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About Level One, deep state of focus

Level one is a very simple meditation in concept. However it is NOT simple in terms of ease.
You don't just sit o the ground and do deep breath for an hour. You have to get into a deep
state of meditation first. And 'deep state' doesn't mean hypnogogia/astral projection/lucid
dreaming/etc. That is NOT deep meditation. During hypnogogia you will hear really loud
noises, feel your body vibrating, and see strange things. Sometimes you will also AP. Although
the experience is interesting, it is NOT the deep state required for level one. You may also feel
burning in your dan tien if you focus on it during hypnogogia but it is most likely just a
hallucination just like the dreams and "astral projections" you experience in this state. The
correct state for level one requires many, many hours to reach. It involves relaxation of the
mind and body. For a beginner to reach this state of meditation it would probably take a year
of practice and then it will still probably require 8+ hours to reach. Doing an hour or two of
meditation here and there won't cut it. To reach deep trance you need to relax your body
continuously until your breathing naturally slows down to roughly one breath per minute. That
takes a lot of time. Then you also have the issue of falling asleep. You have to become
extremely relaxed without ever falling asleep in the process. If you fall asleep, the entire
session was a total bust. If you had the time to meditate for 8+ hours a day, every single day
then you would have a good chance at completing level one in less than a year. This is
assuming that you've already developed the ability to meditate for long periods. Most
beginners can't go longer than 10 minutes or so.

The best way to train your focus imo is to practice simple emptiness meditation. It takes focus
to keep your mind clear of chatter. Without being able to clear your brain of thoughts you'll be
stuck in an endless world of monkey mind. You'll get no where like this. Practicing emptiness
meditation trains both your focus and your ability to go deeper. Once you hit deep trance then
you can start putting your on you dan tien which pulls the Qi into that area, storing it.

(1) Relax your body and enter deep meditation. You should be so relaxed that you only draw
one breath per minute and your pulse is extremely slow. Your brain wave activity also stops. If
someone were to walk up to your body in this state it is very well possible that they will think
you are dead. The key to going deeper in meditation is to relax the body and clear the mind.
The point of focussing on the breath, heart, flashes of light, etc. is to help quiet the mind so as
to go deeper. It will be very hard and will take a lot of dedication but you should eventually
reach the point where you can go deep enough to have entered the borderline state.

(2) Once you've reached the borderline state you're prepared to begin the second part. Just
being in deep trance isn't going help your progress at all. You must then focus on your dan tien
like a lazer. This focusses the flood of Qi that is "spraying" everywhere directly into your dan
MPG used the analogy of filling up a swimming pool with a fire hose. Turing the hose on is
equivalent to entering deep trance. However having a hose spray all over everything, in every
direction isn't going to do much. If you want to fill your pool with water you're going to have to
point the hose directly at the pool and hold it there with all your might and focus. Focussing on
the dan tien in normal waking consciousness is like holding the firehose over the pool while it
is barely turned on and letting the water seep out one drip at a time. You will be there for

More Pie Guy

In my experience trying to quiet the mind is like trying to smooth out flowing water with your

I would focus on relaxing every part of your body, and going deeper and deeper, needing to
breath less and less.

Your mind will quiet down on it's own, as you enter the state.


All cotton clothing should be optimal but I'm sure to be honest. All I know is that synthetic
materials block yin chi so you'll want to avoid polyester clothing. I also know that Jim wore
cotton while meditating and he passed level one. So cotton might block some yin chi but
apparently it is still suitable for training.


I would like to share this very interesting discussion with everyone regarding

The OP mentions immeasurable benefits and achievements from

practicing concentrated/focused meditation, as opposed to the more common "mindfulness"
meditation, in which one simply relaxes and allows thoughts to come and go. I believe this is
similar to the pre-requisite of achieving a "trance-like" state with "laser-like" focus on the
Dantien. The OP talks about putting extreme focus on the sound of his breathing and achieving
"Jhanas", or basically higher states of mind that has profound impacts on his daily life.

The difference between this type of Buddhist/Yogic meditation and MoPai is that the former
emphasizes the cultivation of the mind/spirit/psychic, while the latter focuses on energetic
development to achieve tangible, physical changes on a biological level that modern science
has yet to understand (Qi/Energy/Prana).

I believe it is useful to incorporate this type of focused meditation before one moves into
energetic practices, as it cultivates the ability to put forth a laser-like focus on the Dantien
during deep meditation to collect Qi. I myself will start doing this form of meditation after my
Buddhist tantras (Yamantaka) to see what kind of results I get. The OP mentions how he
Buddha himself incorporated these types of focused meditations along with "insight

To quote him here: "It is often noted that if a person builds up sufficient concentration skill
they could direct their efforts towards insight, and rapidly attain enlightenment, as that
powerful concentration applied towards insight can result in very rapid insight practice, if a
person wishes."

I wanted to share this with you all because I found it very interesting and useful for myself, and
I hope this information may help your Neigong or any other forms of spiritual/energetic


The first sign is heat in the lower dan tien. The second sign is vibrations across the

According to Jim you should begin level 2a once both signs have been experienced.
However, you shouldn't stop level one. You are supposed to practice both level 1 and
level 2a simultaneously for a time.

Mo Pai Nei Kung

Level One
For anyone interested in the training for Mo Pai Level One you've come to the right place.
Below I have summarize the most important aspects of the training. I also created a thread
which uses direct quotes from books by Jim McMillan and Kosta Danaos to summarize these
important points. Read both of these threads carefully and then ask questions about anything
you don't fully understand.

The Borderline Between Waking & Sleeping

This is is the most important aspect of the training for level one. Without entering the
borderline state before you begin training your efforts are almost useless. The key to this state
is relaxation. You must allow your body to fall asleep while your mind stays awake and alert.

Focused Concentration
Even if you have entered the borderline state it will be useless in terms of cultivation if you
don't apply 'focused concentration'. This means that while you are in the deep trance state
mentioned above you must focus on the lower dan tien like a pin point laser. This is what
focuses and stores Qi in the dan tien.

Without making sure that you are grounded at the perineum point during meditation your
effort will be wasted. This is because your access to Yin Qi has been cut off. Without the equal
flow of both Yin and Yang entering your body, you won't be able to cultivate period. Grounding
is essential. In order to make sure that you are grounded you can either sit outside on the
ground or use a grounding wire. Ask for details if you are interested in the grounding wire.

72 Hour Rule
The '72 Hour Rule' states after any type of orgasm, ejaculation, etc. you MUST take AT LEAST
72 hours of time away from training. If you do not heed this rules and you train with focused
concentration during the borderline state, you will tear you dan tien and end all further

Those are the four key aspects of the training. The next thing I advise you to do is go read the
two threads linked below.

How i know is placebo or not?

By not worrying about it. Don't try to feel anything. Don't expect anything. It will come. I don't
have personal knowledge of this but it will eventually become painfully hot. You'll feel like
you're going to burn up. That certainly couldn't be mistaken for placebo.


January 27, 2015



Last Saturday I got caught in a snowstorm. I thought I would use this incident to describe for
readers exactly what we mean when we say Levels One through Four.

I was supposed to drive my brother to Charles Roi airport in Brussels. When we left the house in
the wee hours of the morning, a snowstorm was raging. Not that much snow was on the
ground yet, but enough to make the roads dangerous. And the snowplows had not been out
yet. But, being enterprising young lads with large genitalia, we decided to chance it anyway.

So we drove on our merry way, trying to make the flight. Conditions on the highway were bad,
but we moved along at a steady pace on the unplowed roads with very heavy snow fall. Our
principle worry was whether or not we would be in time for boarding, a legitimate concern
since the airport is located roughly 54 kilometers from where we maintain an apartment in

Suddenly the car in front of us lost it. He spun around twice and banged into two other cars
moving slowly to his right.

My brother yelled “Watch it!” and stamped on an imaginary brake in the passenger’s seat.

Circuits clicked. The millisecond the spin began in front of us, the Machine stepped in and took
control of my body. The Monkey went offline (the Machine (the Dinosaur) can do that as
unbridled emotions are dangerous in such situations). My pulse dropped. My reactions sped up
multiple times and everything slowed down around me. The car did not quiver or change speed
but stayed its course.

“Don’t worry,” I told my brother calmly. “I’ve got it.”

The Machine watched the car spinning ahead and colliding with the other two vehicles
dispassionately. It calculated the course of all vehicles in relation to the amount of available
space and did not waiver from our scheduled route. It projected the possibility of domino
effects in the vicinity and came out negative. We kept moving steadily ahead.

The three vehicles wound up on the side of the road. They were quite battered.

Much to my surprise, the Deity with the Sword stepped in. Unusual, in that he does not typically
concern himself with such limited affairs. (The last time I let the Deity out of his box, he
frightened a group of 60 fighter pilots into silence while I demonstrated a martial arts
technique (the room went quiet and people are still talking about it)). He is not fully subject to
human criteria so I generally stay out of his way. There is no telling what he will do after all;
though benevolent, I’m not convinced he is altogether human as he is more concerned with the
big picture, with right and wrong, justice and society, rather than us puny individuals. But this
time he stepped in. I watched as he made sure all parties involved in the accident were alright.
The Machine was given a task; it calculated potential arrival times vs. time spent by stopping
and assisting those involved in the accident.The Deity watched as one of the two parties whose
car had been struck got out of his vehicle and ran towards the others. He became convinced
that full assistance would be rendered to the injured parties and withdrew, allowing us to
continue our course. My personal opinion was only remotely solicited; I had chimed in that we
had a plane to catch, and was scowled at in return.

We made it to the gate in time, but the airport was shut down due to heavy snowfall and my
brother left four hours later.

And that, dear reader, is a description of Levels Three and Four as described by Level One. Level
Two was also present at the time; Level Four cannot exist without it. But in this case the limbic
system made itself manifest by expressing concern for fellow members of its Pack; the Deity in
turn was moved to answer this plea, and so appeared. Level Two was also involved as an
absence of fear or rage; these were replaced with Understanding.

I hope this helps those who are interested in such things. This is what it’s like being me.

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1. Yianni Sampalis • January 27, 2015 @9:43 pm

What’s Level Two’s name?

2. dervenis • January 31, 2015 @10:39 am

Dinosaur (The Machine)
Deity with Sword

A black dragon named Starjumper7.

Intro to the intro:

In the past, when I've made intros I downplay things quite a lot, but we're going to have
fun with this one and pull out all the stops, OK? A real intro. You know sometimes if
you tell people you've experienced enlightenment it's like poking a sharp stick in their
eye, right? So you don't ... unless you want to poke them ... Some Taoist masters make
their introductions by punching each other in the stomach ... and so we find the sharp
stick is entirely in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. = ) I'm going to take my time
with this, so just sit back and get the popcorn out. Of course we know that some will
think I'm lying. Lets keep it peaceful OK?

Once upon a time I was sitting in bed meditating, sloppy Zen style with my legs crossed and
back against the wall.
and a dragon came to see me. Keep in mind I had no idea it was a dragon for over a year,
because I didn't think they existed.
It had big round yellow eyes with round pupils.
It's mouth was closed but you could tell it had big teeth because it's nose was higher than it
was wide.
This being was a pale off-white. The scales around it's mouth, nostrils, and eyes were larger
and were a light violet color.
It had a frill kind of like this but it only went around the top and sides of the head, not under
the neck. Kind of like an umbrela, it was also off white and the spines had the light violet
coloring. The frill was neither opened in threat or closed all the way. it was about half way
open. The interesting thing is that the frill had no ending, it continued till it faded softly into
the gloom (aprox 5 feet).

It's head was about the same size as a human head only longer, and it was eye to eye at
eye level, about three feet away. We did some seconds of eye gazing, and saw each
other's souls. Next I will describe the soul of the Chinese white dragon.

The first sense I got was that this dragon was extremely calm, it radiated a calmness
and peacefulness that comes as a natural result of one having a most high level of
ruthless power, tempered by a vast wisdom. It felt like it had a caring nature, somewhat
along the lines of unconditional love.

More than a year later I drew a sketch of it and took it to my teacher, who I hadn't seen
for maybe four years. My teacher was one of the more powerful Taoist wizards alive at
the time, and he was super psychic, so psychic that he was essentially omniscient. He
knew at all times what I was thinking and doing in the privacy of my own home, which
provides fantastic motivation to stop thinking.

I asked him if it was an alien, and he said no, then I asked him if it was a dinosaur,
(imaging a species of intelligent dinosaurs) and he said no. So I sat quietly pondering
what it could be for a few seconds and he said "It's an immortal" At that point I still
didn't know it was a dragon, and he didn't tell me either, but I was getting closer.
Wizards soon to be immortals make you figure some stuff out for yourself.

Some years later, after realizing that immortals (ascended masters) sometimes become
dragons in the spirit world I did some research on the subjext of dragon colors, and it
turns out that the pale off white Chinese dragon has a nickname, his name is imminent
death, and when he comes to visit a Chinese cultivator it means they are going to die
soon ... but I didn't die. More later =)

Hello everyone, please pardon my long absence. I've been working on the farm and
construction here and wasting my life on FB. I think we can leave the tales of dragons
for another time and I'll start making more of a proper introduction here instead of
beating around the bush. When I signed on today I saw the message about the new
rules, and I am here to present myself as having a system of cultivation which should be
of interest to hard core cultivators here or anywhere. Of course it is 'proven' to me, but
'questionable' to you who don't know it, and one of the problems forme is that this
comes from one of the 'hidden' masters and so the system has also been hidden, and no
one knows about it and are skeptical, as they should be, because cultivation is so
overloaded with fakes and flakes.

This forum seems to be primarily about Mo Pai, and so in a way I am butting in, BUT I
have heard that it is not being taught to gringos anymore and that much of Mo Pai is
hidden. I am here to say that I have a similar system, and my teacher gave me
everything he could, and did not hold back or hide things as is so common in the
internal arts, it is similar tothe Dragon Gate system of cultivation, and is a cultivation
system for warriors. So if there are people here who are actually serious about DOING
and learning this stuff then you owe it to yourselves to come down here, or have one of
your buddies come down here, to check it out. My chi kung teacher, Fook Yueng, was
one of a small group of five of the most advanced and powerful chi kung masters from
China, and I went to him simply because he was the most advanced master in the area
(Seattle, WA), I had NO idea he was a powerful wizard, nor did I believe in wizards or
Jedi type stuff, nor did I know that he was teaching me to be the same till many years
later. I had no interest in becoming enlightened, and still don't give much of a damn
about that, but it happened.

Several of my kung fu brothers and other teachers (who also students of my teacher)
have very strong Jedi abilities and a great deal of psychic power. I myself became
interested in the Jedi stuff late in the game and have dabbled in it a little bit (as
presented in a video on this forum earlier) but it's not of primary interest, mainl ya

I tried to present myself on Tao Bums and of course got seriously shat on by all the
egomainac weenies there, and then got banned four times when I shat back. I think
people here are a little better heeled than the infants over there, and it seems people
here are seriously interested in the kinds of systems we are referring to. I also know
that many have given up hope finding a true system that you can access because they
are extremely rare and there have been so many disappointments. I myself have had a
student leave to go to Chinese flake and then I hear back that he felt much more energy
when doing chi kung with me than with the Chinese fakes, he wanted to come back to
me but I said no because the guy had a weird psychic problem that I didn't want to deal
with at the time. The reason this happens because in a true system the teacher becomes
powerful with energy and radiates this energy outwards quite strongly while practicing.
This boost the energy of the student right away to the point where they can stat
benefitting and cultivating energy rather than just doing calisthenics. Almost no
teachers can do this. My teacher also did energy work on me while in sitting mediation,
which came after the moving meditations, doing what some call psychic brain surgery -
for eight years.

I started writing a little bit about my teacher and his connection to Bruce Lee, he was
the primary teacher and mentor of Bruce, and taught him Jeet Kun, but Bruce knew
nothing of Shen Kun, which is a higher level, and is in fact the Jedi stuff.

So I am offering something here that could be just what you are looking for, unless it is
important for you to find an Asian teacher. I'm not a money monger like so many other
teachers, I really want to share because this is a such good thing. So it won't cost you
much to come and check it out. I'm building a Taoist Hermitage here, close to the crest
of the mighty Andes mountain range, and people can and do come here and stay for
free (including food and a shed/camp/hut) if they volunteer on the farm. For those who
prefer to study only and not volunteer the weekly price is only $80, which includes
food. It's not a luxury resort like the moron in Thailand has, it's a wilderness
experience, and there are places to camp and little sheds (meditation huts) being built
in various amazingly wonderful spots.

If you like the idea of coming down here to help create and join a community of real
cultivators then we can use your help. If you want to come and check out my system
then I need your help, to spread the word. I don't want a lot of students and am not
interested in money, I am simply looking for some serious students who would like to
go far - so maybe we can help each other out here. The food here is pure to an extent
unavailable in the state as we are creating an organic permaculture food forest. The
water is absolutely pure because we get it from springs that come out near the ridge
tops, it reads at 28 ppm, which is considered super pure and nearly like distilled water,
a very heaing thing. The air is super pure, because our air comes from the Amazon
basin where it is cleaned by ten billion trees and countless rainstorms, then it comes
over the top of the Andes to us, as we are located only a couple of miles from the crest
of the range. The air here has an energy, a freshness, and a sparkle that you just don't
find anywhere else. Due to the altitude the sky is very blue and rich with color. The
altitude also sees to it that even though we are a stones throw from the equator, that it
never gets above 80 deg F or below 60. It is called eternal springtime here in the place
called Valley of Longevity, near the sacred valley of the Incas.

The last people that lived here on the mountain before us were the Incas, who left
shards of pottery around that we find while digging.