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Dear Respondent,

3) Do you think the environment in La Mesa

The researchers are a fourth-year student of Eco Park is a good factor in starting a

Bestlink College of the Philippines taking up business?

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Yes No

and currently conducting “A Feasibility Study on the 4) Are you familiar with the floating restaurant?

Establishment of PARAISO DREAL Floating Yes No

Restaurant in Bakas, Brgy. Matictic, Norzagaray, 5) Do you think building a business and

Bulacan”. In line with this, you have been selected rendering a service in La Mesa Eco Park

as a participant in this survey and required to will be sustainable?

answer this survey sincerely and truthfully. Yes No

Thank you very much. 6) Do you think starting a floating restaurant in

La Mesa Eco Park will have a competitive

The Researchers. advantage than the other restaurants?

- Yes No

_______________________________________ 7) Are you willing to pay Php. 100 and up

__ depending on height for a floating

restaurant experience?

Yes No
8) Do you think building a floating restaurant
Name (Optional):__________________________
will give you a new experience?
Age:___________ Gender:_____________
Yes No
Please check in the boxes provided.
9) What time do you prefer to operate the
1) Are you familiar with La Mesa Eco Park in
business daily?
Danhill East Fairview, Quezon City?
6am-5pm 7am-5pm 8am-5pm
Yes No
10) What offers do you think we will use to
2) If yes, do you often visit La Mesa Eco Park
easily attract customers?
in Danhill East Fairview, Quezon City?

Yes No
Discounts Freebies/Souvenirs


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