................ 10 Aid Stations ................................................. 16

BIKE MECHANICS ..................................... 10 Bike Aid Station Procedure. ........................ 16

LOST AND FOUND ..................................... 10 RUN AID STATIONS .................................. 16

TRANSITION ............................................... 11 Run Aid Station Procedure .......................... 16

TRANSITION PROCEDURE ...................... 11 Discards / Drop Zones ................................ 16

TRANSITION 1 (Swim to Bike) .................. 11 FINISH LINE ......................................... ...... 17

TRANSITION 2 (Bike to Run) ..................... 11 Finish Line Policy.................................. ....... 17

Relay TEAM TRANSITION .......................... 12 Finish Line Photo................................ ......... 17

BIKE CHECK-IN .......................................... 13 POST FINISH ............................... ............... 18

BIKE CHECK IN GUIDELINES ................... 13 Recovery & Medical .......................... .......... 18

SWIM COURSE – 1.9KM ............................ 14 Massage........................................... ............ 18


Professional Athletes ................................... 12 Awards Presentation .............. ..................... 19

Age Groupers & Relay Teams ..................... 12 Roll down ceremony...................... ............... 19

Professional & Elite SWIM START ............. 12 RACE DAY CHECKLIST........ ..................... 20

EVENT CONTACT DETAILS ............ ......... 21

General Event Inquiries ............................... 21


It is with great pleasure, on behalf of Sunrise

Events Vietnam and all of our volunteers, that
we welcome you to the
are very proud that this is the 4th edition of the
IRONMAN 70.3 distance here in Danang. To MESSAGE FROM Department of
all our triathletes, sponsors and partners, we Culture and Sports Da Nang
are grateful for your support for making this
another successful race. I welcome all participating athletes, their families,
friends and all other visitors to the biggest
As a fellow triathlete, it is very fulfilling to see triathlon in the country – the
how the sport has grown in Vietnam over such TECHCOMBANKIRONMAN 70.3 2018inour
a short period of time. I Have traveled and beloved city - Da Nang which was voted by
raced with some of you, and I can see your Forbes as one of the six most attractive beaches
passion and desire to achieve more. After three in the world.
successful years in Danang, we are back for an
even bigger and better year. The course in the
Da Nang City has so much to offer with amazing
city of Danang will spoil participants with
endless scenery. Beginning on the beach of the scenery and environment as well as the strong
Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa with a support from the government forall culturaland
1.9 km ocean swim, followed by a scenic two- sporting events. Among a long and diverse list of
loop 90km bike course. The last leg of the race events and festivals taking place in Da Nang,
will give the participants 21km of mostly flat IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam stands out as an
course that features many of Danang‟s well excitingevent and attracts many participants from
known beach resorts. The warm weather and all around the world. This event contributes to the
tropical conditions make it a compelling and successof Da Nang for the title of “the most
challenging race. We finish, as in other years in attracted event and festival in Asia 2016” by
Danang, back on the beach at the Hyatt World Travel Awards (WTA) Asia Pacific.
Regency Resort and Spa.
We commit to provide the best support for
security, safety, medical and more. This is a safe
and hospitable destination and this race is a
fantastic way to showcase that on the
international stage. Your success is our
It is an honor to host you and we will
do our best to provide you with an excellent
experience during your stay. We hope you take
away wonderful memories of our beautiful and
friendly city.

I wish you all the very best of luck in this

wonderful multi-sport event!

Best regards.

We have provided the below checklist for the  Check the athlete list online and ensure your
convenience of athletes participating in name, country and details are correct (if
theTECHCOMBANKIRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam to incorrect please contact
make sure everybody is prepared to have a
great event.  Ensure you have government-issued photo
identification and bring to Athlete
 Read the Athlete Information Guide in its Registration 

entirety  Confirm that your Emergency Contact person
 Familiarise yourself with the event schedule 
 will be contactable on race day and is not
 Ensure you have received your email also racing. Ensure that the full number
confirmation - 
check all personal details are including area / country code is provided 

correct, print and bring with you to Athlete  Confirm your Medical/Health Insurance
 details are current 

 Book flights and accommodation ensuring  Check the weather forecast to ensure you
you arrive in time for Athlete Registration bring all relevant clothing and equipment 

  Familiarise yourself with the venue and race
o 2.00pm – 5.30pm Thursday 10 May day road closures 

o 9.00am – 6.00pm Friday 11May  Familiarise yourself with the course – it is
o 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday 12May your responsibility to know this on race day 

o 6.00pm – 8.00pm Saturday 12 May*  If you qualify for a2018IRONMAN 70.3 World
*Athlete Late Check-In Service with a 100USD Championship Roll Down spot:
Fee o Bring photo identification
o Bring valid credit card (Visa &
MasterCard). AMEX and Diners Club are
not accepted for USD payments.
 Tick off all items in the Race Day Check List
(located at the end of this booklet)


Athlete Registration Open Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang

2:00 to 6:00 PM
Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard @ Hyatt
IRONMAN Store and Expo Open
Regency Da Nang

MAY 11, 2018 FRIDAY

6:00 AM Start of Shuttle Service The Melia Hotel / Hyatt Regency (every 30
Newborns Vietnam Run Out Hyatt Regency Da Nang / Da Nang Hospital for
6:30 AM - 8:00 AM
(Open to the Public) Women and Children
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Swim Course Open Hyatt Regency Da Nang
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Bike Service Open Ballroom Reception Area @ Hyatt Regency Da
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Media Center Open Salon 4+5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Athlete Registration Open Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
9:00 AM to 6 :00 PM Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard@ Hyatt
IRONMAN Store and Expo Open
Regency Da Nang
10:00 AM Bike Ride 1 Meet at Courtyard outside Hyatt Regency
Hydration Fundamentals with Dimity-Lee Regency Boardroom @ Hyatt Regency Da
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Duke Nang
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM SPRINT Athlete Bike Check in
Regency Da Nang
Race Briefing - VIDEO only (every 15 Regency Boardroom @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
min) Da Nang
4:00 PM Meet the PROs Press Conference Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
5:30 PM Media Briefing Salon 4+ 5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Regency Boardroom @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency
6:00 PM Race Briefing SPRINT
Da Nang
6:30 PM – 9 PM Welcome Dinner Residence Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
9:00 PM Last Shuttle Back to Hotel For The Melia Hotel


Melia Hotel/Hyatt Regency (every 15 minutes
4:00 AM Start of Shuttle Service until 5.45. Every 30 minutes from 11.30 am –
7.30pm) st
4:00 AM to 5:00 PM Media Center Open Salon 4 + 5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
5:00 AM to 6:00 AM Sprint Transition Area Open for Check In
Regency Da Nang
Race course closed
6:00 AM Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
Transition Area Closes
Regency Da Nang
6:10 AM - 8:35 AM SPRINT – Rolling Start Hyatt beach
SPRINT Swim Cut Off: Each participant is given 30 minutes to finish the 750M swim after the last swim start.
SPRINT Bike Cut Off: Each participant is given 1 hour and 25 minutes to finish after the last swim start, or at
Race Officials Discretion.

SPRINT FINISH LINE CUT-OFF: The Finish line closes at 2 hours and 15 minutes after the last swim start.
7:00AM - 9:00 AM AWA Breakfast Hyatt Regency Beach House
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
08:00 AM 10:00 AM Sprint Bike Check Out
Regency Da Nang
8:50–10:30 AM IRONKIDS Vietnam Hyatt Beach
Athlete Registration Open Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard@ Hyatt
Bike Service Open
Regency Da Nang
Media Center Open Salon 4+5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard@ Hyatt
IRONMAN Store and Expo Open
Regency Da Nang
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Swim Course Open Hyatt Beach

11:00 AM Bike Ride 2 Hyatt Regency Da Nang Lobby

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Swim Course Open Hyatt beach

10.30 AM –11.00 AM SPRINT Award Residence Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Athlete Bike Check In
Regency Da Nang
2:00 PM PROs Briefing Salon 6 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Regency Boardroom @ 1 floor Hyatt Regency
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Nutrition Clinic
Da Nang

3:00 PM to 3:30 PM IM70.3 Race Briefing - RELAY ONLY Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang

Lance Watson with Belinda Granger

3:30 PMto 4:30 PM
Race Day Tips (English & Vietnamese)
Regency Ballroom @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
4:30 PMto 5:00 PM Race Briefing - ENGLISH
5:00 PM to 5:30 PM Race Briefing - VIETNAMESE
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Athlete Late Check-In Arrangement
Regency Da Nang
9:00 PM Last Shuttle Back to Hotels For TheMelia Hotel

May 13, 2018 SUNDAY - RACE DAY

From The Melia Hotel (then every 15 minutes
4:00 AM First Bus to Hyatt Regency until 5.00am. Every 30 minutes from 12.00 –
4:00 AM to 5:00 PM Media Center Open Salon 4 + 5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next toHyatt
4:15 AM Transition Area Open for Check In
Regency Da Nang
5:00 AM Last bus to Hyatt Regency From the Melia
5:40 AM Race course closed
Transition Area Closes

6:00AM Gun Start Male PROs/Male Asian Elite Hyatt Beach

Gun Start Female PROs/Female Asian
Start of continuous flow method of release
30 minutes and below
6:12AM 31-35 minutes Hyatt Beach
36-40 minutes
41-45 minutes
46 minutes or more
Exhibition - Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard.
8:00 to 6:00 PM Exhibitors/ IRONMAN Store Open
IRONMAN Store - Beach House
Post-Race Meal for Sponsors and
10:30 AM to 3:30 PM Residence Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang


Bike Claim #1 - PROs, Asian Elite, Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
12:00 PM to 5:30 PM
AWA and YPO Regency Da Nang
Transition Area/ Son Thuy Beach next to Hyatt
12:30 PM to 5:30 PM Bike Claim #2 - Age Group and Relay
Regency Da Nang
Media Center – Salon 4+5 @ 1 Floor Hyatt
2:00 PM Meet the Champs
Regency Da Nang


3:30 PM IRONMAN Awards Residence Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang

Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard @ Hyatt

4.00 PM – 6.00 PM Bike Service Open
Regency Da Nang
70.3 World Championship
5:00 PM Residence Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang
Slot Roll Down

May 14, 2018 MONDAY

Ballroom Reception Area/Courtyard @ Hyatt
Regency Da Nang
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Bike Service Open Pre-function Area @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang

ATHLETE please email is
REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN important that all Relay Team information is
Check-In for all athletes participating in amended and up-to-date at completion of
IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam will take place at the Check-In. Please note, whilst changes to Relay
Hyatt Regency Ballroom on the following days Team members are allowed, there must be at
and times: least one existing Relay Team member from
o 2.00pm – 5.30pm Thursday 10 May the time of registration. During Check-In, all
o 9.00am – 6.00pm Friday 11May 
 athletes will receive the following:
o 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday 12May  ID wristband(this will be secured to your
o 6.00pm – 8.00pm Saturday 12May* wrist during Check-In and will need to
*Athlete Late Check-in Service with a 100USD be worn throughout the weekend and to
Fee (including the late Bike Check-in) the end of the race, even at the after
It is compulsory for all athletes (including all  Race number (compulsory on run leg
Relay Team members) to Check-In during only).
these times. No athlete will be able to Check-In  Swim cap (compulsory) color based on
after 8.00pm on Saturday 12May 2018. 
 registered categories.
You are required to show photo identification to
 Top tube bike sticker
register – i.e. Driver‟s Licence, Passport or any
 Helmet sticker (placed on the front of
government-issued ID.
the helmet).
 Bike seat post sticker (to wrap around
Please do not take your bike into the Check-In
queue as this congests the area and makes it the seat post of
your bike and stick to
dangerous for other athletes. Bike racks will be itself).
located outside the Hyatt Regency Ballroom.  Body Tattoos (race number to be placed
Please allow time for delays when making on left
upper or lower arm and letter
travel arrangements. category to be placed on leftcalf).
 Sponsor promotional items.
Please note, it is illegal for someone to race
under your name or for you to race under
someone else‟s name: This will result in a five ID WRISTBAND
year (5) ban from being able to register in all Your ID wristband must be worn at all times as
Sunrise Events Inc. races and ineligibility to this will be your entry to „athlete only restricted
race in other IRONMAN events. 

 areas.‟ This is your only means of entry to
Transition to rack your bike pre- race and to
All Relay Team members are required to collect your gear and bike after the race.
Check-In together at the same time to confirm IRONMAN will not allow access into these
their personal information (including medical), areas without athletes wearing their
sign their waiver and collect their race items. A wristbands. Your ID wristband is color coded –
Relay Team member cannot sign a waiver on Silver for Pro Athletes, Yellow for AG and
another member‟s behalf. For more Green for Relay. AWA will have an additional
information, please view our Relay Teams wristband on top of their age group wristband
Page under the Athletes tab on the website. If for easier identification.
you have any issues regarding checking in,

You will collect your Timing Chip and confirm If you withdraw from the race at any time (pre
your identity with the timing personnel during or during), please inform IRONMAN via the
Bike Check-In. At this stage you will confirm Information Desk at the Hyatt Regency Da
your personal information and ensure that your Nang lobby or Transition Manager. It is the
race number matches your timing chip. Please athlete‟s responsibility to return their timing
ensure you put it in a safe place and remember chips. If you fail to return your timing chip, a
to have it with you on race morning. $150 replacement charge applies. It is
 Timing Chips must be worn on your left extremely important for all timing chips to
ankle. be returned to ensure all athletes are
 Race morning - You must be wearing accounted for.
your timing chip to enter Transition.
Officials will be checking this.
 If you do not start the race or pull out of
the race for any reason you are to return
the Timing Chip to the Information Desk
at the Hyatt Regency Da Nang lobby or
Transition Manager
 If your Timing Chip is not returned or is
lost you will
be charged $150 for a
 Timing results will include swim split, T1,
bike split, T2, run
split and finish time–
overall and category results.
If timing
chips are not worn throughout the
duration of the race,race results will not
be available to that athlete. If a timing
chip is lost during the race, the athlete
needs to inform an official in Transition,
so that officials can do their best to
replace that chip in order to record splits
for the rest of the race. It is recommended
you wear the strap supplied with the
timing chip, using an alternative puts you
at risk of losing the chip during the race.

Please note delays in Sag Wagon transport
are expected. To assist with a prompt
response, please do not move from your
reported location once a Sag Wagon has been
requested as this could affect their ability to
locate and transportyou. The sag wagon will
return you to Transition to hand in your timing

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If
you are unsure about your ability to complete
the race or are not feeling physically fit in the
lead up to the event, IRONMAN highly
recommends you seek medical advice from
your doctor.

Basic first aid is available throughout the event.

If you require medical attention we recommend
that you visit our Information Desk or seek the
assistance of event personnel.
Medical staff will be situated in a variety of
positions on race day. These locations are as
 Swim Start 

 Swim Exit 

 3 Locations on bike course(see course map)
 2 Locations on the run course (see course
 Transition 

 Roaming Bike & Run Course 

 Finish & Recovery

Basic first aid support can also be obtained at

the Bike and Run Aid Stations.
It is strongly advised that you have adequate
personal insurance for this event. 


The Sag Wagon will collect athletes who are
unable to complete the event, or are unable to
finish within the course cut-off time. Collected
athletes will be transported to Transition. 

Should you require a Sag Wagon at any
time, please wave down a motorbike official
and they will contact the organizer for Sag
Wagon deployment. Alternatively advise
volunteers at the nearest Aid Station or any
Medical Station. 

There will be a large number of water safety MECHANICS DURING THE RACE
personnel and craft on the water pre and WEEKEND.
during the swim. The water safety team is They will be conducting basic bike checks free
there to support you should you require. They of charge but will also offer paid services for
will use an array of Rescue Boards, Surf Ski‟s, more in depth services/repairs. A limited
Jet Skis and small boats. At any time should „emergency service‟ will be available inside
you require the assistance of water safety Transition on race morning for athletes.
please raise one arm into the air and they will
come to your aid. 
 During the race, mechanics will be circulating
around the bike course. They will provide basic
Should at any point an athlete decide to tools and spares enabling athletes to conduct
abandon the swim, they will be taken to one of repairs. Athletes should be aware that
the swim extraction points. From here they will MECHANICS AND TOOLS WILL BE LIMITED
be required to confirm their athlete number and and spare wheels will not be available from
be checked over by medical. It is then the mechanics.
athlete‟s responsibility to walk back to
Transition and hand in their timing chip to the LOST AND FOUND
Drop Out Clerk located at the Information Lost and Found will be at the Event Information
Desk. Desk during race week and on race day.
Please check the schedule of events for Event
White swim caps will be available at the stage Information Desk hours and location. After the
area of the swim start on race morning. conclusion of the event, please email
Wearing white swim caps alerts the swim team to
that you are a beginner or not a confident locate any missing items and schedule returns.
swimmer. Shipping fees will apply. All unclaimed items
will be donated to charity after 30 days.

Transition opens at 4.30am and closes at 5.40am on race day.

TRANSITION 1 (Swim to Bike) disqualification. Run with your bike to the bike
Upon finishing the swim and exiting the water, mount line. Do not mount your bike prior to the
athletes will run on the beach across a timing line. Please be cautious of others when
mat and through the showers. The +/-300m run mounting your bike. Please stay right after
will take athletes past a hydration station. Your mounting your bike.
bike and run gear is to be placed at your bike
(on and immediately beside, to the left of your TRANSITION 2 (Bike to Run)
bike) prior to race start on race morning. On As you dismount your bike before the dismount
entering the transition, participants will run to line, you are responsible for taking your bike to
their bike. Should you need to change clothes, your numbered racking within Transition and
proceed to the designated change tent. If not, racking the bike correctly. Your helmet must
don your bike attire at your bike. Note, an remain on and secured until your bike is
athletes helmet must be worn and clipped on racked. Failure to do so may result in
before athletes can start moving their disqualification. Athletes will change to their
bikes. Failure to do so may result in run attire at their bike or at the designated

change tents. Run out and complete the run RELAY TEAM TRANSITION
course. Relay Team Transition will be open from
4.30am – 5.40am on Sunday morning for all
Upon exiting Transition, athletes will pass the Relay Members.
Transition Aid Station. For more information on Swimmers will exit the water and meet their
Transition Rules, cyclist at the Relay Tent, handing their timing
Please see the website. chip to the cyclist. The cyclist must wait until
Relay transition rules the same. they are in possession of the timing chip before
proceeding to their allocated bike numbered
Relay exit is from the relay tent as this is position and un-racking their bike. The timing
actually outside of transition. chip acts as the relay baton, the swimmer must
start with the timing chip and the runner must
cross the Finish Line wearing this around their
left ankle.
Once the cyclist commences their bike leg, the
runner is allowed into the Transition area.
Please follow directions of all Race Officials
and Volunteers.

When the cyclist returns, they will rack their

bike back in its allocated numbered position
and hand the timing chipto the runner who will
be in the relay tent. Be sure to familiarise
yourself with the flow of Transition including the
Relay Teams entry/exit point and Relay Teams
Relay Teams will receive their finisher towel
and medal upon the whole team finishing. The
runner will exchange the timing chip for 3
towels and 3 medals.

 Athlete is responsible to be inRelay tent
Transition (Race day) before your swimmer or cyclist arrives 

 Open 4:30am to 5:40am 
  Headsets, headphones, cameras,
 ALL Relay team members
 phone cameras, video cameras not
allowed at any time during the race 

Swimmers  Please familiarize yourself with the
 Exit swim
 transition flow for relay teams 

 Meet cyclist in Relay tent
  In the event of Bike Penalty, cyclist must
 Make exchange of timing chip 
 report to the penalty tent together with
No Loitering inside transition
Cyclist Bike Check Out: 12:30pm.
 Helmet must be left on the bike

 Can wear shoes in Relay tent

 Timing chip must be worn on left ankle

 Helmet must be clipped, before moving
the bike.
 There is no need to wear race number
during the bike leg of the race

 Un-rack and push bike until mounting

 Mount bike and commence biking

 Upon return, slow down and dismount
on or before the dismount line
 Push bike back to designated numbered

 Helmets can only be unclipped after
racking bike
 Must rack bike first before proceeding to

 Meet runner in Relay tent

 Make exchange of timing chip
 In the event of Bike Penalty, cyclist must
report to the penalty tent.
No Loitering
inside transition.
 Bike Check Out: 12:30pm.

 Are advised to enter Relay tent after
cyclist commences bike leg 

 Timing chip to be worn on left leg

 Race number must be clearly visible on
the front
at all times.

BIKE CHECK-IN strictlyprohibited.

The Transition Area will be located at the Son

Thuy Beach, next to the Hyatt RegencyDa
Nang. Bike racks for athletes will be set out in
numbered order. Please note you MUST finish
Athlete Check-In in order to access Transition
for Bike Check-In.

Your bike MUST be checked into the transition

area between 11.00am and 4.00pm ONLY on
Saturday 12 May. Your bike must display your
seat post sticker and correspond with your ID
wristband.If you do not have either of these
you will not be allowed in or out of Transition.

When you rack your bike on Saturday between

11.00am and 4.00pm please allow plenty of
time to walk through the flowsthat you will take
through the Transition area. Volunteers will be
available for race specific questions and
Technical Officials will be available for any
queries surrounding rules and regulations.


 Bike Check-In hours will be strictly
followed (11am - 4pm). 

 Single Entry Only: Once you exit the
transition area, you will only be allowed
to re-enter the next day 

 Ensure to vacate the transition area by
 Participants will have full access to their
bikes on race morning. Transition Area
will be open at 
4.30am on race day. 

 Athletes must personally check in their

 Athletes must come with their bikes. 

 Athletes must show ID wristbands to
 For Bike Relay Athletes, only those with
BIKE ID wristbands will be allowed to

 No companions will be allowed inside
the transition area. 

 Companions will be asked to stay
outside the 
transition area. 

 Loitering in the transition area is

 Never leave personal belongings
(cellphone, money, jewelry, etc.) in the
BIKES transition area. Sunrise Vietnam Event
 Onlyroad bikes,time trial bikes and will not be liable for loss of these
mountain bikes will be allowed.
 personal belongings. 

 Stickers must be attached before bike
 Helmets, shoes, water bottles, nutrition

and other items are advised to be
 Colored sticker with athlete‟s number
brought into transition on morning of
must be attached on the top tube. 

race Day. 

 White sticker with athlete‟s number must
attached on the seat post. 
  Helmets, shoes, and race belts may be
 Facing your assigned numbered bike clipped or attached to the bike. 

rack, park your bikes to the right of the  There is no technical assistance in
number. transition during Bike-Check-In. 

 Once you check in your bikes, bikes  There will be limited technical
cannot be removed from transition until
assistance on race day. 

the bike portion of the race begins. 

 For your personal belongings race bag
 There is a possibility of RAIN, you may
that you do not need in transition, this
decide to cover your bike during bike
can be left at the “bag drop” which will

be located in the start/finish area. You
 NO RIDING inside the transition area at can collect these from the same point
all times. after the race.
Personal Belongings
 Organize your bike and run gear on,
under or immediately beside your bike.

remove participants from the swim course 70
mins after the final participant enters the water.
This applies to relay teams and individual


Professional Athletes
Professional Athletes will be able to warm up
directly on the side of the start area. The warm
up area will be accessible after 5.30am once
the Race Director has confirmed it is safe to do
so. All Professional Athletes will need to exit
the water no later than 5.45amor as advised by
the Race Director.
Age Groupers & Relay Teams
Age Group Athletes & Relay Teams will be
able to warm up on the side of the start area.
No swimming is allowed directly in front of the
Start line due to safety reasons. Age Groupers
& Relay Teams will be able to warm up from
approximately 5:30 am once the Race Director
has determined it is safe to do so. They will
need to exit the water by 5.45am and be ready
in their Swim Pen. Please follow the directions
CUT OFF TIME– 70 minutes from an athlete‟s of water safety staff at all times duringwarm up.
individual start time based on a rolling start.
Vietnam‟s 1.9km swim will have a beach rolling
start at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, Da
Professional Athletes will be set off in separate
Nang, following a rectangular swim course in a
male and female wave starts from the beach.
clockwise format. The swim ends heading back
This start is located in front of the Age Group
to the beach leading to the transition area at
Start Zones.
the beachfront.
 Pro Male and Male Asian Elite (6:00am)
 Swim Cut-Off - Each participant will have
70 minutes to complete the swim course.  Pro Female and Female Asian Elite
The swim course will close 70 minutes after
the last participant crosses the start line in
the rolling start. Any participant whose swim
time is greater than 70 minutes will be
will be a rolling start beginning at 6:12am.
stopped by race officials at any of the
Participants will self-seed on race morning
following points:
(select their own predicted finish time) and wait
o Swim Exit
in the corresponding start area. Start areas
o Transition
with predicted finish times will be set up on the
 Any participant who exceeds the 70 mins
beach area before the swim start arch. Age
swim cut off will not be allowed to proceed
Group Participants will be released in a
onto the bike and run course and will
continuous flow, starting at 6:12am, based on
receive a result of DNF (did not finish). This
applies to relay teams and individual the following predicted finish times: 

participants.  30 minutes and below(Zone A)
 RaceOfficials reserve the right to  31 - 35 minutes (Zone B)

 36 - 40 minutes (Zone C)

 41 - 45 minutes (Zone D)

 46 minutes or more (White swimming cap)
NOTE: It is essential that participants self-seed
correctly and honestly.


- For more information visit the website.

 You should never race in equipment you
Top 10 Checklist. haven‟t trained in before. This is not the time to
An open-water swim in a triathlon is test new gear.
substantially different from swimming in a pool.  Make sure your wetsuit fits properly and that
To alleviate stress, it‟s important that you arrive your goggles, swim cap and other accessories
on race day healthy, fit and prepared. Here's a work properly.
top-10 checklist to help get you ready.  Prepare for the unexpected with backups of
1. Prepare for Race Conditions your gear.
• Race day should not be your first open water
swim. Make sure some of your training 7. Warm Up on Race Day
replicates real race conditions, including water  Arrive early enough on race day for a proper
temperature, proximity to other swimmers and warm-up prior to the start, preferably in the
wearing a wetsuit if needed. water.
 If you aren‟t able to warm up in the water,
2. Race in Shorter Events spend
• Being properly trained is the best way to between 5 and 10 minutes getting loose. 

reduce anxiety. If possible, race in shorter  Be sure to do some cardio activity, such as a
events and clinics to prepare yourself for open lightjog, to increase circulation and prep your
water conditions. muscles.
• For extra guidance, talk to a coach or your
local triathlon club. 8. Checkout the Course
 Get comfortable with the course by checking
3. Learn About Course Details important to out
prepare yourself mentally as well as physically water conditions, the swim entry and exit
prior to race day. Thoroughly review the race layouts along with the turning buoy locations.
website and pre-race communication to  Identify basic navigation points so that you
familiarize yourself with the course. know
 Keep in mind, every body of water is what you are swimming towards.
different, so you‟ll need to educate yourself on
water current and surf conditions. 9. Start Easy– Relax and Breathe
 Study the event timetable to plan for proper  Don‟t race at maximum effort from the start. 

arrival and preparation.  Relax and focus on a proper breathing
4. Ensure Heart Health
 asyou settle into a sustainable pace.
 If you have any concerns about your heart
health, we recommend you consult with your 10. Be Alert and Ask for Help
GP prior undertaking the event.  In a race setting always stop at the first sign
 As an athlete in training, you should take the of a
proper steps to assess your health with your medical problem.
doctor.  If you or a fellow athlete needs help, just
5. Pay Attention to Warning Signs your hand to alert a lifeguard or safety boat.
 If you experience chest pain or discomfort,  Race rules allow for competitors to stop or
shortness of breath, light- headedness or you rest
black out while training, consult your doctor. at any time during the swim.
 Feel free to hold on to a static object like a
6. Don’t Use New Gear on Race Day buoy, or dock.
 Focus on controlling as much as you can  You may also rest by holding on to a kayak,
boat disqualification. 

or even a paddle-board. As long as you don‟t
use it to move forward, you won‟t face

course starts within the Son Thuy public beach
lot adjacent the Hyatt Regency Resort and
Spa, Da Nang. Athletes exit the transition
turning right and proceed north, parallel to the
beach on Truong Sa. Proceed 11.2 km before
turning left at Le Van Luong. Travel 1.5 km to
the roundabout on Le Duc Tho turning right. Le
Duc Tho will take the athletes over the Mang
Quang and the Thuan Phuoc Bridges. At the
end of Le Duc Tho, the athletes will start the
Nguyen Tat Thanh loops. There are 2 loops to
be completed with each loop consisting of 22
km. Note, at the conclusion of the 1st loop,
athletes will be guided to stay in the left portion
of the lane prior to the u-turn. Caution is to be
exercised by all at this point. After the second
loop has been completed, athletes stay right
and continue straight over the Thuan Phuoc
Bridge, returning to the east seaside. Athletes
proceed on Le Duc Tho directly to Hoang Sa
and turn right proceeding south parallel to the
east beach. Athletes proceed 10.4km and
continue past the Transition area towards Hoi
An. At 6 km after Transition, athletes U turn,
proceeding back towards Transition.This
CUT OFF TIME– 5 hours 10 minutes from the completes the 90KM bike leg of the IRONMAN
last rolling swim start release. Any participant 70.3 Vietnam.
who does not complete the swim and bike
course before the cut-off time will receive a TRAFFIC
DNF result (did not finish). This applies to relay Whilst we implement traffic management
teams and individual participants. A sag wagon infrastructure on course, and the roads are
will follow the last cyclist re-opening the road or closed, there will be vehicular traffic sharing
picking up the last cyclist to the sag wagon. the roads at times. Please exercise vigilance
and tolerance if traffic is encountered,
particularly at all roundabouts and
intersections. Normal road rules apply. Police,
traffic controllers, course marshals and event
crew will be on course to assist.

There will be a chance to ride part of the bike

course on Friday & Saturday (see schedule). A
short 20km ride to familiarise yourself with the
route and road conditions.


– For more information visit the website.

single loop course. On exiting the Transition,
athletes proceed as they did on the bike,
turning right, parallel to the beach on Truong
Sa. They will proceed north to a single U-turn
point, proceeding back along the Da Nang
Beach to Transition and on to the Finish Line.


Road closures are in place for the duration to
minimize the traffic flow on course and to
protect the athletes.
Normal road rules apply at all times. Police,
traffic controllers and event crew will be on
course to patrol and direct PARTICIPANTS.


– For more information visit the website.

CUT OFF TIME– each participant will have 8

hours and 30 minutes to complete the entire
course (swim, bike and run). Time for each
participant will begin as soon as they cross the
timing line at the swim start. Course times will
be based on each participant‟s individual chip
time. Any participant who does not complete
the race course before the cut-off time in 8
hours and 30 minutes will receive a DNF result
(did not finish). This applies to relay teams and
individual participants.


 Sponges 

The Transition Aid Station will offer:  Ice 

 Water  Toilets (at the turn-around point only)
 Sports Drink

The bike course has 7 aid stations, (made up
of 1station past once and 3stations passed
 KM 10.5
 KM 19
 KM 30
 KM 41
 KM 52
 KM 68
 KM 84

Bike Aid Stations will offer/have 

 Water - Aquafina
 Sports Drink - Revive
 Gels - Bollox Gels


Slow down when entering Aid Stations, don‟t
stop! If you do not require any product from a
Bike Aid Station please stay to the LEFT of the

There will be signs along the Aid Station

listing what is on offer. Volunteers will also be
advising what they are holding. Please help the
volunteers to help you by communicating
politely as per your needs.
Please discard any unwanted items post the
Discard Zone Start sign and pre Discard Zone
Finish sign. Anything discarded outside this
area will be penalized.


The run course has seven (7) aid stations
located approximately 1.5 km apart. Each will
be accessed twice as the participants complete
the course.

Run Aid Stations will offer: 

 Water–Aquafina
 Sports Drink - Revive
 Cola 

 Gels - Bollox Gels

Please discard any unwanted items post the
Discard Zone Start sign and pre Discard Zone
RUN AID STATION PROCEDURE Finish sign. Anything discarded outside this
Slow down when entering Aid Stations. If you area will be penalized.
do not require any products from a Run Aid
Station please DISCARDS / DROP ZONES
avoid running to closely to it and blocking other Each Aid Station will have drop zones clearly
athletes getting what they need. marked on either side of the station (zone is
There will be signs along the Aid Station listing approx. 200m on bike and 70m on run). This is
what is on offer. Volunteers will also be the area to discard bottles/biddons, gel
advising what they are holding. Please help the wrappers, banana skins etc. Discarding items
volunteers to help you by communicating on any other part of the course except at
politely as per your needs. Feel free to move designated drop zones may result in a littering
through the tables at your leisure and help infringement or disqualification.
FINISH LINEAREA recovery area, make your way to the Hyatt
Regency residents garden where you can
FINISH LINE POLICY enjoy more hospitality and put back some of
Friends and family members, including children those calories! In a relaxed atmosphere sit
are not permitted in the finish chute or finish back, eat, drink and comprehend what you just
area. We ask that all athletes respect the achieved!
Finish Line area and ensure that celebrations
do not interfere with other athlete‟s Finish Line

As you cross the line, volunteer catchers will

be there to escort you to the secured recovery
area. You will be presented with your Finishers
Medal and Towel and your timing chip will be
removed. These catchers will endeavor to
briefly assess you as you proceed and may
need to take you directly to the Medical Tent. If
you do not require any treatment you will be
able to proceed to the other post finish
facilities. Hot and cold food, drinks will be
served within the designated area in Recovery.
You will also have access to your personal
belongings race bag and be able to get a
complimentary recovery massage, as well as
the Ice Pool!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to re-enter

Recovery once you have exited so make sure
you are comfortable prior to this point. Please
remember volunteers and the medical team
are there to help you at any time should you


After you have taken advantage of the

we can identify your biking photos.

FINISH LINE PHOTO  Please be sure to keep your number visible

FinisherPix is proud to be selected as the on the FRONT of your body during the run and
Official Photo Service of the 2018 IRONMAN at the Finish Line so we can identify your
70.3 Vietnam. FinisherPix will have photos.
photographers working at the swim exit, on the
bike course, on the run course and of course,  Smile and celebrate when you cross the
at the Finish Line! Finish
Line! Don‟t worry about touching your watch,
So what do you need to do to be able to the timing company will ensure an accurate
purchase your photos from FinisherPix? record of your achievement.

 Register your email address  Visit within 24-48 hours to be notified as soon as after the race to view, order, and share your
photos are online. photos from your 2018IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam
 Please be sure you have your helmet sticker
visible on the FRONT of your bike helmet so

PRESENTATIONS AND Group Slots. Athletes may not at the time of the
event, nor at the time of the World
ROLLDOWN Championship event they have qualified for,
hold professional or elite status.
AWARDS PRESENTATION Any change in an athletes status prior to any
event participation or a qualified World
Presentations will be held on the Residence Championship event must be disclosed to WTC
Garden @ Hyatt Regency Da Nang, adjacent to immediately. Failure of Athlete to make such
the Finish Line. disclosure will be cause for disqualification from
such Event and may result in sanction from
Awards will be presented to the top 3 finishers WTC Events
in each Age Group Category and to the top 6
Male and Female Pro Athletes.

If you are a placegetter but are unable to collect

your trophy, please contact IRONMAN after the
event at the information desk. If you do not
make yourself aware to these staff or contact
us within 24 hours we are sadly unable to
process your award.


– 2018IRONMAN 70.3 World

Thirty (30) Age Group qualifying slots for the

2018IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship (1-
2September, 2018, in Nelson Mandela Bay,
South Africa) will be awarded to the top age
group finishers.

Qualified athletes are required to claim their

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship slot in-
person on Sunday May 13from 5.00pm. Roll
Down will be held at the Residence Garden @
Hyatt Regency Da Nang. Please bring a valid
form of Photo ID with you and be prepared to
pay the full entry fee with Credit Card only. No
cheque or cash payments will be accepted.

Final Slot Allocation will be determined on race

day based on the number of official starters.

Only Age‐Group Athletes are eligible to receive

Age‐Group World Championship qualifying
Slots. Athletes holding current Professional or
Elite status with any ITU Member National
Triathlon Governing Body, WTC‟s Pro
Membership program or having raced as an
elite athlete in any international events during
the calendar year, are not eligible for Age


 Transition opening times 4.30am – 5.40am 
 There will be one Information Desk located at
 ID Wristband 
 the Hyatt Regency Da Nang lobby near the
 Timing Chip (applied to left ankle) 
 hotel‟s front desk.
 Race Number Tattoo (Left Upper or Lower
 Opening hours for the Information Desk will be
 Bike pump 
 from 8.00am to 5.00pm Thursday May 10 to
 Nutrition to strap/secure to your bike or in Sunday May 13.

Our friendly staff will do their best to help you
 If in a Relay Team, ensure your with any questions you may have. The
teammatesareready! Information Desk will have maps of the event
 Drop your other personal belongings (race and surrounding areas. Internet is available
bag) atthe bag drop tent which will be in the within the hotel and a phone can be used
start/finish area before 5.45am. Large bags through the front desk.
will not be accepted.
 Lay out your bike and run gear neatly on, GENERAL EVENT INQUIRIES
under or immediately beside your bike (bike Additional information can be found via our
to the right of your belongings) within the following details:
designated area.
SWIM: E-mail:
 Race supplied Swim cap
 Goggles For the most up to date information please visit
 Gear bag :
BIKE: /ironman-70.3/vietnam/race-info/event-
 Bike racked and ready in Transition with bike schedule.aspx - axzz5CRcgua4c
seat post sticker attached 

 Bike shoes safely clipped onto your bike or
on the ground next to your bike 

 Have your helmet checked on race morning
and placed onto or next to your bike

 Race Number

 Running Shoes 

 Sunglasses 

 Hat
 Sunscreen and nutrition on, under within the
designated area at your bike