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Human Behavior and Crisis Management

Definition of Terms
2 Basic Instinct/Impulse

1. Eros – life instinct – preservation of life

2. Thanatos – Death instinct

3 Possible Causes Of Crime And Delinquency

1. Conscience so over bearing – strong

2. Weak Conscience
3. Desire for immediate gratification of needs

3 Components Of The Human Personality

1. ID
2. Ego
3. Super Ego

3 Dimension Of Personality Related To Criminal Behavior –

Eysencks Theory

1. Psychotism
2. Extroversion
3. Neurotism

46 Chromosomes – normal person.

Female – XX on 23rd chromosomes

Male - XY on 23rd chromosomes

Anal – Anus is the source of gratification.

Basic concept Of The Crisis Theory

1. Equilibrium
2. Time
3. Change
Behavior -

1. Overt – directly seen

2. Covert – motives, emotions

Catatonic – wax – motor disorder, will stay in one position for a long period without moving, harmless.

Change – the result of crisis on individual.

Coprolalia – obtaining of sexual pleasure by using or hearing certain dirty words

Criminal Psychology – Human conduct against criminal laws.

Crisis – A state provoked when a process faces obstacle, hazard to important life goals that is for a time
insurmountable through the utilization of customary method of problem solving.

Delusion – erroneos belief

1. Delusion of persecution
2. Delusion of grandeur – you feel as a powerful person

Dyspareunia – painful intercourse

Ego – In charge with reality.

Electra Complex – For female, female child develop hatred to the mother but sexual attraction to the father.

Equilibrium – state of balance or adjustment between opposite or divergent influences.

Exhibitionism – exposure of genitals in pjublic.

Extroversion – sensation seeking, anventurous, dominant, assertive.

Faotreurism – rubbing genitals to other person.

Fetishism/Fatalism – sex objects are not human.

Frigidity – inability to have sexual arousal and enjoy coitus.

Genetic Basis Of Criminology – bad seed theory.

Genital – With other person.

Gonorrhea – infection of genitals acquired through sexual contacts.

1. Inflammation
2. Discharge of white, yellow or yellowish green fluid
from the urethra
3.Burning sensation when urinating

Treatment – injection of penicillin

Halucination – perceive something without realistic basis.

Hebephrenic – harmless, excessive withdrawal from human contact, characterized by silliness and child like

Herpes – infection of the genetals acquired after 2-20 days of sexual contact with the carrier.


1. Sores, ruptures, and blisters

2. It is recurrent

Treatment – no sure cure yet

Histrionic – characterized bhy over reactivity. OA

Homosexuality – sexual attraction and relationship with the person of the same sex.

ID – Based on pleasure principle. Animal instinct.

Incest – sex with close relative

Insanity – Symptoms

1. Halucination
2. Delusion

Klismaphilia – erotic activity involving the anal region

Masochism – he is the one being hurt.

Mental disorder – is insanity. Is known as severe psychosis, also called schizophrenia.

Narcisism – love of one's self

Narcisistic Personality – inflated ego, “mataas ang pagtingin sa sarili”

Necrophilia – sex with a corpse

Neurotism – low self esteem, mood swings, excessive anxiety.

Oedipus Complex – For male, male child develop hatred to the father but sexual attraction to the mother.

Oral – Mouth is source of gratification. From birth up to 3 years.

Paranoid – characterized by extreme suspiciousness, most dangerous.

Paranoid Personality – characterized by suspiciousness but absence of delusion and halucination. Neurotic.

Paraphilias – abnormal ways of sexual gratification.

Personality Disorder – not insane

1. Psychopath/Sociopath/Anti-social personality
2. Narcisistic Personality
3. Paranoid Personality
4. Histrionic
5. Schizoid Personality

Phallic – Source of pleasure is the sex organ. About 5 years old.

Phedophilia – having sex with children, usually below 13 years old.

Psychology – Study of behavior.

Psychopath – no sense of shame, no morality, do not learn from their experience.

Psychosexual development

1. Oral
2. Anal
3. Phallic
4. Genital

Psychotism – aggressive, egocentric, impulsive.

Sadism – a person who achieve sexual satisfaction by seeing the partner suffer.

Sado-Masochism – both sadism and masochism

Schizoid Personality – extreme social withdrawal.

Sexual Disorders -

1. Sexual Dysfunctions
2. Paraphilias
3. Gender identity Disorder

Sexual Dysfunction – sexual disorder. Arousal disorder.

1. Failure to achieve orgasm

2. Premature orgasm

Sigmund Freud – psycho analytic theory.

Super Ego – In charge with morality – conscience.

Syphilis – STD disease acquired 3-4 weeks after sexual contact with an infected person.

Symptom – Sore or chancre in the penis or scrotum for male, cervix or vaginal

walls for woman, can be diagnosed by blood test.

Treatment – antibiotics

Time – involves the period of disorganization, period of upset, and the period of adaptation.

Transvestism – cross-dressing, sexual gratification by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex.

Types Of Psychosis

1. Disorganized or hebephrenic
2. Catatonic
3. Paranoid
4. Undifferentiated

Undeffirentiated – simple schizophrenia, do not care about their hygiene anymore, harmless, taong grasa.

Venereal Diseases – sexually transmitted diseases

1. Gonorrhea
2. Syphilis
3. Herpes
4. Aids

Voyeurism – peeping tom

XYY – appearance of extra chromosomes, violent people. Aggressive, usually tall.

Zoophilia/Bestiality – having sex with animal