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CAT 996H
Console and Operation

This document takes apart the Caterpillar 966H different models regarding the cabinet –
Console and Operation - in brief. I picked the most convenient and common models

Ahmed Abdelghany
Operator Controls
Command Control Steering Conventional Steering

low effort load-sensing system. A low-effort hand

Full machine articulation is metering unit hydraulic steering system.
accomplished with a ±70° turn of the Load sensing steering
wheel – versus two to three 360° turns directs power through the steering
of a conventional steering system only when needed.
wheel greatly reducing operator fatigue When not steering, more engine power
is available to generate
rimpull, breakout force, lift force, and
results in reduced fuel
Conventional Steering

(4A) Forward
(4B) Neutral
(4C) Reverse
Alternate Forward/Neutral/Reverse Switch (If Equipped)

(4A) Forward
(4B) Neutral
(4C) Reverse

Speed Selection Controlling the speed

The speed of the machine will be By rotating the Switch (4D) operator can
displayed on the front dash easily change the transmission to increase
or decrease
Front Dashboard
Parking Brake Control (14)
Engine Start Switch (17)
Upper Right Hand Switch Panel
Autoshift Control (22) (if Equipped)
Autodig Control (23) (if Equipped)
Secondary Steering (31)
Command Control Steering

1. Command Control Steering

 Allows one hand operation of both
 Turning the Command Control steering
plus or minus 35 degrees, left or right,
from CenterPoint, achieves full machine

2. Integrated Transmission Control

 They are part of the steering design.
Select forward, neutral or reverse with
the three position rocker switch. Use the