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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

9 September 2018 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


Jesus, Healer of the Deaf and Mute

eing unable to hear and speak is a crippling handicap. But even
worse than physical deafness and dumbness are the spiritual
“handicaps” – the inability or the unwillingness to hear God’s
Word and to respond to it, or the refusal to hear the pleas of our
neighbor and respond to it with compassion and love.
Jesus was able to restore the gifts of hearing and speech to
the deaf and mute man. He can also perform the even greater
miracle of healing the spiritually deaf and mute among us. In this
Eucharist, let us pray that we may approach Jesus with humility,
faith, and the readiness to obey him, so that we will be able to
hear God’s Word clearly in our hearts. This will move us to re-
spond to the call of our neighbors with generous readiness and
proclaim His glory by words and deeds.
Today, let us also pray for our grandparents as we celebrate
“Grandparents’ Day.”

P –Lord, you open the ears of away the sins of the world, have
the deaf. Christ, have mer- mercy on us; you take away the
cy! sins of the world, receive our
All – Christ, have mercy! prayer; you are seated at the right
Entrance Antiphon hand of the Father, have mercy
(To be recited only when no Entrance P –Lord, you are the source
of our hope and salvation. on us. For you alone are the Holy
Hymn is sung.)
Lord, have mercy! One, you alone are the Lord, you
You are just, O Lord, and alone are the Most High, Jesus
All – Lord, have mercy!
your judgment is right; treat Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the
your servant in accord with P –May almighty God have glory of God the Father. Amen!
your merciful love. mercy on us, forgive us our sins,
and bring us to everlasting life.
Greeting All – Amen! Collect (Opening Prayer)
P –Jesus, our Savior has done P –O God, by whom we are
everything well. May his grace Gloria redeemed and receive adoption,
and peace be with you all! look graciously upon your be-
All – And with your spirit! All – Glory to God in the high-
est, and on earth peace to people loved sons and daughters, that
Penitential Act of good will. We praise you, those who believe in Christ may
P –As we prepare to celebrate we bless you, we adore you, we receive true freedom and an ev-
the Sacred Mysteries, let us call glorify you, we give you thanks erlasting inheritance.
to mind our sins and ask for the for your great glory, Lord God, Through our Lord Jesus
grace to worship the Lord with a heavenly King, O God, al- Christ, your Son, who lives and
purified heart. (Pause) mighty Father. reigns with you in the unity of
P –Lord, you open the eyes of Lord Jesus Christ, Only Be- the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
the blind. Lord, have mercy! gotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of and ever.
All – Lord, have mercy! God, Son of the Father, you take All – Amen!
2nd Reading Jas 2:1-5 district of the Decapolis.
Any sort of discrimina- People brought to him a
tion against the poor is against deaf man who had a speech
Christian charity, for they, too, impediment and begged him
1st Reading Is 35:4-7 are children of God and mem- to lay his hand on him. Jesus
Isaiah offers to the exiles in bers of the Body of Christ. We took him off by himself away
Babylon a symbolic description should follow the example of God from the crowd. He put his fin-
of the Lord’s liberating inter- who has a special attention and ger into the man’s ears and,
vention in behalf of His people. love for the poor. spitting, touched his tongue.
All the signs of suffering and R –A proclamation from the Then he looked up to heaven
oppression are removed, thanks Letter of James and groaned, and said to him,
to God’s saving love. “Ephphatha!” – that is, “Be
My brothers and sisters: opened!” – And immediately
R –A proclamation from the Show no partiality as you ad- the man’s ears were opened,
Book of the Prophet Isaiah here to the faith in our glorious his speech impediment was
Thus says the Lord: Say to Lord Jesus Christ. For if a man removed, and he spoke plainly.
those whose hearts are fright- with gold rings and fine clothes Jesus ordered them not to
ened: Be strong, fear not! Here comes into your assembly, and tell anyone. But the more he
is your God, he comes with a poor person in shabby clothes ordered them not to, the more
vindication; with divine rec- also comes in, and you pay at- they proclaimed it. They were
ompense he comes to save you. tention to the one wearing the exceedingly astonished and
Then will the eyes of the fine clothes and say, “Sit here, said, “He has done all things
blind be opened, the ears of please,” while you say to the well. He makes the deaf hear
the deaf be cleared; then will poor one, “Stand there,” or and the mute speak.”
the lame leap like a stag, then “Sit at my feet,” have you not
made distinctions among your- The Gospel of the Lord!
the tongue of the mute will All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus
sing. selves and become judges with
evil designs? Christ!
Streams will burst forth
in the desert, and rivers in the Listen, my beloved brothers
steppe. The burning sands will and sisters. Did not God choose Homily
become pools, and the thirsty those who are poor in the world
ground, springs of water. to be rich in faith and heirs of Profession of Faith
the kingdom that he promised (Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed)
The Word of the Lord! to those who love him?
All – Thanks be to God! All –I believe in one God, the Fa-
The Word of the Lord! ther almighty, maker of heaven
Responsorial Psalm Ps 146 All – Thanks be to God! and earth, of all things visible
and invisible.
R –Praise the Lord, my soul! Gospel Acclamation I believe in one Lord Jesus
All – Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ, the Only Begotten Son
R. M. Velez Jesus proclaimed the of God, born of the Father be-
Gospel of the kingdom fore all ages. God from God,
     
Light from Light, true God from

and cured every disease
among the people. true God, begotten, not made,
consubstantial with the Father;
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Praise the Lord, my soul! through him all things were
Gospel Mk 7:31-37 made. For us men and for our
* The God of Jacob keeps The prophet Isaiah had an- salvation he came down from
nounced that wonderful miracles heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy
faith forever, secures justice for Spirit was incarnate of the Vir-
the oppressed, gives food to the would characterize the coming of gin Mary, and became man.*
hungry. The Lord sets captives the Messiah. The one described For our sake he was crucified
free. R. in today’s Gospel passage is a under Pontius Pilate, he suf-
partial fulfillment of Isaiah’s fered death and was buried, and
* The Lord gives sight to the
prophecy. rose again on the third day in
blind; the Lord raises up those
who were bowed down. The P –The Lord be with you! accordance with the Scriptures.
Lord loves the just; the Lord All – And with your spirit! He ascended into heaven and is
protects strangers. R. P – A proclamation from the seated at the right hand of the
holy Gospel according to Father. He will come again in
* The fatherless and the wid- glory to judge the living and the
ow the Lord sustains, but the dead and his kingdom will have
All – Glory to you, O Lord!
way of the wicked he thwarts. no end.
The Lord shall reign forever; Jesus left the district of I believe in the Holy Spirit,
your God, O Zion, through all Tyre and went by way of Sidon the Lord, the giver of life, who
generations. Alleluia! R. to the Sea of Galilee, into the proceeds from the Father and

9 September 2018
the Son, who with the Father P –Lord God, without You we All – Holy, holy, holy . . .
and the Son is adored and glori- falter, with You we can accom-
fied, who has spoken through plish wonders. Heal us today Memorial Acclamation
the prophets. from all our fears, defects and
impediments, that we may live P –The mystery of faith!
I believe in one, holy, cath-
in Your presence with a renewed All –We proclaim your Death,
olic and apostolic Church. I O Lord, and profess your
heart. Through Christ our Lord. Resurrection until you
confess one Baptism for the All – Amen!
forgiveness of sins and I look come again!
forward to the resurrection of
the dead and the life of the world
to come. Amen!

Prayer of the Faithful Preparation of the Gifts All – Our Father . . .

P –Pray, brethren . . . P –Deliver us, Lord . . .
P –In spite of the resources of
All – May the Lord accept the All –For the kingdom, the
modern science and technology,
sacrifice at your hands, for the power, and the glory are
we still experience many limita-
praise and glory of his name, yours, now and for ever!
tions in all aspects of our life. We
still need to experience God’s for our good and the good of all
saving intervention in our lives. his holy Church. Sign of Peace
And so we pray:
Prayer over the Offerings Breaking of the Bread
All – Our Lord and Savior, hear
us! P –O God, who give us the All – Lamb of God, you take
gift of true prayer and of peace, away the sins of the world: have
C –For the Catholic Church: graciously grant that, through mercy on us. (2x)
May she be successful in pro- this offering, we may do fitting Lamb of God, you take
moting lasting peace and sincere homage to your divine majesty away the sins of the world:
reconciliation among the nations. and, by partaking of the sacred grant us peace.
Let us pray! R. mystery, we may be faithfully
united in mind and heart. Communion
C –For those who are discour- Through Christ our Lord.
aged and see themselves neglect- P –This is the Lord Jesus who
All – Amen! makes the deaf hear and the mute
ed by all: May they find in us a
clear sign of God’s care for them. speak. He is the Lamb of God
Preface III who takes away the sins of the
Let us pray! R.
P –The Lord be with you! world. Blessed are those called to
C –For the physically handi- All – And with your spirit! his Supper.
capped: May they feel accepted P –Lift up your hearts! All –Lord, I am not worthy
and loved by their relatives and All – We lift them up to the Lord! that you should enter under
bear their cross with a spirit of P –Let us give thanks to the my roof, but only say the word
faith. Let us pray! R. Lord our God! and my soul shall be healed.
C –For those who are spiritu- All – It is right and just!
Communion Antiphon
ally and morally deaf: May God’s P –It is truly right and just, (To be recited only when no
grace open their hearts to the our duty and our salvation, al- Communion Hymn is sung.)
Gospel message and respond ways and everywhere to give “I am the light of the
with love to the pleas of their you thanks, Lord, holy Father, world,” says the Lord. “Who-
neighbor. Let us pray! R. almighty and eternal God. ever follows me will not walk
C –For those who are spiritually For we know it belongs to in darkness, but will have the
and morally mute: May they find your boundless glory, that you light of life.”
in Jesus the courage to proclaim came to the aid of mortal be-
the truth, uphold what is right, ings with your divinity and even Prayer after Communion
and condemn what is wrong. Let fashioned for us a remedy out of
P –Grant that your faithful, O
us pray! R. mortality itself, that the cause of Lord, whom you nourish and en-
our downfall might become the dow with life through the food of
C –For all grandparents: May means of our salvation, through
they enjoy good health and expe- your Word and heavenly Sacra-
Christ our Lord. ment, ma y so benefit from your
rience the love and care of their Through him the host of An-
children and grandchildren. Let beloved Son’s great gifts that we
gels adores your majesty and re- may merit an eternal share in his
us pray! R. joices in your presence for ever. life.
C – Let us pray in silence for our May our voices, we pray, join Who lives and reigns for ever
personal intentions. (Pause) with theirs in one chorus of ex- and ever.
Let us pray! R. ultant praise, as we acclaim: All – Amen!

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

and grant you peace all the life will bring you everlast-
days of your life. ing happiness.
All – Amen! All – Amen!
P –May He free you from all P – May almighty God bless
P –The Lord be with you. anxiety and strengthen your you: the Father, and the
All – And with your spirit! hearts in His love. Son, and the Holy Spirit.
P –Bow your heads and pray All – Amen! All – Amen!
for God’s blessing. (Pause) P –May He enrich you with His P –Go in peace, glorifying the
May the God of all consola- gifts of faith, hope, and love Lord by your life!
tion bless you in every way so that what you do in this All – Thanks be to God!


S ome friends or relatives must have made the deaf-

mute man understand that a benevolent healer
was coming that way – Jesus, the man who had been
then His healing power will pass us by, and we will remain
locked up in the voiceless grave of a sinful life. But if
we, like young Samuel, say: “Speak O Lord, for your
setting afire the hearts of all those around the Lake of servant is listening!”(1 Sam 3:10), then miracles will
Gennesareth. They brought the poor man to Jesus and happen. Lots of them. Every day. The Word of the Lord
pleaded for him, since he was unable to speak and hear. will fill our heart with its wisdom and life-giving power.
As he was being led away from the crowd, the deaf- And that very Word that enriches our heart will open our
mute felt that his days of humiliating silence were about lips in praise and thanksgiving to Him, in words of love,
to be over. And so it was. At the touch of Jesus’ hands concern and solidarity for our neighbor.
and at the sound of his powerful word, the ears of the All this and much more will the Lord Jesus achieve
deaf man were cleared and his tongue was loosed, as in us if we let him have his way. At our baptism, our ears
Isaiah the prophet had foretold. (See Is 35:5.6 and Mk and lips have been touched in blessing, and the word
7:35.) The saving power of God had reached out to Ephphatha (be opened) has been pronounced. It is for
the handicapped man, filling his life with sounds and us to let the power of that word of Christ be con-
words. stantly active in us that we may hear and proclaim
There are forms of deafness and dumbness much his Word.
more serious than the case mentioned in today’s Gospel.
Sometimes we even have the impression that we live in a
world of deaf-mutes. And perhaps, we, too, are suffering
from this handicap, to some extent . . . . There are many Get big discounts
people who are deaf to the harmony of nature, to the
groans of the suffering and the oppressed; deaf to on books, magazines,
the voice of God speaking through their conscience! calendars, and other items
Not a few perpetuate and increase their deafness by
burying themselves in the noisy dens of vice . . . .
Many are spiritually mute. A mysterious “moral vi- in the
rus” paralyzes their tongues. They are unable to speak
words of truth, justice, wisdom. They are incapable Word & Life Publications
of uttering words of prayer to God . . . . It is the sad
plight of a humanity steeped in sin – the sin committed in
Eden, the sins of all generations, the sins of our society,
booth# 210
the personal sins of each one of us. at
It is in order to heal all men from these forms of
deafness and dumbness that the divine Healer became
one of us. Every day he comes to touch us with his heal-
ing presence. He is ready to open our ears and loosen
our tongues. He addresses to us his Word of life. He
would like our lips to echo his Word in faithfulness September 12-16, 2018 (10am-8pm)
and sincerity. SMX Convention Center
But the result depends on our response. If we, in
our pride, close our hearts to God’s inspirations and calls,
SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

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